Shakedown Cruise, Part 1 (Episode 1)

The adventures of the crew of the rocketship Pegasus.
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Re: Shakedown Cruise, Part 1 (Episode 1)

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Lt. Grimm will sit down at navigation and let the boys jockey for the pilot's seat. Scott's poetic monologue reminds her of a poem her mother used to read to her -- Sea Fever. She smiles nostalgically and halfheartedly tries to figure out which star Castle will be steering toward.
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Re: Shakedown Cruise, Part 1 (Episode 1)

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(To Steele)

"Lieutenant, why don't do the honor of piloting the ship for the launch" Julius says , gesturing towards the pilot's seat.
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Re: Shakedown Cruise -- The Launch of the Pegasus

Post Wed May 14, 2014 5:05 pm

Lieutenant Commander Steele buckled himself into the right-hand seat and put on his headset as Castle assumed the Captain's chair on the left. The others took their seats as well, making ready for the launch. He keyed the radio and said, "Tranquility, this is Pegasus requesting permission to launch."

"Pegasus, hold up. Eagle is arriving at the main field."

"Roger Tranquility," said Steele, settling back for a moment to wait. He monitored Eagle's approach on his radar screen, listening to the controller and the pilot of the other ship exchanging routine landing information.

"Pegasus, Eagle has landed," came a call from the control center. "You are clear to launch."

"Roger, Tranquility, and thanks," Steele said, checking the telltales and gauges one last time. "The board is green," he said. "Engaging thrusters." He pushed the twin buttons that fired the lateral ventral forward thrusters for just a bit more than a second, causing the nose of the ship to raise up smoothly. Flying by the seat of his pants, he didn't bother to look at the attitude indicator; instead, he waited for the moment just before the nose began to fall again, and pushed the main drive lever forward smoothly.

Even with the automatic compensation of the gravity plating, the powerful thrust of the main drive felt like a huge hand pushing each crew member backward as the ship rose smoothly from the surface. "Looking good, Pegasus," came the scratchy radio call from the control center.

"Thank you, Tranquility," replied the pilot.

After a few seconds he heard another radio call. "Pegasus, maneuver free, you're clear of the shipyard."

"Maneuver free aye," replied Steele. "See you in a few weeks."

"Roger that, and good sailing," came another call, and this time the voice was that of Admiral Aldrin.

It wasn't long before Pegasus achieved a stable high orbit around the Moon. "All hands, prepare for jump," called Steele over the ship's intercom. "Engine room, charge for a jump of 8.56 light years." He reached up and set the jump clock for 4 days, 2 hours, 48 minutes, then brought the ship around to the correct heading.

The whine of the reactor rose, becoming audible even in the bridge, and the lights dimmed as near maximum power was applied to the graviton accelerator. Soon the sound fell off and Lieutenant Scott reported, "Accelerator charged for 8.56 and ready to engage."

"Engaging," replied Steele. He lifted the cover over the large red button on the console and pushed it. There was the slightest feeling of movement, as if the ship had hit a gentle bump, and in the next moment a deep blue void appeared before the ship, its edges sparkling with warped and distorted starlight. Steele was ready, pushing the main drive lever forward gently.

Pegasus slipped into the wormhole, and darkness closed around the ship.

And the new episode is already started, so jump in...
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