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Re: Season 1 - Episode 6: The Bandit Caves

Posted: Mon Dec 05, 2011 8:54 pm
by Hywaywolf
You say reward, I say penance. as long as they are made to show their reverence for the protection of property.


Posted: Tue Dec 06, 2011 8:26 am
by JoeCarr28
Paladin cajoles Alma into trying on one of the dresses. She's a bit giggly after a couple of mugs of cider, but eventually agrees, disappearing upstairs to change into a pale blue silk number. About 10 minutes later she descends again, blushing somewhat, and does a quick twirl before returning to Alan's side. To be honest, the dress is a bit big on her - it's a little loose at the shoulders, long in the arms, and it could do with taking-up a couple of inches at the hem. Alma claims to know nothing about the dresses, and has no explanation as to why the bandits had them in their possession. But she's looking forward to wearing one of them at the harvest dance.

With respect to the goblins, before Alma's abduction no-one at Northridge would have believed such stories. To them, goblins only existed in scary children's tales. Now, of course, they know different. And the thought of a goblin-infested tower causes them great concern. They're ready to believe such a place exists, but no-one has ever heard of such a thing.

Looking at the unidentified horse brands, Alan doesn't recognise any of them. He thinks they have a "southern" look to them (by which he means the Westport side of Marketstone). Alan reckons that most owners would offer at least 20 gp for a returned horse, maybe more if it's a particularly fine beast.

Mandross shows the maps to the farmer and his farmhands. It seems that the maps themselves are an entirely straightforward representation of the area around Marketstone. The only unusual thing is that most of them have crosses annotated on them in various places. Some of these crosses are dotted around The Coastwood (including one at the location of Morward's caves. Others are at various points on the main trade roads.

Alan explains to Doughbert that Marketstone has a small part-time militia that is mostly made-up of local residents (Karl, for example, is a member). They've got some reasonable equipment, but most aren't particularly proficient with it. Most are generally better a bow than they are with a sword.

Re: Season 1 - Episode 7: Homeward Bound

Posted: Tue Dec 06, 2011 8:48 am
by SmootRK
Nivek eats heartily, and upon the review of the maps thinks, "Either hide-outs or caches of goods... would be wise to attempt to recover as much as we can as fast as we can. It is likely that any one of these caches are known to one or more of our liberated bandits... and concerning their lack of employment now, they will likely be looking for whatever loot they can recover."

Upon hearing that the farmer does not recognize any horses, "Perhaps we should look to get a writ from the town that we are now the rightful owners of the horses, as just compensation for troubles incurred while liberating miss Alma. However, if we do come across one such original owner, I would be inclined to give some compensation... at least we won't be harassed as the horse-thieves with such a writ."

Nivek turns also to Mandross, showing him the Amulet and Ring from the goblin shaman. "The Amulet has some significance, as it affronts my Lord of the Forge... but in what way, I don't know. Perhaps it is just a Holy Symbol of some vile goblin devil-god, but I will not carry it. Perhaps in time you can make sense of it. Of the ring, I have no knowledge of any enchants on it either, if any".

Re: Season 1 - Episode 7: Homeward Bound

Posted: Tue Dec 06, 2011 9:52 am
by Hywaywolf
Doughbert looks at Nivek and says, "I know that with effort and devotion, Master Loche will one day grant me the power to see enchantments of the sort you wonder about these items. Will your Deity not grant you the same power? If so, perhaps we should put them, along with ponytails weapons, with the rest of the treasure and seek your Gods guidance to show us any enchantments on all of it."

Re: Season 1 - Episode 7: Homeward Bound

Posted: Tue Dec 06, 2011 10:37 am
by SmootRK
Ooc: there is no "identify spell" for clerics, the only spell I know of is "analyze magic" in the spells supplement but only for MU. I recently wrote a divine version of that spell on the thread for "Priests" but that isn't even actual supplement yet. All that said, the spell is 2nd level And Joe would have to houserule the option in regardless. It will be a very long time before we get such ability directly.

Re: Season 1 - Episode 7: Homeward Bound

Posted: Tue Dec 06, 2011 11:47 am
by Joe the Rat
OOC: I think I'll get more mileage out of Sleep than Detect Magic... but it would be handy. Anyone mind if I borrow 500gp and a spell library? 8-)

Mandross will take the amulet and study it for a bit, likewise with the ring. "I will see what I know of this... Though if your god finds it foul, you may be best off destroying it. Was the ring being worn by the foul goblin? Has anyone else tried it on?"

Since Mandross has no handy magics for discerning the nature of enchantments, he will rely more on his gut magic senses, and his knowledge of the arcane to see if he recognizes anything - magically or physically - about the ring and amulet. Also of interest is the size of the ring. Is it constant, or does it seem to shift with who holds it?

If he can't make heads nor tails of the amulet, he will tuck it into his pack - wrapped in one of the small sacks - for further investigation. Unless someone wants to take a hammer to the thing. The ring he will contemplate a bit longer - but will return it if asked. He does not offer it to Paladin to try. Bad things tend to happen when halflings get mysterious rings.

Regarding Marketstone and its' Militia - "With the appearance of goblins, and the brazenness of those bandits, a little extra effort might not be a bad thing. Karl certainly knows his way around a sword, and might be able to whip the lads into shape for if they ever found need to use them. I'm sure Master Doughbert would know a fair price.. or penance, you'd say?.. for improving their ability to defend their homes and lands from those who would take. Mmm... this is a fine cider, Alan. Your make?"

Re: Season 1 - Episode 7: Homeward Bound

Posted: Tue Dec 06, 2011 12:53 pm
by Hywaywolf
(OOC: There is no point for a MU to get detect magic if there is a cleric in the party. He can use it anytime he wishes to dump a spell and pray for another. And it doesn't tell you what it is, but if you cast it on the entire treasure trove you can pull out what is magic and identify it later. No sense carrying around stinking leather armor you found in a locked box hoping its magic if you can find out right away if it is or isn't. I was asking Nivek to cast detect magic on the hoard because as a 1st level cleric I don't have any spells yet.)

Re: Season 1 - Episode 7: Homeward Bound

Posted: Tue Dec 06, 2011 1:03 pm
by Joe the Rat
(OOC: Ah, but the secret to ultimate arcane power is to be prepared for anything, including clerics who have loaded up on cure spells in the off season. ;) )

Re: Season 1 - Episode 7: Homeward Bound

Posted: Tue Dec 06, 2011 1:16 pm
by SmootRK
OOC: I get you... consider it done as soon as is possible.

Upon safe healing of all the party, after the next rest period Nivek will implore the Forge Lord for a Detect Magic spell (unless we intend to head out that morning). Once the trove is properly spread out, Nivek will incant and he looks for the tell-tale glow within his mind's eye; any such items segregated for further research.

Once treasure has been inspected thusly, Nivek will at next opportunity, pray again for Cure Light Wounds, which would be his standard selected spell at this point.

Re: Season 1 - Episode 7: Homeward Bound

Posted: Tue Dec 06, 2011 2:50 pm
by _Silveredged
Hiker simply sits nearby with a full belly and a mug of cider, happy that his task is complete and the Grenwells are back together. As to the treasure, he says that he wants no money, only the mace and shield, and suggests that the group ought to put his share into a bag to use in case of emergencies. "Mama always said save your money for a rainy day, but I don't know why, because no shops wanted to let me in, drippin' wet as I was..."

Soon thereafter, Hiker turns in and gets to sleep out in the barn with the other stable-hands, he has a long days in the field ahead of him...