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Supplements and House rules [Character Generation in here]

Posted: Fri Nov 27, 2015 2:34 am
by Metroknight
Character Generation

Ability Rolls: Roll 4d6 drop lowest, Abilities are assigned in order that was rolled. (Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma)

Choose your race

You 0 level hp will be 2 +con bonus/penalty (minimum of 1) (If your character survives and gets to chose their class, they will replace that score with max class HP based on their Hit Dice and CON Bonus/Penalty.

Starting money: 10 +2d6 in gold coins

Those that chose their background to be a magic user's aprentice will have access to a selection of cantrips

Those that chose their background to be an acyolte (temple student) will have access to a selection of orisons

Rules used
Core rules r100
Armor and Shields r3
Combat Options r2
Thief Options r2
Cleric Options r7 (turning bonus: Charisma)
0 level spell supplement
Spell supplement r4
Spell channeling items (requires a spellcrafter to build them)
Magic user Options r4 (Options to be used listed below)
Arcane Bolt #1
Bonus Spells
Free Cantrip use
Inherent Detect Magic (WIS check)
Inherent Read Magic (INT check)

Additional Races
Half human supplement (no half-ogre)

Additional Classes
Huntsmen (scouts renamed) (from Scouts r3)

Re: Supplements and House rules

Posted: Fri Nov 27, 2015 3:00 am
by Metroknight
Specific rules

If you are going to try any thieving skills, you have to convert your bonus modifier to percentage then roll under it. Example: Dex bonus +2 gives 10% so a pick pocket would need a roll of 10% or less to succeed. There will be situational modifiers also. (If your character survives and gets to chose a class that has skills that require percentage rolls, you will get to use those scores instead.)

No PvP. Any PvP will get you kicked out of the group. PvP is Player vs Player actions and it will not be tolerated. No evil attitude. If you screw with any in the party in a negative manner (unless it is agreed upon by the other player and the GM is notified before hand also), it will be considered PvP. Not trying to be a jerk about this, but if there is one thing that ruins a party it is usually PVP. So, if you have a problem with this then unfortunately, we part ways here.

HP: Take max hit points from the class associated hit die at 1st level (include the con bonus). At subsequent levels, roll the associated hit die and add the roll and Con Bonus to the previous max. When leveling up, add the result of the roll to your current HP and Max HP.

Death: Character death can occur when a character’s HP reaches zero. Unconsciousness occurs at 0 hp. A save vs death ray will be rolled at the end of each round that a character is unconscious. This roll will occur with a penalty of -1 for each roll after the first. Once unconscious the character must pass the save, be stabilized or die. Any effort by others to tend the wounds, (cleric using healing or trying to administer first aid with appropriate description) can stabilize the wounded and they will not need more saves.

Coins only weigh 1/100th of a pound.

Re: Supplements and House rules [Character Generation in here]

Posted: Sat Nov 28, 2015 4:26 pm
by Metroknight
Quick note about npc's.

I allow my players to create or control npc's in context of the scene if they need an interaction among the locals. Example follows:

"During the course of the festival, Tanya Morgan realizes she could make some quick coin working as a serving wench at the Broken Coin so she approaches Enddom for a job. Enddom being a pennypincher agrees to let her work for any tips she can make but will not refund her room cost nor pay her. With quick thinking Tanya counters with agreement but only with 2 meals (breakfast and dinner) included."

That is allowed as it lets a greater form of interaction with the npc as long as they follow their personality. It is another reason that I created the NPC thread.