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Post Sat Oct 24, 2015 12:40 am

This is where to post the characters! Ask question in the chit chat thread.

Fighter, Magic User, Fighter-Magic User (sea-elf only), Cleric, Monk (Great Way Adept supplement), Thief, Ranger and Paladin (supplement), Bard (Quasi Class supplement) and please ask about introducing other classes.

Human - see language list in the Campaign Background Thread.
Sea-Elf - a regular elf that an swim underwater at 40' and can't go more than 4 hours without getting wet.
Halfling - brown skinned.
Kappa (turtle folk).
Lerini (lizard folk).
Catfolk (1HD humanoid I will describe later).

Most of these are in the Field Guide, except the catfolk.

EXP and HP:
1st character is at 20,000 exp. This has raised to 32,000 exp.
Roll 4d6, drop lowest, arrange in any order
Max HP at first level. Please roll all others.
2nd character is at 16,000 exp. 4000 exp may be borrowed from the 3rd character to come in at 20,000 exp. Then the 3rd character will come in at 12,000 exp. More borrowing is also possible.

Spellcasters get to cast additional 1st level spells based on their primary stat.

Spells known - 3 per character level, of any level, for magic users.
Clerics may lean and cast any spell of the spell levels that they know.

Start Money 1200 gp.
Use Core Rule or Equipment Emporium. See the post below for info on guns and blackpowder.

I will give you magic items once you post your characters.
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Re: Characters (Post Them Here)

Post Sun Oct 25, 2015 9:59 am

Name: Jaali "Lightoes"
Class: Thief
Race: Halfling
Level: 6 (39,725 / 40,000 XP)
HP: 28 / 32

Description :
Skin : Light brown.
Hair : Mid length curly dark brown hairs held with a green headband. No facial hair.
Eyes : Dark brown.
Clothes : Pants with green and white vertical lines. Loose beige shirt covering his armor. No footwear, not needed for his hairy hobbit's feet. Small gold earrings.

Background : Jaali never thought he would leave Fark Athay by the sea, sailing making him sick, but he didn't had the choice. After almost getting caught stealing that big emerald, he knew the guards were seeking for him. Getting hired on the Ark-Ari's crew that was leaving the same day just seemed like the best option at the time. Plus, he would probably be able to steal a few coins on board before disappearing at the first opportunity. How could he have known what was waiting for him on this trip ?

AC: 16 (+2 Leather 15, Dex +1)
BAB: +3

Str 15 (+1)
Int 10
Wis 12
Dex 14 (+1)
Con 16 (+2)
Chr 14 (+1)

+1 to Initiative (total +2)
+2 AC vs creatures larger than men
+1 to hit with missile weapons
Movement speed : 40' without backpack, 30' with backpack.
Languages : Common, Halfing.

Thief Abilities
Open Locks : 45
Remove Traps : 50
Pick Pockets : 60
Move Silently : 70
Hide : (10) 70% indoors / 90% in the wilderness (from halfling)
Listen : 50

Saving throws:
Death ray or Poison : 7
Magic Wands : 9
Paralysis or Petrify : 7
Dragon Breath : 10
Spells : 9

Weapon 1: Cutlass, 1d6+1, +4 to hit
Weapon 2: Dagger, 1d4+1, +4 to hit
Weapon 3: Thrown dagger, 1d4+1, +5 to hit, range 10/20/30
Weapon 4: Turn over pistol, 1d8, +5 to hit, range 20/40/60, rate of fire 1/2

Cutlass (3#)
4 daggers (4#) - on a baldric
Silver dagger (1#) - hidden in right boot
Turn over pistol (3#)
Halfling sized +2 Leather armor (4#)
Powder horn, 36 shots (5#)
Common outfit (1#)
Small gold earrings (*) - currently being worn
Kanya's Magic Ring (*)
- Thieve's tools (1#)
- Lantern, hooded (2#)
- 2 flasks of Oil (2#)
- Rope, silk, 100 ft. (4#)
- Rope, silk, 50 ft. (2#)
- Tinderbox, flint & steel (1#)
- Mirror, small, silver (*)
- Grappling hook (4#)
- Padlocks, with two keys (1#)
- Chain, light, 3 ft. (3#)
Rations, dry, 2 days (4#)
Beltpouch A
- Emerald worth 450 gp
- 8 pp, 9 gp (1.7#)
Beltpouch B
- Potion of Extra healing (heals 2d6+1) (1#)
- Potion of Invisibility (1/3) (1#)
- Potion of Gaseous form (2/3) (1#)
Encumbrance: 24.8# (without pack), 49.9# (with pack). (max light load 55#, max heavy load 110#)
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Re: Characters (Post Them Here)

Post Sun Oct 25, 2015 9:46 pm


Yuan-Cheng Fung
Adept of the Great Way
6th level
Languages: Common, Athay (Chinese)

Str: 17 (+2)
Int: 9
Wis: 12
Dex: 16 (+2)
Con: 13 (+1)
Chr: 5 (-2)

AC: 18
HP: 27/27
+4 Attack

Weapon 1 - Unarmed. 2 attacks. To Hit +6, Damage 1d6+2
Weapon 2 - Magic staff+1 used as an extension of unarmed fighting technique: 2 attacks.
To Hit +7, Damage 1d6+3, stun length at +2 rounds. Stun attack on AC+5.
Single attack, +8 to hit, 2d4+2damage

(Talking two-handed sword called Juda Kongju - can cast the spell 'Cause Fear' once per day. The save vs spells is at -5. The sword is otherwise very annoying and carrying it is part of the 'Path of Penance' the monk is undertaking.10#) (broken)

Death Ray/Poison 10
Magic Wands 11
Paralysis/Petrify 12
Dragon Breath 14
Spells 15

Special Abilities:
2 unarmed attacks per round (1d6)
+2 damage with melee weapons
Awareness (is surprised only on a 1)
Movement Rate +20'
Move Silently 50%
Hide 35%
Listen 50%
Climb Walls 85%
Read Languages
Tumbling: can avoid falling damage if can make periodic contact up to 20'
Stunning Strike: if melee attack exceeds AC by 5, opponent is stunned for 1d6 rounds if they do not save vs. death ray

Qi Powers:
Qi Strike: melee attacks are considered magic weapons
Mind Over Body: 1 hour of meditation fulfills hunger, thirst, and exhaustion - can do this for 5 days but must rest completely for 1 day for every 2 days this has been done
Heal: (self only, must meditate first) 1d6+5
Speak With Animals

Magic Items:
2 potions of extra healing (2d6+1)

Backpack with:
extra set of clothing 1#
jar of ink .5#
quill knife
blank book 1#
bullseye lantern 3#
manacles 4#
padlock 1#
oil flask 1#
one week rations 14# -3 days
silk rope 2#
small tent 10#
waterskin 2#
blanket 3#

52.5 pounds

Yuan-Cheng doesn't say much. He is on a mission of penance to destroy those who mistreat others and give to those who have been mistreated. He does this as he used to be one of those who mistreated others. He was a gang boss in southern China, ruthless and cruel. One day, a rival gang took him by surprise and left him for dead. He was found by a local monk and brought to the monastery where he rested and healed. In hiding from the gang that had left him for dead and had taken over the area, he stayed in the monastery and became a monk. Eventually, his thoughts of revenge changed to righting wrongs that he had once committed. Starting locally, he overthrew the local gang. Now he wanders the world fighting injustice.

Exp Tally:
XP: 44,687
Next level: 80,000
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Re: Characters and NPCs (Only)

Post Wed Nov 16, 2016 5:53 pm

Human paladin of Ahura Mazda, level 6
XP 41,487 of 80,000 required for level 7

Ability scores
STR 10 +0 (light load 60 lb., heavy load 150 lb.)
DEX 16 +2
CON 16 +2
INT 8 -1
WIS 11 +0
CHA 15 +1

Persian, Sea Trade

Class abilities
Can use all weapons, armor types, and shields
Permanent Protection from evil, 10' radius
Detect evil at will
6x/day make non-magical melee attacks hit creatures struck only by silver/magic for 1 turn
3x/day lay on hands for 3 hp each
Turn undead as a 3rd level cleric
Tithe 10% of earnings to religion
Code of honor and religious duties

Combat statistics
hp 49 (6d8 + 12)
AC 16 (studded leather)
Movement 30' (leather armor, light load)
Attack +4 melee / +6 missile
Damage 1d3 (brawling)

Saving throws
Death ray or poison 10 (+2 CON vs. poison)
Magic wands 11
Paralysis or petrify 12
Dragon breath 14
Spells 15 (-1 INT vs. illusions)

Clothing, 1 lb.
Studded leather armor, 25 lb.
Ring of infravision and detect undead, -
Scimitar +2 (+6 to hit, 1d8+2 damage; +3 vs. undead: +7 to hit, 1d8+3 damage), 4 lb.
Shortbow (+6 to hit, 1d6 damage; range 50/100/150), 2 lb.
Quiver & 20 arrows, 3 lb.

Encumbrance 35 lb. (light load)

Taken into custody, not carried
Kanya's treasure (500 gp minus gifts to Teruk), ? lb.

Rostam is a Zoroastrian paladin from Persia.
He is a small man with dark, piercing eyes, and - usually - a well groomed mustache and goatee.
Under normal conditions, he dresses neatly and appears rather non-threatening.
After his escape from the pirates, he looks rather shabby but still keeps an unperturbed poise.

Rostam was sent by the elders of his faith as a messenger to their brethren in Fark Athay.
The elders were hoping to obtain a copy of a sacred text that has been lost in Persia for generations.
As it turned out, the priest who might have known about the text had died a few years ago.
His only son and heir, who might have a clue to the whereabouts of the text, is a spice merchant who is currently beleived to be staying at Salaya.
Thus, Rostam took passage on the Ark-ari and was captured by the mutineers.
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Re: Characters and NPCs (Only)

Post Sun Mar 05, 2017 10:58 pm

Name: Majutsu-Ishiku (Maju), post raised from dead
Class: Magic-User
Race: Asiatic
Level: 4 (19,357 / 20,000 XP)
HP: 14 (17 w/familiar)
Current HP: 14/14 (17/17)
AC: 11
BAB: +2

Str 7 (–1)
Int 17 (+2)
Wis 11
Dex 9
Con 11
Chr 14 (+1)

Languages: Kona, The Desert Tongue, Common, Salayan

Saving throws:
Death ray or Poison : 12
Magic Wands : 13
Paralysis or Petrify : 12
Dragon Breath : 15
Spells : 13
(+2 vs. Illusions)

Weapon 1: Dagger, 1d4, +1 to hit, Weight 1.
Weapon 2: Pistol, 1d8, +1 to hit, Weight 2.
Weapon 3: Pistol, 1d8, +1 to hit, Weight 2.

--- Weapons ---
Dagger, silver, concealed under cloak (weight: 1).
2 x Pistol

--- Apparel ---
Cloak, with burn marks (weight: 1).
Soft Cap.
Tunic, with burn marks.

--- Equipment ---

- Rations, dry, 4 days (weight: 8).
- Rope, silk (weight: 2).
- Large sacs, 2.
- Wineskin/waterskin (weight: 2).
- Winter blanket (weight: 3).
- Powder flask w/6 pistol charges + shot/wadding, etc.

Shoulder Satchel
- Spell Book (Pieced together from tracts hidden on the Ark Arki)(weight:1).
- 1 book found in underground monkey laboratory (weight: 1).
- Scroll Case with 2 scrolls (4th Level: Hallucinatory Terrain; 30% chance of fail/miscast)(5th Level: Teleport, Hold Monster, Reverse Sentience; 40% chance of fail/miscast)(weight 1/2).
- Wand of Cold (~10 charges remaining; 6d8 damage; cone 30' wide at 40' range)
- Scroll Case (10 pieces of paper)(weight 1/2).
- Scroll Case (empty)(weight 1/2).
- Chalk (small bag of pieces).
- Ink (1 jar).
- Quills (10).
- Quill knife.

- Light stones (3, had Continual Light cast on them).
- Dark stones (3, had Continual Dark cast on them).
- Holy water (1 vial).
- Mirror, small metal.
- Whistle.
- Money (see below).

Money: 30 pp, 20 gp, 9 sp, 10 cp. (weight: 7)

Minikui - Toad
hp: 3
When within range, Maju cannot be surprised.

Spell Book
1st Level: (Read Magic); Charm Person; (Detect Magic); (Magic Missile); (Read Languages); Sleep; Ventriloquism.
2nd Level: (Continual Light*); (ESP); Phantasmal Force; Web.
3rd Level: Dispel Magic; Fly; Haste*; Invisibility 10’ Radius; Lightning Bolt.
Daily can memorize: 4 x 1st Level spells, 2 x 2nd Level spells
Memorized spells are indicated with parentheses: (text).

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