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Re: RED OAK: Beyond the Mirror

Posted: Thu Jun 16, 2016 6:45 pm
by Longman
It's easy enough to get to see Corporal Dunn, who is stationed over this side of the river to deal with requisitions and the occasional disciplinary issue, and has 2 soldiers that work with him. He is rather old, and friendly enough to Talin and Kilian. He provides map information (see other thread) and gives you the lowdown on the new sites that have been taken by the army.

The goblins were cowards, for the most part. They'd attack with missiles at a distance, but if we advanced, they'd always flee. Eventually we got them all on the run - some across the lake on rafts, some up to the north and east.

So far we've hardly been north of their old caves. The local men have got some rumor about a hag, who captured little girls a long time ago. As soon as that story got around, many of our men from Nore were to scared to go up there. If you wanted to scout the place, I'm sure the Marshall would be grateful.

There's also these damn bloodsuckers, the stirges. Not that I've seen one but it would be good to deal with them somehow. The Marshall as requisitioned nets.

I don't really know what the Marshall's plan is, long term. You'd have to ask him.

Re: RED OAK: Beyond the Mirror

Posted: Fri Jun 17, 2016 6:24 pm
by Woe
Wow! I'll have to annotate that map at some point too!

Both Talin and Kilian take an interest in the goblin attacks. "Aye, we met diffent tibes whilst we 'ere out dere: 'ed 'ands, black spears, Talin tell 'em about dem worgs too." Talin fills in the corporal on the whos and wheres that the party have learned about goblins, since I failed at finding it when searching in the forums.

"Corporal Dunn, sir, how does the hag play into the Marshall's plans? I can check with Emlin, see if we can get a squad to check it out. We all know where Hag Rock is. Many of us used to play up there, in the Erin, before the girls went missing. But it looks like the Marshall is pushing east, toward the Bulgy mountains; and not north.

"Actually... I guess I have another question too. How does the relationship between the ROR and the Marshall's soldiers work? I mean, we used to keep the peace here because there weren't no Marshall, no other peacekeepers. Now that you're here, do we go back to being woodsmen and leave enforcing the law to you?" Probably a better question for Emlin, but *shrug* Talin hasn't learned the finer points of politics yet. Kilian is probably dying in his boots trying not to laugh.

"Stirges? Oh yea, 'e found one of dem. Deadly, dey are? One of da elves, da scholar... she tagged one wit a single throw of 'er dagger and we've seen naught of dem since."

On the way out, Kilian (probably loud enough for the corporal to hear, but not intentionally) says, "Don't ever call corporals 'sir.' Dey work for a livin'. Only call officers 'sir', like lieutenants and marshals."

Must be Kilian is also aware of the upcoming promotion. It's like everyone knows except poor Talin! :lol:

Re: RED OAK: Beyond the Mirror

Posted: Fri Jun 17, 2016 7:19 pm
by Longman
A lot of what happens next depends on a few things:

Do you share map information with the army? They only know their area - you have added it on to your map. If you share what you know it may change things. For example, the location of a main goblin base at the Cursed Caves may draw the Marshall's attention.

You will not know what the Marshall's plan is until you enter the wood and talk to him at the New Town. New chapter.

The ROR were operating as the law in this town (and in A few others nearby) because there was no one else to do it. The army have so far not shown any sign of stepping up and taking on the sherrif's badge so the ROR are still basically the law. But there are certainly enough ROR folks to lead a good expedition somewhere over the late autumn, if you wished to do that.

Caradoc (R3)
Coll (R3)
Ysa (R1)
Corsa (another dog)

Bruce says he might go with the elves to Brant. Is that OK with Kilian?

What other plans do you want to make and stuff do you want to work through before we split off into new chapters?

Re: RED OAK: Beyond the Mirror

Posted: Sat Jun 18, 2016 11:29 pm
by Woe
Sure, the hag mission sounds good. I'm curious why Bruce wants to go to the city, but Kilian won't hold him to his contract if he wants to go back... on his own dime.

Also, what about Abigal? Is she going to hang out with Anna or Tiana?

Re: RED OAK: Beyond the Mirror

Posted: Sun Jun 19, 2016 1:01 am
by Longman
Abigall cannot go on the big city mission. She's pretty sure her people cannot go more than a certain distance from their home place. In the case of the luchorpan (mouse-folk), that's maybe 120 miles from the monastery. She's not exactly sure. She'll probably go home. It would be very tough to talk her into going with a group where no one can speak Sylvan.

Bruce just says he wants to hang out with his folks and the smithy dwarves in Brant.

Can you pay Bruce, as well? Please give me a cash total for the party, after you have paid him and Anna.

All living expenses in Red Oak are now assumed free. All expenses for the group on the forest expeditions working for the ROR will be covered by the ROR, and the army. Rations, equipment etc, all of that is covered.

Anything else you want to do? You mentioned something about making a potion for the suspected wereweasal. Do you want to go ahead, or continue with that plot device in any way, or any other? Otherwise we can probably get started with new threads...

Re: RED OAK: Beyond the Mirror

Posted: Mon Jun 20, 2016 8:57 am
by Woe
No, let's move on. Tiana will try to figure out a nisha-detecting method while in Brant. Right now, I'm not sure what to expect with the application of belladonna.

Bruce just got paid. Kaching! The party has 54gp in local coinage, not accounting for the recent loot run.


Re: RED OAK: Beyond the Mirror

Posted: Mon Jun 20, 2016 7:28 pm
by Longman
I'm going to give you a hint on nisha detection. Your character would know this, but you have forgotten, so I will cut you some slack.

Fido knows the smell of nisha and reacts angrilly to them. You know that the mouse-girl can also sense them too. You could try either of those. Abigall might be more effective, seeing as she can tell you what she has smelled, afterwards.

Re: RED OAK: Beyond the Mirror

Posted: Mon Jun 20, 2016 7:41 pm
by Woe
Thank you! I had forgotten both. Darn, I wish Fido had come along. Would Abigal be willing to hang out in Kilian's beard for an hour? :lol: :lol: :lol:

Kilian and Talin have a quick conference:
Talin: "I just had a great idea!"
Kilian: "Boy, he probably has super-senses and can hear you talk."
Talin: "You really think so?"
Kilian: "You can always ask him if you don't believe me. You whisper like thunder. Just go ahead with your idea. I'll play along."
This is primarily intended for your enjoyment. They aren't trying to be overheard.

After this short, whispered discussion, Talin gets up and says, "Shucks, I forgot the pencil. Let me go upstairs and get one. I'll be right back to get the details of these friends to follow up on. With luck, we should have you out of here in a few days."

He'll run upstairs to grab both a pencil and his faithful companion, then come down ostensibly to write down details.

Kilian will spend the interlude alternately glaring and ignoring the prisoner. If Arby/Philby attempts to break conversation, Kilian will reply with curt responses -- nothing rude, but clear that he's not the conversationalist of the group.

Re: RED OAK: Beyond the Mirror

Posted: Tue Jun 21, 2016 6:27 pm
by Longman
Fido has spent the last few days hanging out with his ole doggy pals at the ROR kennels. He's happy enough to see Talin.

Fido has no specific reaction to the man in the cell. Talin's questions get nowhere, predictably. The man just says the people were not his "friends", he did not know them.

Would Abigal be willing to hang out in Kilian's beard for an hour?

Not willingly. :lol: She could hide in Talin's pocket though. Do you want to try that...

As to your question in OCD - Kilian isn't sure how that works. He has a hatred of nisha and other evil shapechangers, but he doesn't know if he can 'detect' them. When he fought with the nisha down in Cyn Dol, he already knew what they were - but he couldn't necessarily tell who was who in those battles until they transformed.

Whatever the case, his hatred of them is not being triggered by being in the presence of this man.

Re: RED OAK: Beyond the Mirror

Posted: Tue Jun 21, 2016 7:15 pm
by Woe
Hm. Interesting. Must be a sympathizer then. He's possibly innocent but nobody innocent is ever sent to jail. ;)

If Abigal is wiling, Talin will try that. The trio will leave the prison and Talin will come back later, obstensibly asking the guard for a report. Unlike Kilian, Talin will make small talk with the prisoner if he brings something up.