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This list represents what is available to purchase in Waterdeep.

Standard healing: 1d6+1 (100gp to start, +50gp per added d6)
Extra healing: 1d8+2 (150gp to start, +75gp per added d8)
Ultra healing: 1d10+3 (200gp to start, +100gp per added d10)
Each of the above can contain no more than 6d*. They weigh 1lb per potion.

Saints Touch: heals 50hp (1000gp)
Gods Touch: full heal to max hp (5000gp)
Resurrection: 10,000gp brings character back to full health at the moment before he or she reached -11hp (must be administered within one day per character level of the deceased.)
Oypeen- 30/30 Hp AC 24
Rykken- 24/24 Hp AC 20
Hermia- 39/39 Hp AC 18/20
Giovanni-40/40 Hp AC 22
Ravoneth-35/35 Hp AC 18
Maephina-30/30 Hp AC 16/18
http://mapmatic.basicfantasy.org/index. ... &mapid=360

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