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Posted: Wed Jul 29, 2015 3:14 am
by Woe
Ok, I can work with that. I meant Anna couldn't throw it this round because she needed to pull it out of the pack (one round for switching weapons). Mostly an academic question.

Everyone focuses on Anna's mimic, except possibly Freya (see below) and Tiana. Anna will try to free herself again, and the rest of the party goes crazy on killing the mimic, or at least getting it to surrender up Anna.

Freya will stay out of melee range as best as she can. She doesn't like the idea of continuing up the stairs, so she'll look to move about the room to evade lumbering mimic #2. If she can stay out of melee range, she'll shoot at Anna's as well if it's alive by her turn. If it isn't, she'll shoot at #2. Same with the archers. If the dwarves kill #1, the archers will shoot at #2. For practical reasons, I'm considering Abigall as an archer.

Talin will also reply with his best attempt of Sader/Salenish: No eat girl.


Posted: Wed Jul 29, 2015 3:43 am
by Longman
'No Eat Girl!' Talin yells as the dwarves stand around, ready to swing their weapons at the mimic - which has now swivelled about so that Anna is facing you and Fido is stuck behind.

There comes a grunt of recognition from Mimic #1. It does not attack Anna. It keeps talking, but Talin cannot understand what it is saying!

Freya as backed up the stairs a fair way (10') and the mimic # 2 is moving at 10' to get after her, growling. It is almost at the bottom of the stairs. There is no way she can get a shot at mimic #1. In fact, getting past mimic #2 would be impossible from here unless she makes an almost legendary dex roll (DC 20).

So if she wants to shoot, she can. If she wants to try to tumble over the mimic as it comes to the foot of the stairs, she can try that...

Rest of the round suspended until Freya and Talin decide what to do. Mimic is slightly prone so will be easier to hit, but so far everything you have seen that touched it got stuck, including Fido. It is still talking to you but Talin can't make out what it is saying.

Re: RED OAK: Beyond the Mirror

Posted: Thu Jul 30, 2015 1:21 am
by Woe
Girl no food! No eat girl! My girl!

Good thing no one else understands Salenish!

Archers (other than Freya) fire at #1, then dwarves and swing at #1. Not sure about Freya yet, so pausing there for a moment.

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Posted: Thu Jul 30, 2015 5:04 am
by Longman
Kilian tries to slam his battle axe into the top of the creature, trying to avoid the place where Anna is pinned. He misses wildly and nearly strikes her.

Bruce is also in melee and attacks it- this time a great success. He does 9 hit points of damage and knocks a chunk of the creature off, which oozed fould black blood. He sees the creature's suckers exuding glue in an attempt to stick to his axe, but he manages to get it free just in time.

Talin is now also in the melee and swings his two handed sword, taking up all of the remaining room in front of the creature. He misses.

Abigall has a shot as Talin is running in. It strikes Bruce for 1 hp of damage.

Tiana could throw oil but it would be very risky. She may be better of casting a spell but there are now lots of people in the way.

Whatever Freya decides to do, the mimics' actions are the same. Mimic 2 lumbers towards the stairs after Freya. Mimic 1, which has just been hit by Kilian, roars angrily and stops talking about girls and food. Instead, it backs up heavily against the wall in the south east corner, effectively crushing Fido. It hits and does the poor dog 8 hit points out of his total 9. The dog is badly injured.

From now on, the three melee fighters can attack the mimic. Abigall can squeeze in to the room next round and get a sling shot off.

What does Freya do? And any actions from Tiana before we end the round?

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Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2015 10:52 pm
by Woe

Tiana will cast a web on the second mimic, and Freya will shoot the first one. Freya has no more room to back up, correct?

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Posted: Sat Aug 01, 2015 12:51 am
by Longman
Er...does not compute.

Mimic 1 = the one fighting the dwarves, with Anna and Fido
Mimic 2 = the one chasing Freya.

Freya can't shoot Mimic 1, only Mimic 2.

Yes, she has plenty more room to back up. She is at the top of the stairs in a large room at the middle of level 2, with a pillar in the middle of it. She hasn't turned around yet so she doesn't know exactly what is behind her, but there is plenty of room.

Tiana can run into the room with Abigall and cast Web on Mimic 1 - but the fighters are all right in the area of affect. It would be better to cast the spell on Mimic 2 and try to pin it in the doorway as it tries to chase Freya up the stairs. She can do that if she wants. It look pretty big though.

How many spell points does she have left? Remember you will need 2 to get back in the secret door, without bashing it down.

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Posted: Thu Aug 06, 2015 9:45 am
by Woe

Freya will shoot at the mimic approaching her.

Tiana will cast the web anyway at the mimic approaching Freya. I read back and I think she has cast nothing since her last respite. Fully charged and ready to go!

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Posted: Thu Aug 06, 2015 10:42 pm
by Longman
Freya shoots and hits easily - its taking up pretty much the whole stairwell. More blood oozes out.

In the meantime, the mage crashes into the room and casts FORCE-WEB on the same mimic as it lumbers up the stairs. It fails its initial saving throw vs Death Ray and is stuck fast. It will get a save every round, though - but the save for this si quite tough because you have elected to go for force webs rather than flammable ones.

It's a new round (round 5).

Freya is still at the top of the stairs and can keep shooting if she likes - these things are pretty easy provided they are not near you.

The other group have a much bigger problem - Anna and Fido are both stuck to the first mimic, who has stopped talking and is looking to lash out at whichever of the dwarves it can attack. There's no sign of either Anna or Fido getting free so far, despite their struggling.

Your go.

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Posted: Fri Aug 07, 2015 11:38 pm
by Woe
Everyone will attack their prior targets, though Talin will also yell in English "drop the meat and leave!"

Tiana is the only one with nothing to do. Because she has nothing else to do, can she mage-hand to help free Anna or is that too hard of a DC check? If so, she'll get another solvent: dwarven ale.

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Posted: Sat Aug 08, 2015 12:16 am
by Longman
There is no way mage hand would do it. You could get some of the spirits n the dwarves backpacks. I know they aren't listed on their sheets, but what kind of Scottish dwarf doesn't have some whiskey to hand?

Bruce - attacks, missing wildly.
Kilian - ditto. Maybe the dwarves are so scared of getting their weapons stuck their are reluctant to go for broke on these attacks.
Talin - hits. He does 9 hit points of damage in addition to Bruce's last hit. The creature is visibly hurt but still fighting. Its suckers latch onto the two handed sword and grab it. The weapon is stuck fast to the thing's body.

Meanwhile, Freya keeps taking potshots at the second mimic, and hits again, doing another 6hp. It now has numerous arrows sticking out of it.

The mousegirl fires into the melee, taking a -2 penalty, and hits, splatting it in the mouth. She cheers with delight at this sucessful hit.

Tiana gets some whiskey from the dwarves backpacks, her dex check is good enough to do this in half a round, so she also gets to chuck it at the mimic. She does fairly well. The mimic yells in pain and recoils from the strong alcohol, and a weird smell goes up in the room. Those closest to the action can see the gluey slime on the thing's suckers dripping off it and smoke rising up from them. But, Anna is still stuck fast - this round at least.

Now it's my turn. Mimic 1 attacks Bruce, missing. Phew...

Mimic 2 makes it saving throw and breaks out of the web spell. The spell is still covering the stairwell, however. It seems to realise it cannot proceed n that direction and so turns its attention back into the room.

Your go.