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Re: GREYFORGE: The Barracks at Kuln

Posted: Tue Oct 20, 2015 6:06 pm
by Grendelthebrave
Thann will continue climbing and Milly will drop out of the vision and holler up to Thann that something is alive, and biting the owl in the two spots where she felt the pain in the vision. Hopefully she'll be able to describe the sorts of sensations she was feeling and that she thinks some sort of small insect or creature might have planted itself in the owl. Thann will have to try and be very careful and maybe cut the things out of the owl when he gets to get to the top. Hopefully the owl will understand that he's trying to help and not freak out.

Re: GREYFORGE: The Barracks at Kuln

Posted: Tue Oct 20, 2015 6:21 pm
by Longman
Milly cuts the vision and does exactly what you have asked. Thann hears and keep climbing. He manages to get up to the owl by the end of the round.

He doesn't need to try too hard to work out what is attacking her because there is one of them right in front of him on a tree branch, about 10 feet away. It's a giant tick. It's about 1.5' feet wide, and it is scuttling towards you, rather slowly. You can see where the owl is trying to get rid of two more. There is another one further up the huge tree, 30' away, moving downward.

You (Thann) are right next to Owly. You can help her, or scare her off away from the other ticks, or attack the ticks on her, or jump on her back, or whatever you want to do...


Posted: Wed Oct 21, 2015 1:12 am
by Longman
Owly the Giant Owl
AC 15
HD 6 (HP 30) – currently has 22 hit points and 2 giant ticks attached to her...
AB +4
Att 2 claws
Dam 1d6 each
If both claw attacks are successful, the victim must make a successful save vs paralysis or the owl has grabbed the victim and may carry it into the air, as well as doing an automatic 2d6 damage per round in following rounds. If the victim is not carried into the air, the owl may also attempt a beak attack for an extra 1d4+4 each round. Victims caught in this manner must make a successful strength check (17) to get free and may try once each round. Victims must be large deer size or smaller. Few ordinary creature survive being grabbed by a giant owl.

If the giant owl attacks from the air from behind, it gains a +4 bonus to attack with both claws. It moves silently 85% of the time while attempting such an attack. They most commonly hunt in the evening but Owly has been trained to serve as a mount during the day. Regular giant owls can see clearly up to 300’ in very dim light and have sense so keen that they effectively have infravsion at 60’. They can hear noise 60% of the time.

Owly is about 8.5’ tall and has a 19 foot wingspan. Owly is black and white.
Fly 70, Walk 10’, Fly 60 with a passenger (human or smaller).
Save as Fighter 6
Morale 9

Re: GREYFORGE: The Barracks at Kuln

Posted: Wed Oct 21, 2015 12:36 pm
by Grendelthebrave
Ticks... I hate ticks, and giant ticks? Terrifying.
I dint suppose Thann would know to turn them 90 degrees and pull them out? :p

Thann will first try to attack one of the ticks on Owly, hopefully he can pry one free from Owly and toss it to the ground.

Re: GREYFORGE: The Barracks at Kuln

Posted: Wed Oct 21, 2015 4:18 pm
by Longman
No problem.

As it turns out, he does know something about regular deer ticks, which are a pest round here in the warmer months, along with midges. If only he had some alcohol and a giant pair of tweezers.

Instead he tries to jam his sword into the body of one of the creatures but misses. Its armor is much tougher than he anticipated.

Owly is hopping about frantically on the tree branch, shrieking. And very unfortunately, Thann's reaction and charisma rolls are really bad, and she thinks he there to do her harm, and she attacks him...

Fortunately, she fails in both attempts.

The tick that was 10' away is now right next to you and will attack at the end on next round.
The other ticks is still a few rounds away up the tree.

Owly has taken 6hp con damage in the last 3 rounds. Thann can see the things swelling to gross proportions in front of his eyes.

Your go.

Re: GREYFORGE: The Barracks at Kuln

Posted: Wed Oct 21, 2015 4:31 pm
by Grendelthebrave
Thann will have to look after himself, and hopefully show Owly what he's up to. He'll attack the tick on the branch that's about to attack him.

Re: GREYFORGE: The Barracks at Kuln

Posted: Wed Oct 21, 2015 4:52 pm
by Longman
He swings and...misses. Drat. The things are like little rocks.

Owly now sees the creature in front of her and it's as though she realises what must be attacking her. She attacks the creature and hits once, but her second attack is terrible and she collapses sideways and party falls off the tree brach.

The tick takes the opportunity of leaping on her body and tries to bite her, but t misses her, narrowly. She shakes her wing around and it can't get purchase.

Thann now needs to make a DEX roll to stay in the tree as it shakes around so much. He succeeds this. He is standing on a flat branch, sword in hand.

The other tick is now 20' away. The Owl takes another 2 CON, for a total of 8 in the last 4 rounds. She has 7 remaining. The ticks on her are now 2.5 feet long!

What would you like the fighters and Milly to be doing in rounds 2, 3 and 4? I'm giving you a break here because Thann isn't quite cutting it up there on his own...

Re: GREYFORGE: The Barracks at Kuln

Posted: Wed Oct 21, 2015 7:08 pm
by Grendelthebrave
I'll have Milly try to get Owly's attention, to see if she can find a way down to the ground where the fighters can help with the ever growing parasites.
Chevo will stay down, confused, trying to anticipate Thann's eventual tumble from the branches.
Cholum will walk up to the tree, think about climbing up but realize he's still far too sore to be risking that. "Bring the beast down!" He'll call out to Thann in the trees.

Re: GREYFORGE: The Barracks at Kuln

Posted: Wed Oct 21, 2015 7:23 pm
by Longman
Remember that the bird cannot get down to you in your current location. You;d have to move about 2 rounds away from the tree.

I think I'll say that Henry starts climbing in round 2, a round after Thann. He arrives at the end of round 3, and during round 4, he takes a swing at one of the ticks on the owl with his blade. He misses, feebly.

Also in round 3, Milly tries to call out to the bird to get it to fly away, but it is too distracted and ignores her. During this round, the fighters begin running to the clearing where the bird can land.

In round 4, Milly again tries to communicate wit the bird to get it to move, and again, nothing happens.

We are now up to round 5. The two fighters are still in the clearing where the bird might land. Henry and Thann and Milly have actions.

PS - I edited the CON damage to the bird a bit. It still has about 3 rounds to go before it falls unconscious.


Re: GREYFORGE: The Barracks at Kuln

Posted: Wed Oct 21, 2015 9:07 pm
by Grendelthebrave
Milly will try to attract Owly's attention with some of her favourite dried meat snacks.

Thann will try to attack a tick on Owly if he can, I'm not sure how wide this branch is, else he'll attack the same one he tried for previously.