Characters: Those Who Took a Different Path

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Characters: Those Who Took a Different Path

Post Fri Jan 07, 2011 10:31 am

Those player characters who, at least for the time being, have separated from the main party and are pursuing their own adventures.
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Kemble Crowbain

Post Fri Jan 07, 2011 10:40 am

Kemble Crowbain
Human Magic User 1

STR 8 -1
INT 15 +1
WIS 12
DEX 15 +1
CON 7 -1
CHA 13
Melee attack -1
Missile attack +1

AC 12
HP 3

Saves: Death/Poison 13, Wands 14, Para/Stone 13, Dragon Breath 16, Spells 15
Languages: Common, ?
Spellbook: 1st (Read Magic, Sleep )
Memorized Spells: Sleep

XP = 137

Kemble was one of the original respondents to Kitchener's advert for help in tracking down Alma Grenewell. He was instrumental in repelling the wolf attack in the paddock behind The Wheatsheaf, so much so that Kitchener poached him for a separate job of his own. Last thought to be heading towards Westport, a city to the south of Marketstone.
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Post Sun Jan 23, 2011 10:03 am

Name: Scathias
Race: Elf
Class: Fighter/Magic-User
HP: 6
AC: 15
Attack Bonus: +1

Str: 15+1
Int: 17+2
Wis: 11
Dex: 13+1
Con: 11
Chr: 15+1

Saves: Death/Poison 12, Wands 11, Para/Stone 12, Dragon Breath 15, Spells 13
Languages: Elf, Common, Orc, Gnoll
Abilities: 60' Darkvision, Find Secret Doors 2in6 Cursory 1in6, Immune to Ghoul Paralysis.
Spellbook: 1st (Read Magic, Sleep)
Memorized Spells: 1st (Sleep)

Money: 0
Short Bow
20 Arrows
Leather Armor
Wineskin (Backpack)
Dry Rations (Backpack)
Tinder Box (Backpack)
Winter Blanket (Backpack)

Total Encumbrance: 50 lbs 30 on body 20 in backpack.
Movement: 30'

Scathias is the wild son of the elven witch that lives near Marketstone. Commoners in the area have reported seeing him stalking through the forest but no one ever thought he would actually come walking into the center of town bigger than life.

Scathias stands five and a half foot tall. His fine features are obscured under his hooded brown cloak. Occationally a glimpse can be caught of his long silver hair as a lock falls loose from the hood. What can be seen of his face is pinched into a scowl.

Trinkets and pieces of bone and hide tied on leather thongs jingle from his armor and clothing. His well crafted yew bow and long exotic curved blade speak volumes... The Witch's Broodling has come to town!

Scathias remained behind at Northridge Farm as a guard whilst the others pursued Alma and the goblins. However, he left Northridge unnanounced the day before the party returned. His whereabouts are currently unknown.
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“Hiker” Bowling of Marketstone

Post Wed Dec 14, 2011 2:33 pm

Name: “Hiker” Bowling of Marketstone

Hiker is an average looking human with a slight build – he stands about 5’8” and weighs in at about 155. He has shiny, child-like eyes of simple brown and a tussled mop of dirty blond hair (mostly dirty!). He wears a farmhand's clothes and is partial to his short bow, which he can use quite well. Beyond that he has his backpack and often has a rather happy-go-lucky grin on his face and tends to repeat certain things over and over again, such as instructions, and other such things that he needs to remember, lest they fly right out of his head, or so he tells himself. He also harps on certain things "Mama" said by adding "Mama always says .... ". Hiker is a hard worker and enjoys simple, mundane work far more than the average person.

Relevant Background:
Hiker is not the sharpest tool in the shed and because of this Hiker is usually given simple jobs requiring simple instructions and kept mostly out of the way, lest he get under the skin of his father, Merk – a no-nonsense hard worker with no time for Hiker’s “goofiness.”
Born in the outskirts of Marketstone Village, Hiker is the 8th child of 9 (6 boys, 3 girls). The Bowling family is simple farmers. Merk and Mama Bowling are the Pa and Mama to 9 kids whose hands, feet, and heads are full each day with planting, plowing, or harvesting their small acreage and feeding their huge family on very little coin … as Mama Bowling is wont to say: “Us Bowling’s make good with what’s we got, it ain’t much but it’s somethin’!”

Personal Information:
Merk, Hiker's father, is starting to feel his age (67) and he just simply has no time for the musings and “dumbness” of his boy Hiker, so more and more Hiker, as his nickname implies, is sent out tracking and hunting small game or loaned as a helping hand to other farmers in the area to simply get him out of the way and earn a bit of food or coin for the family. Because of this Hiker has developed some level of aptitude and a reputation at being a decent shot with the long and short bow and has some local knowledge about the surrounding country side. When asked to Hiker works hard and will apply himself. As Mama says, “ The boy has a good back on him and can work fer’ hours, but the Gods made him simple to do simple things, and we keeps him busy ‘round about” He is happy-go-lucky and nothing really phases Hiker but he would secretly love to see the wider world someday, he loves the forest and all the critters he spies ... He can not imagine much outside of Marketstone Village though, where his fate is sealed to be the dummy for eternity.

Race: Human
Class: Fighter
Level: 2
XP: 2,227 (4,000) - (10% racial xp bonus)
HP: 16
AC: 14 ( Leather Armor, +1 dex))
Attack Bonus: +1 initiative (base), +1 missile weapons.

Ht: 5'8"
Wt: 155
Hair:Dirty Blond
Eyes: Brown

Movement: 40' (Leather Armor, Light load)

Str: 11
Int: 5 [-2]
Wis: 7 [-1]
Dex: 15 [+1]
Con: 14 [+1]
Chr: 9

(Base) Saves:
Death/Poison 12 (+1 vs. poison)
Wands 13
Para/Stone 14
Dragon Breath 15
Spells* 16 (+1 Wis)
*Illusions 19 (-2 Int )
Languages: Common (illiterate)
Abilities: 10% XP Bonus.

Money: 606 gp; 3 sp; 15 cp

Equipment / Weight:

Common Clothing [1]
Leather Armor [15]
Torches (6) [1]
Flasks of oil (4) [4]
Waterskin [2]
Tent (1 man) [10]
Winter Blanket [3]
Rations (6 days ) [12]
Lg Sacks (1)
Sm Sacks (3) [2]

Shortbow [1] RANGE = 50 yds = Short (+1) /100yds = (Med ) /150yds = Long (-1)
Arrows (15)
Hammer (small) [2]
Dagger [1]
Longsword [4]

Total Encumbrance (wt) 54 Lt Load
Total Carried Weight: 41 (Lt Load = <60)

Hiker returned to Northridge Farm following the successful rescue of his employer, Alma Grenewell, from the clutches of the bandits in the Coastwood Caves.
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Karl of Longmarch

Post Wed Dec 14, 2011 2:47 pm

Name: Karl of Longmarch

Appearance: Karl stands just under 6' tall, his dark hair poking out from underneath the sweat rag he seems to constantly wear. He is clean shaven and average looking in most respects, might even be considered ruggedly attractive by some people. Because he works near a forge all day, he tends to smell of muck and muscle... which some people like, but most don't.

Public Knowledge: Karl came to Marketstone just under 2 years ago from Westport to the south, and has been working as the assistant to blacksmith ever since. He's mild mannered, even kind, and gets along well with the good folk of his adopted home. He's a little slow witted, but he's no fool. He's honest, hard-working and believes that a people work better together than at odds.

Name: Karl of Longmarch
Race: Human
Class: Fighter
Level: 2
XP: 2,227
HP: 9
AC: 14 (Leather Armor and shield)
Attack Bonus: +1 (base); +2 melee, +1 missiles
30' (Leather Armor, Light load)
20' (Leather Armor, Heavy load)

Str: 14 +1 capacity 65 (light), 165 (heavy)
Int: 06 -1
Wis: 11
Dex: 12
Con: 11
Chr: 10

Death/Poison 12
Wands 13
Para/Stone 14
Dragon Breath 15
Spells 17

Languages: Common (Illiterate)

Abilities: 10% XP Bonus.

Money: 610 gp; 5 sp; 0 cp

coin wt 1.9

Item/ Weight/ Location/ Count

Mace.......... 10.....belt?
Hand Axe ..... 5..... belt
Hunting Knife 1.....belt
light crossbow 7..... hand/shoulder
light xbow bolts 0.4.....?..... 4

1 Waterskin ..... 2..... on BP
50' Rope (hemp) .....5 ..... on BP
Chalk Bag ........0.1..... Belt
12 Iron Spikes ...1.....?
Torches ..........2.....BP?..... 12
Clothing ........ 1..... On

Backpack .....0.1.....On
Small Sacks.....0.4.....BP.....4
Rations ..........10 .....BP .....5 days
1 Waterskin .....2 .....BP
Flint & Steel .....1 .....BP
Whetstone ....... 1 .....BP
Blanket .......... 3 .....BP
Iron Skillet ..... 5.....BP
Smoked Bacon.....2.....BP

Total Carried Weight: 84.9 Heavy
Weight w/o Backpack: 53.4 Light

Having witnessed Nivek getting shot by Paladin, and then experiencing the same thing himself at the hands of Doughbert, Karl decided that adventuring with indisciplined halflings was not for him. He returned to his job at the Marketstone smithy following the successful rescue of Alma Grenewell from the Coastwood Caves.

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