Working on Nevermore

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Working on Nevermore

Post Wed Jan 27, 2016 9:20 pm

I've decided to feature my World of Nevermore (originally a 1E campaign, later a 2E campaign) in my upcoming Castle Saviare module. I'm presenting an early, pre-Sundering version of the continent, and I'm putting together a "classical" pantheon as part of the world. Here's a rundown of the major deities:

Galara, Goddess of the Earth, Patron of Life
Raholari, God of the Sun, Patron of Justice
Kalunara, Goddess of the White Moon, Patron of Wisdom and Healing
Sosilari, God of the Grey Moon, Patron of Knowledge and Wizardry
Folnara, Goddess of the Red Moon, Patron of War and Murder, called "The Dancing Shadow"
Aharuni, God of the Stars, Patron of Sailors and Archers, called "The Elder"
Baboni, God of the Forest, Patron of Thieves and Pranksters, called "The Trickster"
Marana, Goddess of the Storm
Thanabara, Goddess of the Sea, called "The Vengeful"
Ruosi, God of the Underworld, Husband of Nymara
Nymara, Goddess of Death, Wife of Ruosi, called "The Beautiful"

Yes, Nevermore has three moons. Kaluna, the white moon, orbits on a 28 day cycle, while the smaller red moon Foluna has a 91 day orbit. The grey moon Silana is the oddball; it is visibly a bit smaller than Kaluna but larger than Foluna, but it's actually a smaller body orbiting much closer; in fact, it has about a 27 hour orbit.

As a consequence, it appears to move backward through the heavens. On any given day or night (according to the current phase) Kaluna and Foluna will rise in the east and cross the sky to the west, while if Silana is visible at all it will appear to move about 1/8 of an orbit from west to east. Being so close, Silana is eclipsed often enough that it is hardly even considered bad luck for it to happen... but when the shadow of Silana happens to cross the face of Kaluna, well, that's just got to be a bad day.

On a related note... Nevermore has 364 day year. This means that Foluna's phases are calibrated closely to the year, so it is full on the same four days of the year.

It just happens that they are all Friday the 13th (for Nevermore has four of those a year). Whether the day was so baneful that the gods decreed Foluna's full phase then, or the other way around, does not matter. On that day, everyone keeps their heads down. No enterprises are begun on that day, no social events scheduled, and by convention no agreements are made nor contracts signed.
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Re: Working on Nevermore

Post Mon Feb 08, 2016 11:42 pm

This is exciting!
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