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Posted: Wed Mar 06, 2013 9:03 pm
by Sir Bedivere
Chapter 9

Very much and very little happened on the thirteenth day. After seeing Brother Arven off, the group, with their new cleric, went back to work. While trying to figure out the secret buttons in the throne room and then heading back down to explore the lower level, the party was attacked by six dwarves. Timorel felt it a shame to kill them, as his experiences with dwarves until then had been very wholesome and fulfilling. Nevertheless, he made it a strict rule to never feel sympathy for anyone who shot him with a crossbow, and Rykken and Shybolt were of the same mind, and that was that. They killed four of the dwarves, including their leader, a fellow named Trajan, and took another prisoner to question, but one escaped. Rykken prayed for healing for Timorel.

The party took their newly acquired coin, weapons, and armor up and spent the night in the inn to allow Timorel to prepare a new spell. That night the watch saw a furry face peer through the hole in the cellar wall, and the group suspected the lone remaining dwarf had found their headquarters.

The fourteenth day proved equally eventful and frustrating. They went back down and to explore the throne room again, where they were more or less immediately set upon by three dog-headed humanoids with spears. Timorel took a spear to the chest and went down. The rest of the party then slew the monsters. The dog-men had some oddly-carved bits of rock and bone, which the party took out of curiosity. Rykken prayed for Timorel's recovery, and the party returned to the inn without learning anything new about the subterranean area except that it also held dog-headed men.

Re: Synopsis

Posted: Wed Mar 13, 2013 10:45 pm
by Sir Bedivere
Chapter 10, Part 1

It was late evening when they returned to the surface. Curiously, the inn was full of the local townsmen, as well as the Reeve and some of his men. There seemed to be a council of sorts going on.

The Reeve greeted them and offered them stew and ale, and a summons. The Baron had heard of their exploits, he told them, and desired to meet them. Not having much of a say in the matter, the party ate the stew, drank the ale, and agreed to go with the Reeve in the morning.

Meanwhile, a new half-elven face showed up in the crowd, and Timorel made his acquaintance. Soon, Elwegon Teliath from the forest of Delvain, over the mountains of Keltor, had joined them.

Grumm had avoided the gathering and was out courting.

The party was unable to get much more information from the Reeve, so they soon retired.

Timorel asked Irena to heat some water for him.

After bathing in his room, he lay down under the rough blanket and dreamed of the woods and hills of his childhood.

In the morning, the crew went to the market to prepare a few things. Timorel prepared two spells, his ability to use magic having developed dramatically. He bought paper and wrote a letter to his master in Elvish describing their adventures and asking for help understanding the scripts they had encountered on the horn and the throne room door, scripts he had copied into the letter.

After a quick breakfast, the party set out with the Reeve to call on the Baron.