Prelude: They Met In A Tavern

This forum is for Solomoriah's playtest adventures in the town of Redbluff.
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Re: Prelude: They Met In A Tavern

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Re: Prelude: They Met In A Tavern

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I thought I'd made this post earlier, but I'm told I didn't...

Inspecting the stonework, Shybolt found no sign of any traps on either side of the hole. Declaring the hole safe to pass through, he went upstairs in search of a dagger. Jack, it seemed, had left, but his cronies were engaged in an agitated discussion with Irena and Harald. Upon hearing his request, Harald said, "Aye, I'll take two of those swords for a good dagger." He withdrew a plain but serviceable dagger from behind the bar and handed it over to the halfling.
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