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Durnan- Owner of the Yawning Portal Inn, and the land surrounding the old tower, which is the most widely known entrance to Undermountain. Also one of the Lords of Waterdeep

Balmorea- Huge priest who is easily 6'8" and nearing 300lbs of solid muscle. Healed Lianna's eyes. A devout and pious man Balmorea is possibly one of the purest souls in Waterdeep.

ole' Prydwyn- Mentor of Rykken who sees himself as a father figure to the young mage. His first and foremost concern is for Rykkens safety and advancement.

Kallas Grimsbeard- 16th level Fighting Dwarf warrior and friend of Sturm. A hard drinker and even harder fighter Kallas has been in more battlefield melees than most. Doesn't have much use for those that either aren't dwarven or can't handle dwarven ale.

Lytsaile- Elven conjurer who is a potential teacher of magic.

Mirt the Moneylender- One of the Lords of Waterdeep. A secretive fellow Mirt controls most of the trade in Waterdeep. He allows some small shops to remain independent as per charters with the other lords and due to the vast amount of wealth that he has. Easily the wealthiest man in the city.

Lysander- Female elf and manager of Rykkens Apothecary. Lysander has a sharp mind and is very shrewd at the business of the apothecary. She's developed a serious albeit fiercely hidden crush on Rykken.

Jysteen- Drow herbalist who happens to hold a book containing hundreds of spells. Quite possibly more than she seems Jysteen is rumored to be one of the power players in the Drow hierarchy. It is unknown why she is on the surface and in Waterdeep.

Maephina Lightfoot- Halfling female thief and acquaintance of Hermia. She is young and out to see the world and has a typical halfling affinity for maps and cartography.

James Hylar- Missing 5th year adept from the Quenyar Refuge, Ravoneth has been sent to retrieve this missing brother from Undermountain.

Syrithidanthanis- Half elf half human 17th year Great Adept and current Grand Master of the Quenyar Refuge, mentor and master to Ravoneth. Suffering a shattered leg in his contest to become a 17th year Adept he still emerged victorious although the damage has left him crippled. He is expected to live his life never to achieve 18th year Adept. One never knows....

Fergus Longstride- Human 12th year Ranger on patrol around the High Forrest and Star Mounts.

The Boy- Young and poor he has allied himself with CoS in an attempt to garner a better life for himself and his family. He is currently keeping an eye on the Band of The Hand, a group of thieves or assassins, that are actively searching for the Beholders Key.

Alfred Jacobson- Father of The Boy. Currently working for Rykken in his shop as a clerk and primary shop keeper while Lysander is manager. His wife Lisa, a seamstress takes care of the stocking upkeep while sewing dresses and cloaks for sale at the shop. Their two young daughters Elise and Elyse have learned to help with the cleaning and general maintenance of the shop.

Kallysa Grimsbeard Elder sister of Kallas. A 27th level Cleric she is devoted to healing and purity of mind and spirit.

Kallyill Grimsbeard Elder brother of Kallas. A 25th level Scholar he holds vast knowledge and wisdom in his 220 year old frame. A solemn and serious dwarf.

Kallismith Grimsbeard The eldest surviving Grimsbeard. Kallismith is close to 400 years old and the very best smith currently in the realms. He is truly a grand master of his craft.
Oypeen- 30/30 Hp AC 24
Rykken- 24/24 Hp AC 20
Hermia- 39/39 Hp AC 18/20
Giovanni-40/40 Hp AC 22
Ravoneth-35/35 Hp AC 18
Maephina-30/30 Hp AC 16/18 ... &mapid=360

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