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Re: [NPCs] Notables met or known in Autumnpeak

Posted: Mon Nov 30, 2015 8:49 pm
by jw76
Staquim Abeaus

Staquim lead an eventful life, finally deciding to settle down in the small village of Pineford. He erected a tall slender tower that sits near the outer reaches of the village on the far east limit of the village. Living alone, he was seen as eccentric to the locals and he cultivated this sense by his sometimes wild and difficult to understand speeches and acts.

Staquim is a stern man who feels the pursuit of knowledge to be the ultimate reason for intelligent existence, and time spent away from learning is wasted. He is quite old and the wrinkled forehead and long scraggly white beard lead most to think he has lived many decades, but a close look at his piercing blue eyes belie a youthfulness not seen in one of his advanced years. What is left of his hair is seldom combed and it is the grey of a stormy sky. Staquim stands well over 6' tall but is slender of build and almost rail thin.

Re: [NPCs] Notables met or known in Autumnpeak

Posted: Fri Dec 04, 2015 1:01 am
by Metroknight
Ludlem the lumbering ox

Ludlem is an almost mature man that is not quick of mind or foot but makes up for it in strength and size. He is apprenticed to the local blacksmith and works at the stables also. While most of the town folks snicker at him behind his back and nicknamed him lumbering ox, they rarely say it to his face for it is widely known that he has a bad temper and will get mad quickly. Some have noted that he has a vicious streak in him and will purposely hurt someone or something that makes him look silly or stupid or just makes him mad. Due to his temperament, no one is willing to teach him how to use a weapon but he has been practicing on his own with a 2x4 behind the stable when he gets a chance.