An Unusual Art Request (BF3 Strongholds of Sorcery)

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An Unusual Art Request (BF3 Strongholds of Sorcery)

Post Mon Aug 07, 2017 10:04 am

I need a little help here. In particular, I need someone who can print in a feminine hand to write out the names of Fleta and Maricela D'Angelo for inclusion on the Sigils page. I'd prefer two different people to do this, so that the names will look like two different people wrote them (obviously). Printing, not cursive, is what I'm looking for here, though appropriate flourishes are allowable (remembering that Maricela is the Duchess and therefore dignified, while Fleta is more of an iconoclast).

I also need a sigil for Fleta, and one for William, again drawn by different hands. Maricela's sigil as provided is a bit rough, so if someone wants to redraw it in a more flowing style I'd appreciate it.

Art credit will be given for anyone who does these, just as for any other artwork. Please indicate how you want to be credited when you submit your entry. I do reserve the right to be picky here, but given that, even though I want these done by different people, feel free to submit several entries and I'll sort out the ones I think best represent the characters.

For those composing new sigils, remember that these marks are intended to be drawn quickly; balance fancy bits and flourishes against the time required to draw them repeatedly.

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