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Rosisha's Playtest Forum & Game Rules

Post Mon Jan 05, 2009 2:16 pm

Hello and Welcome!

Thank you for stopping by this little forum and I hope that you will enjoy your stay! First, big thanks out to Sol for creating BFRPG, this website, and this forum.

Second, I want to thank you all for coming and joining what will hopefully be a successful experiment.

Our Goal:
What I hope to accomplish here is to play test the various AA series of modules that have been created for BFRPG. By providing a play test environment we can, as a group, aid the developers of gaming material, helping them to improve their game design, and increase the quality of product dedicated to BFRPG.

Now this might sound a tad bit arrogant: who are we to say what needs improvement or editing? To ease any fears that this will be a mud slinging fest, the first thing that I am doing is using my own module. In other words, I am open to the same critique of style and function that I will put all the rest through. Second, this is a great introduction to...

The rules that I am developing here are pretty basic and straight forward, and are not intended to be straight jackets, just simple reminders:
1. Respect and courtesy for all posters, the authors, artists, and anyone contributing to the BFRPG community

2. Atmosphere of creation: If you have an idea, a thought, or a comment then share it, no one can improve by saying "Oh yeah, that was great. yay." Remember we are not just players and GM, but also play-TESTERS.

3. Feedback should be as positive as possible. Not liking something is perfectly acceptable, but there is a way to say "I don't like this." and "OMGWTFBBQPEWPEWPEWLAZERBEAMSROXORSSUX"

Pretty basic!

Game Rules: The game rules are very simple. Essentially follow these steps:
1. Choose your rolling method.
2. I'll roll your stats.
3. You choose your race, class, and then you get max hit points for first level, and I'll roll all necessary levels after that.
4. You get 150gp + 1/2 XP in GP for each level after 1st. Magic items need to be approved before taking them, but it shouldn't be a problem.
5. Some background is good, as we should have fun playing these games and not all play "Bob the Generic Fighter/Magic-User/Thief
6. Most things will be handled on the fly, but combat I will need generic ideas: "I'm going to do X Y and Z over the course of combat, and I'll run away if A B or C happen" then I will handle all the rolls just to speed things up. If something MAJOR changes, I will stop the combat, post what has happened, and ask if anyone wants to change their actions.
7. ONLY MATERIAL FROM THE BFRPG WEBSITE - This is the stuff that any designer will have easy access too, and thus, should be the basis for testing.
8. House rules will effect game play only, and not the modules. House rules will be fully documented so that the game designer can see our decision and determine if our house rule was responsible for game play changes, or if it was still the module itself.

Just For Fun: To show I'm not a boring old stooge, I thought we could have some extra fun with this!
POINTS: You can earn points. They are totally useless, just like on "Whose Line" but what the heck right? We can award each other points for anything we like, at the end of the module, the person with the most points wins bragging rights!

CHALLENGES: For points, I can put up some fun challenges, like "You must use APPLES as a fundamental and key concept in your characters background, best background story gets 10000 points."

RATINGS: We should come up with some kind of rating system for the modules, so we can be like movie critics: "4 stars out of 5" or "4 Dead Orcs out of 10" Something like that!

This is my first forum! So please be gentle with me!

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