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Game Booths

Posted: Sun Nov 29, 2015 11:33 am
by Metroknight
Game Booths

The Archery Range is managed by the Autumnpeak Guards (town Militia) who keep 3 guards on duty at all times while the range is open and being used. It costs 1 gold for 5 shots. One of the guards sets the blocks swinging. Limit of 1 gold per attempt of 5 shots. Max of 1 attempt at a time.

The game consists of 3 swinging blocks of wood in front of a target and the firer must get 3 arrows in the bullseye on the far target to win the jackpot.
Hit any of the swinging blocks (AC15) and win 10xp
Hit one of the outer rings on the far target (AC18) and win 5 gp and 25xp.
Hit the bullseye (AC20) with one or two arrows and win 10gp, 50xp, and a bow.
Hit the bullseye with 3 arrows, win 100gp, 100xp, and a bow+1

The Dueling Circle is managed by one of Autumnpeak Guards but is hosted by the Stolegates Smithy. All who are interested pay 1 gold and are put on a combatants list. All through the day, people are paired off and the winner moves on to the semi-finals that will be held the next day. The finals are held on the last day of the Festival and the winner gets to face one of the Autumnpeak guards in a one on one combat. Each advance to the next round of combat rewards the person 25xp.

The game consist of being dressed in padded armor (AC13) with padded sword that does 1+str bonus in stun damage. The winner moves on to the next round.

The Autumnpeak's Show of Talent is managed and hosted by the town council. The best amateur performance (3 Charisma checks), that the 3 judges review, wins the title "Autumnpeak's Most Talented" till next festival. They receive one free drink and one free meal per day from "Keeper's Inn" near the piers and they also receive 10xp.

The DC starts out at 13 for the first day, 15 second day, 17 third day, 19 on the finals. If it is acting or singing you add your charisma bonus, if it is a performance like juggling you would use your Dex bonus. You must make 2 of the 3 checks to pass to the next round. The first day eliminates most of the low or no talents then it gets harder.

The Dive is managed and hosted by the owner and operator of the local merchant's store called "Karistol's Adventure Gear". It costs 1 gp to play. There is lots of apples bobbing on the ice cold water in a large barrel while there is 1 iron ball in the bottom of the barrel. Hands must gripe the marked location on the rim of the barrel as the player tries for either an apple (dex check) or dives down deep in attempt to get the iron ball (con check + dex check). If the diver gets only an apple they win the apple but if they get the iron ball, they receive 10gp and 25xp.

The Ring ah Toss is managed and hosted by the local Sage/Scribe "Tomar Nelfhelm". 1 gold for 5 rings. The tosser needs to get a total of 3 rings on the many posts (AC 18) that are mounted on a wall without them falling off to receive 10xp. If 4 rings land on the posts and stay the tosser gets 2gp and 25xp. If all 5 rings hit and stay, the tosser gets a silver ring (worth 10 gold) and 50xp.

The Now you see it, Now you don't is managed and hosted by "Tessa Nimbletoes" a halfling woman, who is a local entertainment artist, that is known to the Autumnpeak Guard for her slight of hand tricks. This ball and cup trick requires the observer to put 1 gp in front of the cup they think (Int check) the ball is in after the shuffle. If they are right they get their coin and another one back. If they are wrong they lose their coin.

The Stone Smash is managed and hosted by the local Stone Mason's guild. 1gp for a shot at seeing how strong a person is. The game consists of a stack of stones and the use of a hammer. The hammer wielder smashes the hammer down on the stack of 5 stones in an attempt to break all the stones in one swing. Breaking 3 stones (strength check) gets the wielder pair of leather work gloves. If the wielder breaks 4 stones (check level increases by 1) they get the gloves, 5 gp, and 10xp. Breaking all 5 stones (check level is 20+) they will get the gloves but they will be finely crafted (worth 10gp), 10gp, 25xp.

The Wheel of Fate is hosted and managed by the local trade merchant "Abe Meadows".This is a simple wheel with black and red squares on it with numbers on each square. Abe will spin the wheel and depending on what the bet is, the pay out changes. Pick one color (red or black) and the pay out is 1 to 1(you bet 1 gold and you win a gold). Pick a number and it is 5 to 1 (bet 1 gold and win 5 gold back). Only allowed to place one bet per spin.

Re: Game Booths

Posted: Fri Dec 11, 2015 12:25 am
by Metroknight
Children's games. No xp nor gold cost and no gold awards but the kids get a piece of hard candy or sweet meat roll usually if they do good. Could not find any medieval looking pics so this is the closest I could find.

Pirates rigging (jacob's ladder)

Bowling pins (knock as many pins down in a swing)

Hook the Horns (ring toss)

Battle Bags (smack each other with a filled bag to knock the opponent off the beam)