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This subforum is for discussion of the Iron Falcon Rules for Classic Fantasy Role-Playing. Maybe someday they'll have their own forum, but for now I'm keeping the discussion here.
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Paul Schaefer
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Self Publishing

Post Sun Dec 31, 2017 6:42 pm

Hi all! I'm new to the boards.
First let me say what a great game this is, easy and fun.
Also, I had some questions about how to publish stuff for the game.
I've never published anything before, but I do have campaign notes that might be turned into something exciting to share with others. (What DM doesn't?)

1. I would really like to do a campaign guide in the style of the City State material by Judges Guild. A large area with many types of terrain and factions where a DM could drop in whatever adventures or dungeons they want. I just need some input: What does this group count among their favorites of supplements of this type and what features really make them stand out?

2. Using features from other publishers, how to do it right. To get right to the point, I want to use material from Mutant Future, because I am a huge Gamma World fan. I just need to be able to set it up right so as to not cause any trouble.

Thank you all, and happy New Year!
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Re: Self Publishing

Post Mon Jan 01, 2018 12:58 am

If you want to use material from both Iron Falcon and Mutant Future (Open Content only, NOT Product Identity), first read the OGL license at the end of both to understand what exactly you CAN use in your own materials. I believe both are pretty liberal and have all text marked as Open Content, but be sure to check for yourself. Then, whatever you come up with be sure that YOUR OGL license has both games listed correctly as shown in their own licenses.

If you aren't completely sure or comfortable before releasing your own material, check with your own legal counsel. Do NOT take this or anyone else's replies or messages as legal advice, as it is NOT.
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