This forum is for play and discussion of The Simple Game System rules, and the Dirigible of Doom adventure.
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Post Fri Nov 14, 2008 9:56 pm

Post your characters here, please!
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Re: Characters

Post Sat Nov 15, 2008 12:07 am

Arthur Evans, pianist
Weak, Dextrous, Fast, Charming
Skills: perform (piano), perception, streetwise, dodging, stealth

Arthur Evans, better known as Art or Artie Evans, is an American jazz pianist who has been hired to entertain the wealthy set traveling on Pennington's dirigible's maiden transatlantic flight. He knows how to handle himself, having played in some tough joints in big American cities before heading across the pond. Artie had gone to England in the hopes of making it big, but his avant-garde stylings found a meagre reception in Depression-era London. Disillusioned, Artie is now trying to get back to Atlanta, where he hopes to reconcile himself with his family. For Artie has paid a terrible price in his bid for fame: the pale-complexioned child of African-American parents, Artie resolved to pass as white in an effort to achieve levels of success and social acceptability denied to Black artists. Now, having cut himself off from his relatives for years, Artie only yearns to go home.

EDIT: He hates Nazis and other racists. But is of course wracked by guilt for rejecting his own heritage.
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Re: Characters

Post Sat Nov 15, 2008 12:48 pm

Simon Lars, Aeronautical Engineer


Knowledge (Aircraft Engines)

Simon Lars, AKA Patrick O'Conner, is from the Republic of Ireland, and fought in the brutal Irish Civil War. He passes himself off as a British national from Belfast, and has the papers to prove it, but is actually a spy seeking technology to send back to his homeland. His natural skills in engineering were obvious from the start, and he was able to quickly apply himself to work at military aircraft sites throughout Britain. As a spy, however, he was not good, until he was taken under the wing of a Soviet spy working on behalf of the NKVD. However, the spy had a far more sinister agenda for Patrick in mind, and after Patrick had learned what he could, he ended up having to shoot him. The murder of a seemingly innocent delivery man put Patrick on the run. He changed papers, became Simon Lars and sought to escape Great Britain until the hunt was off. When he heard that the dirigible was hiring crew, he presented himself as a knowledgeable mechanic and was able to get the job. With only a small amount of luggage, he went aboard.

Requested Special Gear:
* Notebook (Leather with Pencil, written in Gaelic, and then coded (i.e. Meter is replaced by the word Oak, so instead of saying "The Airship is 10 meters by 100, he would say the Grove is 10 oaks by 100).
* Webley Mark VI Revolver with one box of ammunition
* Other then that, clothing, personal kit, canvas waterproofed backpack, and pea coat
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Re: Characters

Post Mon Nov 17, 2008 1:37 am

Alright, here we go, I will attempt to create my character here, however, if I do something wrong, please let me know so it can be corrected.

Thomas "Tommy Gun" Mansel, Mercenary


Brawling +
Knowledge (Military Procedures)

Thomas Mansel, better known by his nickname "Tommy Gun" which he received for his continuous use of the Thompson submachine gun, is 37 years old and is a big man, just over 6 foot at 6'2" and weighing about 250 lbs, although mostly muscle. He is ex-British Air Force. He joined the military at 18 towards the end of World War 1 and has been out of the military for about 5 years now. He is now a mercenary, doing jobs for whoever is paying. He is an ugly looking fellow with a long scar from his forehead to his cheek just missing his right eye and another small scar on his left cheek. Also has multiple scars across his body, normally covered by clothing. He is an unpleasant and unruly fellow who doesn't like most people and rarely gets along with anyone who isn't military, ex-military, or wealthy enough to pay him. Dr. Ringstrom approached Thomas one day and discussed the possibility of him partaking on this grand adventure. Dr. Ringstrom has hired him to be a co-pilot as well as since there are several wealthy and well-connected passengers aboard the ship, to be security.

Requested special gear:
A Luger P08 pistol with 3 clips and 10 boxes of ammunition.

I spent some time thinking about this and hope it is a character that you will approve of. It was fun trying to think of someone that might actually be aboard the ship. Let me know if it won't work or if I need to change something or if anyone can think of a way to make him better. I'm still fairly new to rpg's but I'm learning quickly.

***EDIT - After talking to Solo, I feel it best to edit my attributes just a bit. I have done away Unpleasant and took Very Strong down to Strong.
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Re: Characters

Post Mon Nov 17, 2008 11:42 pm

If you'll still have me Solo! :D

Will Thornton
Very Clever

Perception +
Persuasion +

Will is a "reformed" Con Artist. Never the most athletic kid in his poor New York neighborhood growing up, and being weaker than most and not able to outrun any bullies, he became fast with his mouth. Whatever situation he couldn't talk his way out of, he'd do whatever he could, using whatever he could to get out of it. He's surprised himself with his ability to even come out ahead. As he got older he started playing the "long con" he had the patience for it, and in the end it had the best pay-out and he always had escape routes built in at every point in his plan.

He was in between cons when he bumped into an old friend who had been headed to Europe to join a group of accountants, lawyers and scientists brokering talks between Dr. Ringstrom and Robert St. John Pennington. Will floated some ideas past his friend, passing himself off as an accountant, and got invited on for the ride. Initially he was thinking of how he could spin this his way, but then fell into a love of going through the paperwork, reviewing numbers, and working as part of a team. His ability to "fly under the radar" helped him make the head of his team look good with the work he had been putting in - which made him all the more important to the team lead as well. But as the work slowed down and everything was coming to fruition, Will started to realize the position he was in. Two millionaires, in the same enclosed area with only a small group of people. He sighed to himself, you can take the con out of the man... needless to say he ensured that the lead accountant got him on this trip (the bemused head accountant watching from the ground was never really sure why he gave up his seat).

Luger P08 you were carrying, it has an 8 round magazine (Tommy's got ammo, so I'm full)

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