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Re: The Cat Man of Brant

Posted: Fri Dec 30, 2016 11:21 pm
by Woe
Whoops! I dropped the ball here. Sorry. Rewinding a bit...

"That's a great deal, aside from the barrel of gold for the wergild. I have nothing against wergild itself, but not without knowing what manner of help I'll get in return. Before you object..." [she raises her hand] "we've hired two dwarven bodyguards since returning to the western lands. Bruce here has been a fine bodyguard, but we had one other before him. That one fled fortified cover against orders to run into an open field. The result of this fine tactic? He got picked off and eaten by wyvern. As I said, Bruce here has shown much more sense than that, and I'm sure he'll agree that we've been cautious with both his lives and ours. "

In other words, I don't want to pay 1000-2000 gold just because of a bad morale roll. :D

"Show me the contract."

Re: The Cat Man of Brant

Posted: Sat Dec 31, 2016 1:21 am
by Longman
OOC - Are you trying to renegotiate the weregild? If so, you lose the deal altogether.

If not, take the deal and pay up.

Re: The Cat Man of Brant

Posted: Tue Jan 03, 2017 10:10 pm
by Woe
Yeah, I've decided not to sign that offer. Either we renegotiate or she'll walk... unless Bruce can swear with 100% confidence that these guys never die. I'm 1/2 for NPCs thus far and the one death was his stupidity (bad luck on the morale roll) opposed to stupidity on my part. With those odds, I'm going to be out 1000g w/o even knowing what my upside is. It'd be different if there was a 5000g reward was at the end, and I had a better understanding of the potential loss.

Maybe it's just my funny accounting, but I only remember one haul that was > 1000g, and that took a lot of effort. I'm not sure I even have 1000/2000g to spare.

Re: The Cat Man of Brant

Posted: Tue Jan 03, 2017 10:21 pm
by Longman
Bruce can swear no such thing, so I guess you'll have to walk away because Lefty won't change it. Bad luck on that.

What do you do now? Go back to Tiana?

I've been promising you a report on what the other elf scout did in Boldenwald. I'll get onto that tonight.

News from the other Elf-Scouts

Posted: Sun Jan 15, 2017 8:05 pm
by Longman
The other scout’s name was Ellenda Windlow. She began from a place called Fas Endil to the north of Red Oak, in the Duchy of Vanie. She was 3rd level when she began her operation in April. She had an elven scout with her as well, plus two humans hired from Fas Endil who were used to local conditions.

Fas Endil means “The Fortress of Endil” and there is a particularly large gap in the mountains in that place, with a very large human fortification to guard it. It was the scene of frequent goblin incursions.

The group went into the woods in April and soon discovered that the forest was empty for many miles. It seemed to have been years since any goblin habitations (more than 10) and there were numerous abandoned goblin villages.

Some goblin remains were found and taken back to Fas Endil, where they were examined by a local priest and healer. He proclaimed them to have died from a magical disease sent by God.

The group continued exploring, not going into the mountains but sticking in the area of the wide pass, and found the remains of a large town on the banks of a very wide river. The town appeared to have been occupied by goblins for a long time after humans abandoned it.

As they were exploring the town they were attacked by some hill giants, and fled. The giants were about 9 or 10 feet tall and attacked by surprise. They were clearly not as stupid as the giants in the fairy tales.

This was the group’s first main encounter and occurred after about a month. Prior to that they had killed a merrow (river ogre) and also met with a rockfall, bears, boars, wolves, some rather oversized wasps, as well as a creature which they believe was a unicorn, which fled from them.

The group spent a few weeks trying to locate the giants’ lair without encountering the creatures. During this time they heard of a group setting out from Fas Maro, led by Big Berne Mendall, who had also met giants, killed some, and taken possession of a talking staff.

Se this: viewtopic.php?f=25&t=1448&st=0&sk=t&sd= ... 180#p40105

The group met with the staff, which was saying nothing, although Berne and his crew swore that it could talk when they first got it. The elves offered to buy it so they could bring it back to Rillow who could translate the language, but Berne was mistrustful and would not sell.

The group re-entered the woods and made it once again to the old town, where they made a trip across the woods on the elf-wizard’s floating disc coracle.

Once there, they encountered bee people. Genuine humanoid bees, who spoke in a dialect of Sylvan. These creatures were not hostile and said that they were a form of “Ilcruthy” or shapechanger, who lived near a certain rock in the woods and could go no more than 144 miles from it. They were at the outer limit of their wandering range when the encounter occurred.

The bee-people were asked many questions about the woods and who lived there. They responded that some goblins still dwelled although not nearly as many as since the sickness came and killed them, which the bee people are most pleased about. They say there humans living in a mountain range further to the east, who are not so friendly and rather territorial. There are also giants and ogres scattered about, who have been getting more and more bold since the goblin disease began. And of course there are other Ilcruthy races that have always been here. The bees are particularly concerned about the cat-people, who are the sort of Ilcruthy that have become corrupted by foul human magic and are now lycanthropes.

The bee people did not know anything about the Well of Souls or where to look for it.
The bee-people departed and the elves decided to return and report all of this. They were attacked by the giants who were waiting for them on the other side of the river. One of the human fighters was killed and the scout was badly injured. The group was forced to flee back over the river to get away from the giants.

They spent an extra week on the other side while the scout was healed. During this time they encountered a large talking rock, known as a Galeb Duhr, which spoke Sylvan and it told them if they ever wandered onto its lands again it would squash them all. They also got attacked by wild dogs.

The group eventually crossed the river and went back to Fas Endil, and then took coaches to Brant where they reported all this. They were in Brant after you were last time.

The THIRD and final group searching for the Well of Souls started further to the north.

The original plan was to head out from Fas Maro, but the human Berne Mendall and his group were firmly entrenched in that territory, so the group departed from a place about 100 miles to the south of there, between Fas Maro and Fas Endil.

The wizard was called Mirim Coldlight, and she was 5th level. Her elf thief buddy was 7th level. Two humans rounded out the crew.

This group also departed in early April and have not ever come back. This is particularly worrying as Mirim can Fly. She had numerous magic items with her. Her loss is rather great, to the Moon Elf cause.