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Character Roster

Post Tue Nov 30, 2010 5:09 am

Post and maintain your completed characters here.

All posts relating to character creation should be kept to the 'Character Creation' topic.
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Re: Character Roster

Post Tue Nov 30, 2010 9:29 pm

Paladin Twofoot
Halfling Male Thief 3
XP: 2574

Height: 3' 2"
Weight: 40 lbs.

STR 14 +1
INT 10
WIS 4 -2
DEX 17 +2
CON 10
CHA 8 -1

AC 15
HP 12

Thieving Skills
Open Locks 25
Remove Traps 20
Pick Pockets 31
Move Silently 45
Climb Walls 99
Hide 10
Listen 50

Saving Throws (adjusted for race)
Death Ray or Poison 8
Magic Wands 10
Paralysis or Petrify 8
Dragon Breath 12
Spells 10

Languages: Human, Halfling

Racial Abilities
Must wield medium weapons in two hands
+1 with missile weapons
+2 to AC against larger than man-sized opponents
+1 to initiative
90% chance of hiding outdoors
70% chance of hiding indoors
+4 vs. Death Ray or Poison, Magic Wands, Paralysis or Petrify, and Spells
+3 vs. Dragon Breath



( 16.45 pounds) On Body
Leather Armor
1 Short Bow
1 Shortbow Quiver
1 Small Sack
18 Shortbow Arrows
2 Short Sword
Thieves' Tools
0 Coinage
1 Silver goblin necklace
( /30 pounds max) In Backpack
1 Oil flask
4 Days Dry Rations

( 0 /400 coins max) Large Sack Tied to Backpack Straps

Total Encumbrance: 25.65 lbs.

Paladin is anything but. He's a halfling whose alcoholic consumption overwhelms his little liver. Drinking, he's a friendly, outgoing, helpful little chap who has a knack for finding things and solving peoples' problems. Drunk, he judges quickly and irrationally and can't be dissuaded from his course. Sober, he's hungover, mean and spiteful, A brawler with nasty aim and superb hand-eye coordination, Paladin rarely gives up the opportunity to avenge a perceived slight, preferably from a distance. After the affair with the Proudfoot twins, the Chubb sisters, the Cotton's dog, the Bunce's pony, the Sackville's barn, and the three church bells, enough was enough. Adalgrim Greenhand, the Shire Reeve, took him aside, plied him with cognac, and told him, "The road of adventure is calling you!" or "Get out of town before you get in real trouble!" or "Run! They are bringing pitchforks!" Paladin's still unclear on the whole thing.

Several weeks of sleeping under the glorious stars (except when it rained), foraging off the land (unless a pie was in a nearby windowsill), and mingling with humans in their quaint inns (until they mysteriously burn down). Paladin has a mostly healed burn on the side and top of his head, a present from the most recent inn fire. Paladin's arrived in Marketstone and set up shop in the cheapest tavern he can afford. He happily tells his tale to anyone who buys him a drink, and to many who don't.

Having now fought goblins and bandits, he realizes that his previous ways were probably ill-conceived. Instead of being a layabout likely to get into a fight, he should get people to pay him to wander about, kill other folk, take their things, and get paid to do it! He recognizes his plan needs some refinement, and some fire, but he's certain with enough cider, everything will become clear.
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Re: Character Roster

Post Wed Dec 01, 2010 12:53 am

Name: Tannen
Race: Human
Class: Fighter
Level: 2
XP: 2445 (4000 needed for next level)
HP: 11
AC: 18 (Plate Mail and shield)
Attack Bonus: +2 (base); +4 melee, +5* with longsword, +2 missiles (* not including any modifier for enchanted longsword)
Movement: 10' (Metal Armor, Heavy load - note that most of the time, 10 or more lbs of gear is carried by Jumbles, allowing Tannen a move of 20')

Str: 16+2
Int: 7-1
Wis: 14+1
Dex: 10
Con: 15+1
Chr: 9

(Base) Saves: Death/Poison 11 (+1 vs. poison), Wands 12, Para/Stone 14, Dragon Breath 15, Spells 16 (+1 Wis Bonus)
Languages: Common (essentially illiterate)
Abilities: 10% XP Bonus; Longsword Specialization (1 rank: +1 to-hit)

Money: 2 gp; 9 sp; 8 cp [Last purchase: 7 gp towards the party's pony]
Plate Mail (50)
Shield (5)

Enchanted longsword (4)
Hand axe (5)
Light Crossbow (7)
6 light crossbow quarrels (0.6)
Dagger (1)

Common clothing
Dry rations, 5 days (+3 from old man in the woods), total 8 days. (16)
2 small sacks
1 large sack
3 (of 6) torches remaining 1 used in the initial foray into the goblin caves, 1 more used on further exploration of the goblin caves, 1 more used to search the large goblin chamber for secret doors with Doughbert.
tinderbox, flint & steel (1)
whetstone (1)
waterskin (2)
winter blanket (3) - carried by Nivek

Mangy, elderly pony named "Jumbles", purchased from a farmer in Marketstone for 12gp
Carries Backpack and contents allowing Tannen a move of 20' while wearing his armour.

Total Carried Weight: 95.6 lbs. (Heavily Loaded, unless 25+ lbs of gear is carried by Jumbles)

Height: 6' 1"; Weight: 164 lbs

Appearance: Tannen stands slightly over 6' tall, sporting a thick crop of long sandy brown hair and a thin, patchy young man's beard. With a youthful appearance, he has brown eyes, and a fair, but slightly tanned complexion. He appears to have an average build, but is quite broad in the shoulders. Tannen wears a solid suit of plate mail that appears to have seen little use and a simple brown shield that bears no blazon.
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Re: Character Roster

Post Wed Dec 01, 2010 1:14 pm

Nivek Tooms
Dwarf_greyscale_small.jpg (2.47 KiB) Viewed 48446 times
Dwarf Male Cleric 2
XP: 2,151 (next: 3000) stats from #10, Str and Dex swapped

15 STR (+1) capacity 65 (light), 165 (heavy)
13 INT (+1)
16 WIS (+2)
12 DEX
15 CON (+1)
15 CHA (+1)

16+ AC Morward's Enchanted Chain Mail (15+magic), M.Shield (+1)
11 HP (rolls: 6+1@1st, 3+1@2nd)
+1 Attack Bonus
30 Movement magical-metal, light load (61.5 lb), p.36

Saving Throws: Cleric
10 Death Ray or Poison (+4 Dwarf)
11 Magic Wands (+4 Dwarf)
13 Paralysis or Petrify (+4 Dwarf)
15 Dragon Breath (+3 Dwarf)
14 Spells (+4 Dwarf)

Dwarf, Human (common), Goblin (from INT)
Racial and Class Abilities: Dwarf Cleric
Darkvision 60'; Weapon Prohibition: 2H Sword, Polearm, Longbow;
Detect Slanting Passages, Traps, Shifting Walls, New Construction: 1-2 on d6; must actively search
+4 vs. Death Ray or Poison, Magic Wands, Paralysis or Petrify, and Spells
+3 vs. Dragon Breath
Turn Undead; Spells at 2nd level

Clerical Spells
4 - 0-level (orisons); spontaneous choice from known (below)
1 - 1st level; Memorized: - Cure Light Wounds

Available Orisons: Call to Worship (1 mile/level), Cure Minor Wounds (1hp), Guidance* (+/-1 next attack), Meal Blessing (1hp for each after meal), Mend, Ward* (+/-1 next save)

Money and Valuables initial funds 110gp, spent 108gp
30 pp
133 gp
0 ep
0 sp
0 cp

Weapons and Equipment
Worn or Carried (not packed) = 61.5 lb
Holy Symbol (*)
Morward's Enchanted Chain Mail (40#) AC15+unknown-magic.
M. Shield (5#) AC+1
Mace (M, 10#), 1d8 damage, melee AB +2
Warhammer (S, 6#), 1d6 damage, melee AB +2, ranged AB +1 (10 +1, 20 +0, 30 -2)
Map/Scroll Case (.5#)
Paper x5 (**)

Backpack (*) contents = 16 lb
Holy Water x1 (*)
Common Clothing (1#)
Oil Flask x2 (1# each = 3#)
Iron Spikes x12 (1#)
Tinderbox (1#)
Whetstone (1#)
Dry Rations, 5 days (10#)
Silk Rope, 50' (2#)

Nivek Tooms is tall for a Dwarf, looking almost like a short and stout human (5'2", 175lb). He has a ruddy complexion and red hair. In keeping with tradition as a Dwarven Forge-Priest, Nivek keeps a short beard (keeps it from getting burned in fires)... more like stubble-growth, than a true beard. Forge-Priest garb consists of mostly dark garments (so soot does not show) with grey or silver anvil insignia, and is worn over a suit of quality (magical) chain. The Holy Symbol carried is a quality workman's hammer (not a combat hammer, but if used in a pinch would be equivalent to a 'club').

Nivek has a pleasant demeanor and is generally a likable individual. He does not do much preaching, instead preferring to be a model that others might follow.
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Re: Character Roster

Post Mon Dec 06, 2010 6:03 pm

Doughbert Shorttoes
Halfling Male Cleric/Thief 1

xp: 2,224 /2750

STR 10
INT 10
WIS 12
DEX 14 +1
CON 10
CHA 10

AC 14 (15 when using torch in off hand)
HP 2/5
AB +1 melee/+3 Range
AB Damage Range
Shortbow +3 1d6 50(+1)/ 100(0)/ 150(-2)
Dagger +1 1d4
" thrown +3 1d4 10(+1)/ 20(0)/ 30(-2)
Short Sword +1 1d6

Thieving Skills
Open Locks 25
Remove Traps 20
Pick Pockets 30
Move Silently 25
Climb Walls 80
Hide 10
Listen 30

Saving Throws (adjusted for race)
Death Ray or Poison 7
Magic Wands 8
Paralysis or Petrify 9
Dragon Breath 13
Spells 11

Languages: Human, Halfling

Racial Abilities
Must wield medium weapons in two hands
+1 with missile weapons
+2 to AC against larger than man-sized opponents
+1 to initiative
90% chance of hiding outdoors
70% chance of hiding indoors
+4 vs. Death Ray or Poison, Magic Wands, Paralysis or Petrify, and Spells
+3 vs. Dragon Breath

Cleric Turn Undead
Skel 13/ Zombie 17/ Ghoul 19

Clerical Spells
2 - 0-level (orisons); spontaneous choice from known (below)
0 - 1st level; Memorized: -

Cure Minor Wounds (1hp)
Guidance* (+/-1 next attack)


(14#) On Body
Enchanted Ring
Leather Armor
Daggers x2
Short Sword
Goblin Bow
Quiver w/ 20 arrows
Holy Symbol
Thieves' Tools
small mirror

(31#) In Backpack
Torches (6)
Rope, silk
Grappling Hook
Large Sack
Small Sack x2
Winter Blanket
7 Days Dry Rations
1 suit of clothes (common)

278 gp

Follower of 'Master Loche' the lord of security, protection and stealth. Master Loche is not against thievery as some might assume. He states that if you do not protect what is yours then you do not deserve to keep it. He is however against outright thuggery and cruelty. His Holy Symbol Is an over-sized Key.
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Re: Character Roster

Post Wed Oct 26, 2011 9:55 am

Mandross Sedge
Race: Human
Class: Magic-User
Level: 1
XP: 1083 (2500 needed for next level)

HP: 5
AC: 11 (Wits alone)
Attack Bonus: +1 (base); +2 melee, +1 missile
40' (No Armor, Light load)
30' (No Armor, Heavy load)

Str: 13 +1 capacity 65 (light), 165 (heavy)
Int: 14 +1
Wis: 8 -1
Dex: 12
Con: 13 +1
Chr: 15 +1

Death/Poison 13
Wands 14
Para/Stone 13
Dragon Breath 16
Spells 15 (+1 Int v. illusion, -1 Wis v. Will)

Languages: Common, Elvish
Abilities: 10% XP Bonus.

Spells: 0: 2/2, 1: Sleep

0: Flare, Mage Hand, Transfigure
1: Read Magic, Sleep

30pp, 71 gp, 7 sp, 10 cp, Tannen IOU (40gp)

Item (count)/ Weight/ Location
Nice Clothes .....1.....On

Walking Stick... 1....hand (1d4+1)
Daggers (3)......3....belt (1d4+1) (10/20/30)

waterskin....... 2
(in pouches and pockets)
chalk ............0.1
glass vial (empty) ..0.1
ink & quill .....0.1
white stones(3)..0.3

(Backpack.........0.1, Containing)
Spellbook ........ 1
Map Case ........ 1/2
... containing paper (5)
.......... bandit maps
Candles (11) ..... 0.09
Rations (7 days) ..14
Blanket .......... 3
Tinderbox ........1
Whetstone ....... 1
Fancy handled daggers(3)... 3
Small Sacks (2) .....0.2
Large Sacks.....0.1
Torches (6)..........1
Oil Jars (4)...... 4

Total Carried: 47.9lb, Light Load

Mandross stands at just under 6', with long rust brown hair (neatly tied back) and dark eyes. He has a lean, strong build, with darker features, as if he spent more time at labor than leisure. He wears a rakish goatee, and has a twinkling smile, giving him a charming, if somewhat dangerous look.

He is dressed as more of a showman than a wizard, with a green-dyed doublet and loose pants tucked into high boots, with a dark traveler's cloak and wide brimmed hat with green band, matching his jacket. He carries a sturdy walking stick with a fancy brass head.

Personality: Mandross is friendly, open, and talkative; an earnest learner with a good memory for faces and stories. He tends to be positive and optimistic, although tends to have a bit of an ego. He is a hard worker and a team player, but not terribly good in a fight (he prefers wits to fists). He loves people, and will use his looks, charm, and a few handy tricks to garner attention and favor.

While smart and personable, he does have issues in the 'common sense' and 'willpower' departments. He's willing to take long odds and stupid risks. His biggest problem is with women. He'll fall for a pretty face, and has occasionally found himself swindled or on the run from an angry father in the morning. He also has a passion for the grape, but that is more an issue of quality than quantity.

Mandross was an orphan, raised in a traveling circus run by Phineas, a somewhat eccentric wizard. He grew up with hard work, and many unique opportunities. Looking for a role beyond simple roustabout, he tried many jobs. He didn't have the natural empathy and command of the animal trainers, or the natural agility of the acrobats (and the less said about his attempt at knife-throwing, the better). But he was a serviceable juggler, and as a barker demonstrated a knack for storytelling and showmanship. He also, as it turns out, had a talent for magic.

Mandross apprenticed with Phineas for a time, before finishing his training at the Academy of Arcane Arts in Westport. After one too many nights at the local inn listening to tales of grand adventures, he decided to find (or make) one of his own. After being ambushed by bandits, he found more adventure than he'd bargained for...
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Re: Character Roster

Post Wed Dec 14, 2011 2:18 pm

Leolannan Fletcher
Male Half-Elf Ranger 1
XP: 1160
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Build: Light
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Apparent Age: 17

09 STR
12 INT
12 WIS
12 DEX
15 CON [+1]
08 CHA [-1]

13 AC Leather Armor
11 HP

Languages: Human, Elven

Racial Abilities
Darkvision 30' range
Find secret doors 1-2 on1d6
Bonus +5% experience
+1 vs. Magic Wands and Spells

Ranger Abilities
+1 per level to damage against goblinoids and giants
Surprised only on 1 on 1d6
Surprise others on 1-3 on 1d6
90% Tracking
+2% for every creature more than one in a party to be tracked
-25% for every hour of rain
-10% for every day that has passed

Saving Throws (adjusted for race)
12 Death Ray or Poison
12 Magic Wands
14 Paralysis or Petrify
15 Dragon Breath
16 Spells

15 Leather Armor AC 13
03 Long Bow 1d8
03 Quiver of 20 Arrows
10 Spear 1d6/1d8 two-handed (x 2)
01 Dagger 1d4

00 Backpack
02 Silk Rope
01 Tinderbox, Flint & Steel
01 Whetstone
03 Winter Blanket
02 Waterskin
14 Rations-1 week
01 Miscellaneous: bits of wire, twine, thread, hooks, and bone needles

07 SP
03 GP

57 Total Encumbrance
60 Light Load/150 Heavy Load

Character History

Of slight build, fair features, dark hair and eyes, Leolannan Fletcher has spent years wandering the wilds. Years ago, Markas Fletcher, a wagon-driver from Marketstone, was part of a crew that regularly caravanned goods to and from the village. During one such trip he met and fell in love with Loramorel, an elven girl, who he eventually married. Their union resulted in one child which Lora was allowed to name in the elven tradition. Leolannan, who early on was simply called Leo by his father and the other residents of Marketstone, had a fairly stable and happy childhood, only visiting his mother's elven kindred a few times as his mother's union with a human was not well received, and they simply tolerated him as the half-breed that he was. The only thing that the two sides of Leo's family had in common was the love of the bow and arrow, the elves natural affinity and Markas' father being a bowyer and arrow-fletcher.

In Leo's 13th year he had accompanied his parents on one of the many caravan trips they had taken. Tragedy struck when the caravan was ambushed far from home, leaving Leo an orphan. Witnessing that incident marked his life with the stamp of a Ranger. He felt too alone in Markestone and his elven relations never truly welcomed him, so he spent more and more time wandering the wilds alone. Some in Marketstone still know him when he comes through for brief visits, but he never stays long under the gaze of their pity and the weight of remembrance.
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Re: Character Roster

Post Tue Dec 27, 2011 4:32 pm

6'1" 240LBS.

STR 17 + 2
INT 5 - 2
WIS 12
DEX 11
CON 13 + 1
CHA 11

AC: 13
HP: 9
AB: +1




Little is known about Gannicus and his silent approach to battle and bloodshed has led many to believe he is dumb or mute. He is neither.
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Experience Point Summary

Post Wed Dec 28, 2011 11:44 am

Code: Select all

                             DBT     GAN     LEO     MDS     NVK     PDN     TNN     BEN
                             ~~~     ~~~     ~~~     ~~~     ~~~     ~~~     ~~~     ~~~

Season 1                   2,151       -   1,083   1,083   2,151   2,501   2,364       -

Season 2
Westport Road                 73      81      77      81      73      73      81      40
The Warren                    53      59      56      59      53      53      59      29

TOTAL                      2,277     140   1,216   1,223   2,227   2,627   2,504      69

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