The Hollow Log (DM only)

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The Hollow Log (DM only)

Post Tue Nov 10, 2015 7:30 pm

Day 1 (November 1st. Arrive on island at 2pm. Main passenger group steal food while coming ashore, escape immediately into jungle. Pirate Saracen is sent to follow the passengers. After scouting by falcon, everyone decides to climb inland mountains and get a look at the island. That night they are attacked by a dinosaur, which Saracen kills with his lightning fingers.

Day 2. Taku the falcon is sent on an exploratory flight back to see the pirate ship, but is attacked by bat-misquitoes (stirges) and has to retreat. No other encounters. Reaching the base of the mountain.

Day 3. Climbing the mountain. No encounters! 590 exp awarded (400 for climbing the mountain, 50 per hex explored, 40 each for the dinosaur). Making a sketch map of the island. Possible village spotted many miles to the south. Ruins spotted in desert to the north west.

Day 4. The party decide to move towards ruins along the side of the mountains. They encounter 18' long horned dinosaurs and the mage Maju proves his mettle. The original bay is observed, and it seems the pirate ship is now missing. At sunset, they encounter some larger armored dinosaurs and the talking sword speaks for the first time.

The sea-elf's eagle Altair is about to be sent on another exploratory flight.

Experience for this phase will be awarded when you reach the ruins. Or, if Sonja separates from the group, when she gains an objective of her devising.
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The Hollow Log # 2

Post Sun Dec 06, 2015 12:14 am

Day 5

At 2am, a group of 12 villagers storm into the camp, waving spears in a display of strength. One is killed by Saracen's lightning, another shot by Jaali. A third dies at Saracen's hands, as the group are preparing to surrender. The party take 3 of them hostage including Teruk, the prince of the village Sulan. The other 6 run off, to rejoin the party later the next day.

Even later that night, the ranger Sonja attempts to kill Saracen, failing because the party decide to protect the sea-elf. She flees into the jungle. The Efreet is summoned.

Teruk reveals that his village has been taken over by a witch-doctor called Ishakt, who has befriended some ogres and taken over a ruined temple, built long ago by the ancient white-skinned wizards who once ruled the island. He and his villagers were on their way to some other ruins in the Strange Desert, to find a well, the water of which is supposed to give the drinker great strength.

The villagers now believe Maju is a powerful fire mage and can easily defeat Ishakt.

The group rest and wait for Altair to return from his trip to the beach. That afternoon, he returns with the news that the ship has been somehow moved from the beach, and that there are signs of struggle with dinosaurs, including a large dead one with a sail of spines on its back.

After that, the party head down the mountain and enter into a new hex, with some tall forest. That afternoon, they meet up with Tanja and Apinya, two pirates that have been sent to look for them. The whole group is attacked by two large carnivorous dinosaurs and Maju narrowly avoids death, by using an ancient fire scroll that his mentor gave him.

50 each for exploring one new hex
150 each for both vegetarian dinosaur encounters
100 each for meeting the villagers
100 each for the battle with Sonja
200 each for the carnivorous dinosaurs

Total: 600 each.
Note: Tanja and Apinya get 700 each in total since start of play. This includes dinosaur encounters on the beach, hex exploration, the wild cat they fought, and the encounter with the big carnivorous dinosaurs.

DM notes:
Sonja gets 400, plus whatever has happened to her since she ran away.
Teruk and his other villagers get only 200 each but will get a large bonus if they recapture their village.
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Re: The Hollow Log (DM only)

Post Sun Apr 10, 2016 12:29 am

Between the encounter with the large carnivorous dinosaurs on Day 5, and the start of Day 9, the party have traveled into Sulan, recaptured the village, and explored almost all of the ancient temple by the lake.

The EXP for that is 6000 each. The breakdown is roughly as follows - numbers being per team member:

8 more hexes explored: 400.
6 small dinos. 100.
Giant bees: 50.
12 skull warriors – 250.
2 ogres. 100.
Taking the village: 500.
Snakes – total 800 for killing some, using ESP to get command word, saving the tokens, using them in play.
Scorpions: 200.
Crabs: 150.
Taking the temple: 500.
Ishakt – 200.
Rescuing the captives alive, and allying with the Sulanese - +2000.
Finding the scroll – 100 each.
Taking prisoners and getting information instead of just slaughtering everyone - 200
General role play keeping the DM happy – 350.

Good job. If you level up please make notes here (in a single 'level up' post), or in OOC. If you keep notes here it will be easier to find later.
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Re: The Hollow Log (DM only)

Post Sun Apr 10, 2016 1:20 am

Kanya went up a level (some saving throws got better, +5+1 hp, added striking as her 3rd level spell).

Thread says "DM only" then the DM said to add changes here... :roll: :cry:

DM: Crying? Really? :D

Just so you are aware: Clerics may lean and cast any spell of the spell levels that they know. So you can learn 'Striking' today, but the full list of 3rd level spells is available to you.

I initially imposed a known spell limit on clerics but then realised it wasn't at all BTB.

Freya HP 24/24 AC 16 (17 two weapons)
Kilian HP 20/20 AC 19 (18 no shield)
Talin HP 29 AC 16
Tiana HP 11 AC 12 SP 8/8
Fido HP 9/9 AC 16
Anna HP 12/12 AC 15 (19 defensively)
Bruce HP 20/20 AC 16 (15 no shield)

Red Oak map
Red Oak loot
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Re: The Hollow Log (DM only)

Post Mon Nov 14, 2016 6:46 pm

Since last time EXP was awarded, you have charmed a dinosaur, gone to get some more of Teruk's men, Saracen has fought a sea-monster, you fought some ghouls and cast Speak with Dead on a servant girl, explored about 6 new hexes, explored the ruins in the desert (partially), and fought an Invisible Stalker.

I'm drawing a line at this point and saying that EVERY party member (including the new character made by Rhialto) now has 32,000 experience points. That means you have earned 12,000 exp since the start of play.

Incidentally this means Teruk and Apinya are both 6th level.
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Re: The Hollow Log (DM only)

Post Sun Feb 05, 2017 2:08 am

Dealing with the trapped room in the ruins - 50
Discovering the monkey experiment room - 50
Scouting to see the pirate forces coming - 25
General role play and post frequency - 100

Apinya - 500
Kanya - 500
Jab-Afri - 2000
other pirates defeated - 200 in total

Ash - 500
Farhan the poisoner - 500
a few pirates left at the ship - 200
magic scroll discovered by Maju - 500
Various items found on Jab-Afri - 500
reclaiming magic items for the monk and cleric - 500

Finishing this chapter - 1000 each.

Total: 7325

Getting off the island with treasure - 10000 each, pending, which means getting it to Salaya or back to Siam. You won't get it while it's still on the island.
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Re: The Hollow Log (DM only)

Post Thu Mar 02, 2017 6:52 pm

Note above EXP dump, gained on day 16, mid-morning.

7325 - or, 8057 if you are human.
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Re: The Hollow Log (DM only)

Post Wed Jul 05, 2017 10:19 pm

EXP dump at the start of day 20, since day 16 - you all get 1300 exp each.

Resurecting the magic user - 100
Giant bats - 450
Summoning a toad - 100
Exploring 6 more hexes - 300
Having fun with mermaids - 100
Dealing with a sea dragon - 500
Finding a wand of cold - 500
Finding unknown potions - 200
The curse of the Sea Dragon Crown - 500 so far
5000 worth of treasure - 5000 -

Total: 1300 each

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