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Character Thread

Post Fri Nov 27, 2015 3:49 am

Blank Sheet

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[b]Class AB[/b]

[b][u]Stats[/u][/b] (#/Bonus)
[b]Saving Throws[/b]
[b]Death Ray/ Poison[/b]:
[b]Magic Wands[/b]:
[b]Paralysis/ Turn to Stone[/b]:
[b]Dragon Breath[/b]:
[b]Rods, Staves, and Spells[/b]:

[b]Spellbook[/b] (remove if not a spellcaster)

[b]Class Skills[/b] (remove is no class skill is listed)

[b]Gear[/b](If weapon include Total AB, Damage, and Range)(If armor include AC)

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Re: Character Thread

Post Fri Nov 27, 2015 12:41 pm

Name: Tanya Morgan
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Age: 17
Class(Level): None(0)
HP: 3
Class AB +0
XP(next/earned): -412

Stats (#/Bonus)
Strength: 14 (+1 to hit w/melee, damage)
Dexterity: 17 (+2 to hit w/missile, +2 AC, +2 initiative)
Constitution: 15 (+1 hit points, +1 vs poison)
Intelligence: 11
Wisdom: 13 (+1 vs will-based spells)
Charisma: 17 (+2 reaction)

Saving Throws
Death Ray/Poison: 12 (+1 vs poison)
Magic Wands: 13 (+1 vs charm, will)
Paralysis/ Turn to Stone: 14
Dragon Breath: 15
Rods, Staves, and Spells: 17 (+1 vs charm, will)

Hand axe (1H: +2 BAB, +1 damage; +1 damage; range 10/20/30; 5#)
Short bow (+2 BAB; range 50/100/150; 2#)
Clothing (1#)
22gp, 2sp

Thieving abilities
Move silently: 10%
Pick pockets: 10%
Hide: 0%
Listen: 5%
Open locks: 10%
Find/remove traps: 0%
Climb walls: 5%
Track: ?


Tanya was born in Autumnspeak, and can barely remember when it was just a small hamlet of only a couple dozen families. She's the oldest daughter of six children. Her father and both older brothers are woodsmen, and Tanya enjoys her frequent trips into the woods with them. (Something happened to her mom that predominately keeps her out of her childhood, though I don't know what yet).

When she was really young, she dreamed of being a powerful sorcereress much like the stories of old. This dream was reinforced when she won the youth bracket (3yrs through 6 yrs) of "The Apprentice", a game booth where kids need to summon flares of magic. Little did she know that the youth bracket was rigged, and Enddom (the host) would target a child at random and cast a flare into the dupe's hands. However, Tanya's "success" encouraged her to study hard under Tomar and happily paid her full winnings from the game (1 copper!) for the education. Tomar recognized early that she'd never be a successful magus and instead used the enthusiasm to teach her history and herbalism. Tanya discovered later that she didn't have the magical talent to be a magus, but by then she was so enthralled by Enddom's frequent visits and and Tomar's stories of far-off lands that her dreams morphed from "magus" to a more vague "powerful person."

Tanya grew up as Autumnspeak did, and knows a lot of the local gossip. Being close in age and their love for pranks, she and Tessa were close friends when younger; but Tessa's recent views of pilfering from the big 'uns go beyond what Tanya views as pranks. They still enjoy each others' company, but only as long as Tessa can restrain the pranks to be not include thievery.

As she got older, she started working for Enddom, who had by now started slowing down and wanting to settle down. While acting tough and prickly publicly, Enddom has a very soft spot for Tanya and usually acquiesces to her requests, though she doesn't press her luck too much. She started in the scullery of the Broken Coin, and moved into the tavern when she was old enough to carry six pints -- Enddom's requirement for all of his serving maids. One of Enddom's most profitable evening acts is when Bethel and Tanya take a break from the bar to sing for the crowd. Tanya considers Bethel as her second mom, since (something happened to her first mom but I'm not sure what yet). Bethel's advice for getting through her teenage years was very helpful, and Tanya is trying to return the favor by helping Gort through his. Unfortunately for the both of them, Gort is much more a free spirit than Tanya was.

Tanya's life is fairly dull. Six days at the tavern, one day off as required by the King's decree preventing the overwork of women. :lol: On her day off, she'll spend time with her brothers and father in the woods; helping Tomar with his lessons for youngsters; helping take care of her siblings (and occasionally Gort) at home; singing at the parish church; or if she's lucky, spending time with Taran, a guard that she's enamored with.

Tessa, Enddom, and the other employees at the Broken Coin occasionally call her Tandy, a nickname from when Tanya was very young.

+88xp for the archery contest, +15gp, bow
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Re: Character Thread

Post Fri Nov 27, 2015 11:07 pm

Unassigned- being used as a NPC
Name: Iloparin Pineford
Race: Half-Elf
Sex: Male
Age: 22
Class (level): Magic-User's apprentice (Level 0)
HP: 4
Class AB +0
XP(next/earned): 0/0

Stats (#/Bonus)
Strength: 14/+1
Dexterity: 15/+1
Constitution: 17/+2
Intelligence: 16/+2
Wisdom: 14/+1
Charisma: 16/+2

Saving Throws
Death Ray/ Poison: 13
Magic Wands: 14
Paralysis/ Turn to Stone: 13
Dragon Breath: 16
Rods, Staves, and Spells: 15

Mage Hand
Animate Tool

Gold: 4.8 gp Weight: 6.06 lbs
Backpack (4gp/*lbs)
Dagger (2gp/1lbs +1/+1, 1d4, 10-20-30)
Walking Staff (2sp/1lbs +1, 1d4)
Common Clothing (4gp/1lbs)
Cloak (2gp/1lbs)
Waterskin (1gp/2lbs)

Iloparin was born to an elven mother and a human father. His father, a military man, had one night of passion with a beautiful elven maiden, but when she found out she was pregnant she lied about the affair in an attempt to cover up her indiscretion. She spread the rumor and told everyone that the man had forced her to lie with him. It wasn’t true, but the military commanders needed to keep the peace, and were forced to put Iloparin’s father to death. The trial and the execution were a messy affair that strained the relationship between human and elf.

Iloparin's mother tried to raise the child, but the guilt and the daily reminder of her role in the struggles were too much. With the unwillingness of her elven people to accept her or her half-breed baby, she was eventually overcome by depression and finally died of grief. She lay down one night, and as the elves are known to do, just fell asleep never waking again. Illoparin’s grandfather took the opportunity to rid his family of the shame. He took the young child, now four, and made a deal with a local merchant to drop him at any likely looking town far from the elven lands. The merchant ended up in the small village of Pineford, and dropped the child on the steps of a tower. He told Iloparin that he must wait on the step until someone came for him.

The tower belonged to an old wizard who found the child crying on his step. Taking pity on him, he took the child into his home. The wizard thought Iloparin could help with the cooking, cleaning and other general household maintenance. However, Iloparin soon demonstrated an intelligence that the wizard could not have guessed. Since the wizard had no heirs, the old man decided to take the poor orphan under his wing and teach him the arcane secrets of magic. The training was tough and at first Iloparin rebelled. The needed discipline was too much and at first he hated the old wizard. As he found a talent for the arcane arts, Iloparin came to understand the need for such discipline and rough treatment, and soon felt strongly about the old man even coming to love his gruff manner. The manual and the mental labor made Iloparin strong in both mind and body, and the discipline needed for the life of a mage shaped him emotionally and physically.

Recently, the old man’s health has failed and realizing that the end is near, the wizard has sent Iloparin away to the Autumn Festival. This marks the first time that Iloparin has been allowed to leave the town unchaperoned or unsupervised. With Iloparin gone, the old wizard plans to try and prolong his life through a complicated spell that can save him, or go terribly wrong.

Iloparin is out in the wide world for the first time, the only knowledge of the world he has was gained through reading the books the old wizard kept in his library. He feels close to finishing his initial training and while saddened by the health of his mentor, there is an excited spring in his step as he tries to look in every direction at once to finally see the wider world.
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Re: Character Thread

Post Sat Nov 28, 2015 8:07 pm

Name: Gedrin Stonehammer III
Race: Dwarf
Sex: Male
Age: 47
Class(Level): Blacksmith 0
HP: 3
Class AB 0
XP(next/earned): 0

Stats (#/Bonus)
Strength: 18/+3
Dexterity: 17/+2
Constitution: 14/+1
Intelligence: 11
Wisdom: 14/+1
Charisma: 8/-1

Saving Throws
Death Ray/ Poison: 6
Magic Wands: 9
Paralysis/ Turn to Stone: 10
Dragon Breath: 12
Rods, Staves, and Spells: 13

Great axe

Gedrin Stonehammer (the third), is a dwarf of Kingsholm, and apprentice to the master smith Durkoff who lives in the town. A simple dwarf with simple tastes he has headed to autumn peak as he has done every year for the past decade with his ancestral axe and a handful of coins for the festival.
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Re: Character Thread

Post Mon Nov 30, 2015 7:09 pm


Race: Human
HP: 4 / 4
Class AB: +0

Stats (#/Bonus)
Strength: 14 (+1)
Dexterity: 11
Constitution: 17 (+2)
Intelligence: 15 (+1)
Wisdom: 14 (+1)
Charisma: 17 (+2)

Saving Throws
Death Ray/ Poison:
Magic Wands:
Paralysis/ Turn to Stone:
Dragon Breath:
Rods, Staves, and Spells:

Spellbook (remove if not a spellcaster)

Class Skills (remove is no class skill is listed)

Club (+1, 1d4+1, 1#)
Sling (+0, 1d4+1, range 30/60/90, 0.1#)
8 bullets (0.8#)
Clothings (1#)
Backpack (0.1#)
Waterskin (2#)
1 gp
Total emcumbrance: 5# (Light Load 65#, Heavy Load 165#)


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