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The Dragon's Apothecary (trading post)

Posted: Sat Feb 22, 2014 10:24 pm
by Jandolar
Hoping to keep things tidy around here so that no one has to go searching for somewhere to sell/trade items that they don't want. Post up things that you have for sale or trade to either the general public or your partners in the group (please specify). If it's a general sale or trade item I'll scour Waterdeep for your item or merchant and post the results here. Should save some game time.

I'll assume you've decided to pay the appraisal fee of 100gp to have the item cleaned and magically confirmed (i.e. Identify as per the spell). I'll post a value (max of course) that your item is worth. You'll need to deduct the 100gp from your money before the item is sold or traded. After that any profit is yours.

Re: The Dragon's Apothecary (trading post)

Posted: Sun Feb 23, 2014 12:52 am
by Jandolar
Player Blazeguard has this for sale/trade.

Hear ye! Hear ye!

Has your current weapon lost it's luster? Do you always detour past the local weaponsmith to ogle the newest model? Are you secretly ashamed that your mace isn't 'big enough'?

Well, my friend, this is your lucky day!

I have available a magic mace. Not only will it amplify every single attack (+1) but it will also tear through undead like a mithril sword through parchment (+3).

Never again will you have to settle for 'mopping up' after the initial charge. With this mace you will be able to proudly lead the assault and watch your enemies cower in fear as you brandish this magnificent weapon.

Am willing to trade for a comparable magical item suitable for use by a spellcaster.

Ask for Rykken Steelchanter at The Dragon's Apothecary.

Re: The Dragon's Apothecary (trading post)

Posted: Wed Feb 26, 2014 10:24 pm
by Jandolar
In the years you've been together Rykken Steelchanter has always been socking away a little here and there to open his own shop. Well this is it.

In the last few weeks as you've been gathering supplies and getting that last bit of training in before you delve into the deep there have been a few customers to the new place.

The most recent left a note with the clerk (I'm going to assume he's a dwarf and let you pick a name Blaze) asking for help in recovering a couple of items lost in the well at the Yawning Portal.

I, Therald the Light of Lights!!!!, have recently loaned two items of untold value to a Cleric of... of...?? Of something or other, but I know he was a Cleric. He had a symbol and a bunch of herbs and a rather large tome. His name is Hyrem. He is tall, white beard and hair, large shield and hammer, human. Anyway he borrowed my two items and told me he'd bring back 10,000gp from the dungeon to pay me for the use of my items. I need that money to fund my research, or I need the items back. The first item is a staff. SIx feet tall with a glowing piece of steel mounted at the top. There is a small shutter that can be closed over the steel to make it dark. The other is a bone tube made from an Orc leg, small hook on one end so you can hang it from your belt, the other end has a screw off lid. In the base near the hook is another glowing piece of steel backed by a silver mirror. When the top in unscrewed the tube will emit a narrow beam of light to see by. Bring back these two items for me and I'll make you identical pieces or bring me 10,000gp and keep the ones you have.

Your clerk mentions that the "mage" that dropped off the note looked a lot like a Gnome... with a hell of a lot of light emitting trinkets hanging off of him. He also said the Gnome would be back in a tomorrow to ask again about the items.

Re: The Dragon's Apothecary (trading post)

Posted: Thu Feb 27, 2014 2:07 am
by Hywaywolf
Oypeen spends a lot of time hanging around his friend's Apothecary. He has a love for all things magical and enjoys seeing the wares that come up from that hole in the ground that Durnan has turned into a goldmine for himself. That kind of roustabouting was the work of the lower classes and about all they were good for, but for a few it had made them wealthy enough to buy them lands and titles. He was already a noble, but he was lacking the wealth. Down there the wealth could be found. But only if one could survive. He needed the right tools before he would risk his precious hide. Tools like plate mail. An expensive necessity, but one he could not yet afford. He knew his friend Rykken had that money, but he had not as of yet responded to any of his subtle hints. Then one day Oypeen saw Rykkens latest offer up for trade. A mace of such surpassing quality that it amplified every single attack (+1) but it would also tear through undead like a mithril sword through parchment (+3). Oypeen decided that he must have it. Surely his good friend would see it his way....

Approaching his good friend he said, "Ahh, what a fine day it is today. The sun is shining, the birds are mating, and the filth in the street is only ankle deep. Today would be a good day to finally test ourselves against the Undermountain like you have so yearned to do of late. Well, I have decided that with the right equipment, I can make that dream finally come true for you."

Oypeen raises his hand to the sun streaming in through the shop window. The light reflects from a stunning band of green-gold set with a perfect cut Green Tourmaline gemstone. Intricate engravings of winding vines and blooming flowers flowed artfully around the band. He brings it down for his good friend, Rykken, to take a closer look.

"This, Master Steelchanter, has been handed down in my family for generations. It has vast mystical powers. Heated in the finest furnace in the wildest region of the Forest of Evermore and hammered into this perfect shape by the finest metalworker in Evermore. The stone was brought up from the deepest mines of Myanarria where the purest crystals have been pressed into the clearest gems by the intense pressures of the shifting land masses at that great depth. Set by the finest gemsmith to ever practice in Evermore. A master crafter spent the last years of his life carving these intricate engravings into the metal. 20 wikken witches, skin as milky white as new fallen snow and as bare to the blue moon of harvest time as they were the day they were born, simultaneously prayed to their lady to imbibe this ring with Mother Gaia's own ability to control the fruits of her womb."

Oypeen raises one sharp eyebrow. "Yes, you heard me right. This, my friend, is a magical ring of plant control. Afraid to sleep at night unprotected in the wild? Use this ring to grow a wall of thorns around your camp. Block a passage with a tangle of vines. Have a tree step into the path and block the way. Amazing is it not?"

Oypeen shakes his head sadly. "But this is a reminder of my father and how he betrayed me. The family value has lost its luster for me. For the sake of my one true love, who waits with heavy heart for my return with riches and fame, I am willing to part with it. And I know that you are a proud man, so I won't ask you to take it as a gift. For the sake of your pride, why don't we trade it for that plain looking mace you got in the other day. And, to make it so that you don't have to feel bad about depriving me of my birthright, because I care about you, I would be willing to accept a further 200 gold to balance your dignity."

Oypeen spits into his hand and holds it out to shake.

"so, what do you say? Is it a deal?"

Re: The Dragon's Apothecary (trading post)

Posted: Thu Feb 27, 2014 11:19 am
by Jandolar
Rather eloquent for a 7 charisma dontcha think? :D

Re: The Dragon's Apothecary (trading post)

Posted: Thu Feb 27, 2014 11:27 am
by Hywaywolf
My charisma score is low not because I am ugly or inarticulate. Its because I have an overblown sense of self-importance and a disdain for the lower classes, with the exception of those I deem to be my friends.

Re: The Dragon's Apothecary (trading post)

Posted: Thu Feb 27, 2014 11:34 am
by Jandolar

Re: The Dragon's Apothecary (trading post)

Posted: Thu Feb 27, 2014 9:06 pm
by Blazeguard
"Oy, my eloquent elven friend", Rykken chuckles. "You do have a way with words but unfortunately, I know you too well to fall for your fabrications. You are right about one thing though. Today is the day we enter Undermountain. If I read you right, and I'm sure I do, you're probably a bit short," he giggles and then continues, "for upgrading your armour. That ring does intrigue me though and since I can't use this 'plain looking' mace I will trade you the ring for the mace and I will 'loan'", he pauses for emphasis as he clasps the outstretched hand, "you 200 gold. Go prepare yourself for tonight we storm the depths of Undermountain."

Re: The Dragon's Apothecary (trading post)

Posted: Thu Feb 27, 2014 9:30 pm
by Hywaywolf
Oypeen, turning a bit rouge in the cheek, and sporting a grin so wide and innocent that it might as well have had a few canary yellow feathers sticking between the teeth, says "As you say, my fine friend, a loan and a well made trade."

Oypeen then strides confidently off to acquire his plate mail.

(ooc: Oypeen Szechamie is that fairest of all races, an elf.)

Re: The Dragon's Apothecary (trading post)

Posted: Thu Feb 27, 2014 9:54 pm
by Blazeguard
Hywaywolf wrote:(ooc: Oypeen Szechamie is that fairest of all races, an elf.)
Oops, my apologies. That might be an indication that I'm in too many games. :P
I will update to correct.