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Re: RED OAK: Beyond the Mirror

Posted: Wed Jun 22, 2016 9:39 pm
by Longman
Skill bumps are at 3rd, then 6th. So, no one else is due.

You might be aware of this but Abigall CAN'T go more than about 100 miles from her home place (the monastary). Not a question of bravery. She just physically can't do it. It an ilcruthy thing. I have mentioned this before.

The lucha do not know a concoction. They can just do what they do. No lucha magic coming to your aid.

I agree that Ana learning Sylvan is a stretch, plotwise. But, Anna is perhaps more of a magical type than you may be aware, but I have kept that a latent story arc so far. Her family has a long held magical item and she has red hair - something she shares in common with the bloodline of the seers. So, if she wanted to pick up the ability to 'detect' magic, I would allow that. Otherwise Anna would probably pick healing as her 2nd background skill.

Seems like this is a wrap at the lucha moot. The mouseman Alfyl tells you what he knows, but you still have to decide what to do with the prisoner. If you want him killed, or somehow transformed in public, you will have to role-play that. Otherwise you can head back into town and just say to keep him under lock and key for the time being?

The mousefolk are stoked with all the wine. No magic items seem to be missing after you finish your meeting with them.

Re: RED OAK: Beyond the Mirror

Posted: Wed Jun 22, 2016 11:10 pm
by Woe
Tiana will thank the mousefolk for all their help, and give Abigal a hug before leaving.

Once back to Red Oak, Talin will share everything that the Elder told them. Fortunately for me, Talin is neither judge nor jury nor executioner. Emlin can decide. :D Talin's recommendation is to keep him under lock and key until both runners come back from the various towns as well as Tiana comes back from Brant. She might be able to learn more there from the elven sages on how to prove his innocence (or shapeshifting evilness).

On the case of Anna (and Bruce), that's up to you. They're NPCs. I think it'd be really cool if this level 4 thief becomes a level 8 warlock and masters long-dead human magic. It's probably more likely that it's her kids who become warlocks though.

I think that wraps up the interlude. Time to start planning a trip to Brant?

As for Talin and Kilian, does Emlin want them to investigate Philby's story or the hag?

chapter wrap

Posted: Thu Jun 23, 2016 12:37 am
by Longman
Leaving the lucha moot hex and travelling back to Red Oak on horseback.

Emlin instructed to leave suspect 'fetch' prisoner under lock and key.

Coach booked with the old coach driver to Brant, Wednesday September 11th. Total cost 16gp (only 2 of you).

Forest party (Lieutenant Talin, Fido, Kilian the Dwarf, Anna plus the NPCs) due to head into forest along a pretty well trodden route, and report to Marshall at the watchtower for instruction - same day.

Weather - overcast, a bit chilly.

Unknown magic items assumed to be with the Brant party unless you say so right now.

Stock up on gear etc. ROR is paying.

Any additions? Otherwise we are go for 2 new threads.

Re: RED OAK: Beyond the Mirror

Posted: Thu Jun 23, 2016 1:36 am
by Woe
Sounds good. I will think about the gear tonight. Nothing immediately comes to mind. Maybe the bear traps.

Kilian will be the loudest of the party for sure!

Re: RED OAK: Beyond the Mirror

Posted: Thu Jun 23, 2016 1:53 am
by Longman
No really?