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Re: GREYFORGE: The Barracks at Kuln

Posted: Wed Sep 16, 2015 7:19 pm
by Grendelthebrave
Milly will explain to Cholum in the morning what she thinks happened, and her vision of the little insect-elf thief.

"Cholum, see if ye cannae find some tracks for the little beasties, these sprites might nae be all bad" Chevo will tell Cholum.

The party will spend a solid 3EP searching this hex (or as many as is required), with Cholum actively searching for tracks around the camp and into the bush.

Milly will do a place read at the camp site, to see what she sees.

Re: GREYFORGE: The Barracks at Kuln

Posted: Wed Sep 16, 2015 8:20 pm
by Longman
Place Read - Milly has a vision of herself going up a level!

(Go to level 2 - - unless she wants to multi-class. Pick rolling a d4 or getting 2hp plus con bonus as the average. She'll get more spells too. More about that later).

Thann, technically has enough exp to be level 3 but I want him to do more thief stuff at some stage before that happens. If you elect to go back to Greyforge, I can manufacture something for him to do. If not, he might have to wait until he uses some lock / trap skill somehow.

I am out for 3 weeks. Will address the rest of your post soon...ish.


Re: GREYFORGE: The Barracks at Kuln

Posted: Wed Oct 14, 2015 6:52 pm
by Longman
Now, where were we?

Ah yes. Milly is level 2. Elect to roll a d4 hp or take the average (2 this level 3 next) plus her con bonus.

She goes up to 5 spell points and has the following spells. Please pick and additional spell for deliberate casting. She can now deliberately cast twice per day.

Place Read.

DELIBERATE CAST. A 3-5 second glimpse of events that happened in the place Milly is now in, but sometime in the past. Length can be extended with a successful magic roll (DC 15). This allows Milly to see what has been happening recently, in places, or with groups of people or creatures.


A 10-second, third person glimpse of a place, in the future or the past - So far, these have been extremely varied and have included vision of recent events as well as possible future events.Milly can’t tell the difference between past or future, at this time. Milly has been having these dreams all her life. They begun happening with increasing frequency when she came of age. Length of the dreams can be extended with a successful Magic Roll (DC 15).

First Person Flash

Milly gets a first person glimpse through the eyes of another creature, 3-5 seconds. Flashes seem to happen in the exact present time. This has not happened to Milly very often.

A successful magic roll at DC 15 may extend the first person flash for 5 seconds.

She still has another 1st level spell in the wings. New post below...

Re: GREYFORGE: The Barracks at Kuln

Posted: Wed Oct 14, 2015 7:05 pm
by Longman
New post about spells above.

Milly does a place read and has a rather useful vision of some more of the grasshopper men operating in this area during what appears to be an autumnal period. They are in the process of charming some goblins, who are standing enthralled by the sound of a magic violin, while other members of the grasshopper clan go and steal small items from them as they stand there helplessly. Then at the end, one of the grasshopper people kills one of the goblins with a knife, by slitting its throat. Milly extend the dream and sees the killing of numerous more charmed goblins, on this very spot.

Tracking (3ep) revels absolutely nothing. It's clear the creatures are very light on their feet and probably spend most of their time in the trees and bushes anyway.

You did not get a hit point back overnight so you are still very wounded. especially the fighters. You are in hex R04 and it is Friday May 30th. Weather is good to travel. 3 EP left after the 3 you just spent searching the hex to no avail.

Re: GREYFORGE: The Barracks at Kuln

Posted: Mon Oct 19, 2015 2:45 pm
by Grendelthebrave
All right. I'll take the average 2hp for Milly's level up.

The party will move into S05, have a look around, and make camp there, hopefully finding more rest than the previous night.

EDIT: I will also take first-person flash as Milly's new deliberate cast spell.

Re: GREYFORGE: The Barracks at Kuln

Posted: Mon Oct 19, 2015 5:46 pm
by Longman
Off into SO5.

There is nothing here but trees. This is probably a relief.

You make good camp with plenty of time, and spend an uneventful night, although Mill can hear wolves at one point, they are a long way off.

Everyone regains a hit point overnight.

Next day it is Saturday May 31 and the weather is OK. You can cast spells overnight if you like, or keep going the next day.

Re: GREYFORGE: The Barracks at Kuln

Posted: Mon Oct 19, 2015 11:58 pm
by Grendelthebrave
Nice, quiet night to rest up. It has been an interesting and bloody few days and an uneventful night is most welcome.

After some deliberation in the morning, Thann convinces Chevo that his wounds are more severe than he things, and that they should really consider returning to Greyforge to lick their wounds.

The party will set out to the SW initially to R05, they will be travelling quickly and quietly, trying to minimize their impact. 1EP
Next the plan is to continue at 1EP/hex to Q06,P05,

next they will cut into O06, here they will be extra vigilant of the road. have a look at the road to uppers to see if they can learn anything(2EP), then they'll continue West to camp out in N06.(final EP)

Re: GREYFORGE: The Barracks at Kuln

Posted: Tue Oct 20, 2015 8:16 am
by Longman
Saturday May 31. You wake up in S05 and make your way to R05, where you are within 9 miles of Uppers.

After a while, Milly has a place read of goblins moving through the exact area you are now walking in. The season looks the same as the one you are now in. You can see a fairly well organised party of them - 12 in number, with bows, and several wolves - out in the mid evening, hunting, or maybe searching. She tries to extend the dream but cannot.

Almost immediately she comes out of this dream state, there is a a loud shrieking noise from Owly, who has landed in a huge spruce tree about 40 feet above your heads. There is clearly something very wrong with the giant bird, who is crying out in great pain. She is trying to fly down and land near you, but unfortunately there are a lot of thick trees in this exact area so she can't get to you.

You can move into the open (2 rounds), or try to climb up to her (2 rounds, rolling by Thann or another party member needed).

Re: GREYFORGE: The Barracks at Kuln

Posted: Tue Oct 20, 2015 10:34 am
by Grendelthebrave
I'll send Thann climbing, and Milly will attempt a first person flash to perhaps see through Owly's eyes at whatever is bothering it.

Re: GREYFORGE: The Barracks at Kuln

Posted: Tue Oct 20, 2015 5:48 pm
by Longman
Thann's first climbing roll is a doozie and the others watch in amazement as he virtually runs up a large tree near to the owl. You're right, these Darkledger boys sure do know how to climb a tree...

Milly successfully does what she has attempted, and is now inside the mind of the owl. The owl has flown down to land because she saw Milly go into a trance. When she landed on a particular tree, all of a sudden there was a sharp pain in her hind quarters and another one in her neck - both places she can't reach very well, otherwise she'd scratch them. She can feel something moving around in those places and its driving her nuts.

Thann is concentrating in climbing and can't see what is going on up there yet. He will be able to at the end of next round.

Round 2 - what do you do? I will assume Thann keeps climbing and Milly tries to keep the vision going, but I'll leave that up to you to say for sure. She has used 2 out of 5 sp today.