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Character sheets only.

Post Sat Feb 22, 2014 9:44 pm

Post your finished characters here. This will be where you update XP earned, levels, Hp, etc.
Oypeen- 30/30 Hp AC 24
Rykken- 24/24 Hp AC 20
Hermia- 39/39 Hp AC 18/20
Giovanni-40/40 Hp AC 22
Ravoneth-35/35 Hp AC 18
Maephina-30/30 Hp AC 16/18 ... &mapid=360
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Re: Character sheets only.

Post Sat Feb 22, 2014 10:17 pm

Character: Oypeen Szechamie
Race: Elf
Class: Magic-User / Fighter
Level: 6
Experience: 135,726 Next level: 144,000

Strength: 13 (+1)
Dexterity: 13 (+1)
Constitution: 12
Intelligence: 16 (+2) (added 1 at 5th level)
Wisdom: 11
Charisma: 7 (-1)

Hit Points: 30
Armor Class: 24 (DBS Robe 19, ring protection +4, +1 for DEX)
Attack Bonus: +4
Melee Attack: +4+1 = +5
range Attack: +4+1 +(1 sr, -2 lr) = +6 sr, +5 mr, +3 lr

Languages Known: Common, Elvish, Goblin, unknown

Age: young adult elf
Height: 5' 1"
Weight: 130
Eyes: green
Hair: green

Darkvision 60'
Detect secret doors on 1-2 w/ cursory look, 1-3 when looking.
-1 on surprise checks.
Immune to ghouls' paralyzing touch.

EQUIPMENT: (cost)(weight)
Cache Belt w/ 16 gold pieces
cheese wheel
Backpack (4 gp) (*)
Chalk, sm bag of pieces (2 gp) (*)
Holy water, 2 vials (20 gp) (**)
5 oil flasks (4 with wicks and wax seal) (6 gp) (5)
2 large sacks (2 gp) (**)
Rations (dry, 4 days) (10 gp) (8)
map or scroll case (1 gp) (*)
Whetstone (1 gp) (1)
Waterskin (1 gp) (2)
Rope 2ea (Silk, 50') (20 gp) (4)
grappling hook (2 gp) (4)
12 iron spikes (1 gp) (1)
Tinderbox (3 gp) (1)
mirror (7 gp) (*)

Dwarven Blue Steel Robe (19ac) (trade with dwarves) (1 lbs)
Ring of protection +4

DBS Two-handed sword 1d10, (dbs trade), (2.5)
DBS Spear: thrown (10/20/30) & melee 1d6, 2 hand melee 1d8 (+1 damage thrown/melee) (dbs) (1.25)
DBS Dagger: 1d4 damage (10/20/30) (+1 damage thrown or melee) (2 gp) (0.25)
Dagger (silver): 1d4 damage (10/20/30) (+1 damage if thrown or melee) (25 gp) (1)
Long Bow & 40 40 DBS arrows and 10 silver arrows w/quivers, 1d8 (70/140/210) (87gp) (5)

Encumbrance: 37 lb (LL-65, HL-165)
Movement: 40' LL, 30' HL
Initiative: +1

Poison/Death Rays: 10 - (+4 ring) = 6
Magic Wands: 11 - (+2 Elf) (+4 ring) = 5
Paralysis/Petrify: 11 - (+1 Elf) (+4 ring) = 6
Dragon Breath: 14 - (+4 ring) = 10
Spells: 13 - (+2 Elf) (+4 ring) = 7

SPELLS (4 1st, 2 2nd & 2 3rd):
Prepared: Magic Missile (3), shield, web, invisibility, Fireball (2)
zero (4 per day)

1st level
Charm Person
Detect Magic
Magic Missile
Read Languages
Read Magic

2nd level

3nd level
Dispel magic
Invisibility 10' radius
Lightning Bolt

zero level spells
Animate Tool
Mage Hand
Summon Vermin*

53,513 gold, 33 silver (plus 20,000 gp invested with alfred)
(spent 8,500 on spells)

Magic Items:
Ring of protection +4 (worn)
1 potions of Extra Healing 7d8
3 pots of 1d6
horned ring (worn): functions as a ring of teleport within Undermountain. Breaks all wizard locks, walls of force, holds, webs and other magical barriers on contact with no harm to the wearer. Absorbs magic missiles and electrical spells and natural effects to re-power themselves.


Oypeen Szechamie lived the early years of his childhood in a Great Manor. His father was a successful adventurer who rescued the niece of a Grand Duke from a band of outlaws holding her for ransom. He was rewarded with lands, nobility, and gold. In this Great Manor, Oypeen was brought up with the training and the manors of the human Nobility as well as with elven lore with his 6 older brothers and 4 older sisters. When Oypeen was 30 years old (equivalent of a human 10 year old)his father aligned with what turned out to be the losing side in a succession war, and was cast off his lands. Though still a knight, he was now landless. Oypeen's older brothers and sisters treated him brutally once they no longer had their own servants. His parents no longer had time for him and spurned him. This increased his siblings brutality and after a few years of being everyone's menial slave, he ran away.

He lived on the streets of various cities and towns on the edges of the Elven lands. His numerous attempts to join the elven community were met with various reactions. Some were accepting, some were not. For the most part, he found that if he didn't overfrequent the actual elven settlements and restricted his visits to certain individual elven families he could learn about what it meant to be an elf and his history, language, etc, without being ostracized by the greater community. He lived this way for the next 75 years until one day he fell in love with the daughter of a lord of the realm. The love was returned by the fair maiden and it was a maddening and crazy whirlwind love affair. By this time, Oypeen had master the art of acting Noble and the father was convinced (without Oypeen actively trying to dupe him) that Oypeen was of the right sort. He became betrothed and it looked like all would be well for Oypeen.

Until one day his parents showed up, after decades of absence, and came to the Lord's castle demanding tribute for the hand of their son. The Lord discovered that they were landless and penniless and forbid his daughter to marry into this wretched family. Oypeen's parents refused to leave without tribute and were promptly arrested for trespassing and outlawed from the Lord's lands. Oypeen was crushed by the loss of his love and hated his parents even more now. Now, barely even an adult by elven standards, Opypeen vowed to win his fortune somehow and come back for his love who had promised to wait for him.

Its been many years since he last saw his love. He has won many treasures in his adventuring, but its a costly business and his money seems to slip away as fast as he earns its. Now, he has heard of undermountain and the riches to be won here. He has convinced his adventuring comrades to make a try for the big payoff and he will find them a place in his new lands once he weds his love and becomes the new Lord there.

loot held by party:
magic longsword (Rykken), keg of dwarven ale (sturm), gold shaman necklace (sturm), magic chain mail (oypeen), 21 silver (orpeen), 9 electrum (oypeen),
6 gold pieces. One ornamental phenalope belt buckle (10gp), one precious emerald necklace (250gp), one fancy adventurine choker (100gp) and a semi precious sapphire cloak clasp (25gp)

Experienced gained:

8,000 - starting XP
150 - Roleplaying at the beginning of the game
125 - bugbears
110 xp - killing the manticore
65 - gelatinous cube
25 - the hobgoblin encounter
100 - Charm spell on and roleplaying with hobgoblin
1166 - the sharn
60 - zombies
250 - for returning to the Inn
105 - not sure
6,750 for surviving a fireball
1,000 for defeating the mimics.
100 for thinking of grappling hook to fish with
500 fishing for gar
2000 drow witch
500 invisibility against my brother Cassim
7500 for Talpyn the Evil Dwarf
300 for using mage hand on Talpyn
22,501 - various items collected over time OOC thread, p 69
50 - 2 bugbears
160 - 3/4 ogres
200 - avoiding scorpions from dune
31,670 - chest of holding
1,768 - negotiating with dwarves
275 - for the mercenary capture
206 - 6 for the stirge and 200 for the ogre
50,000 - public works, knowledge gained, etc
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Re: Character sheets only.

Post Sat Feb 22, 2014 11:35 pm

Name: Rykken Steelchanter
Race: Human
Class: Magic-User
Age: 36
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 147 lbs
Level: 7
XP: 130,001.3 / 150,000

Strength: 8 (-1)
Intelligence: 18 (+3)
Dexterity: 15 (+1)
Wisdom: 13 (+1)
Constitution: 15 (+1)
Charisma: 14 (+1)

Hit Points: 24
Armor Class: 20
Attack Bonus: +2 melee / +4 ranged

Equipment (non-weapon)
Backpack - 4 gp - 0.1 lb
Candles (12) - 1 gp - 0.1 lb
Chalk (bag of pieces) - 2 gp - 0.1 lb
Glass vial (5) - 5 gp - 0.5 lb
Lantern (hooded) - 8 gp - 2 lbs
Scroll case - 1 gp - 0.5 lb
Mirror (small metal) - 7 gp - 0.1
Oil (10 flasks) - 10 gp - 10 lbs
Paper (10 sheets) - 10 gp - 0 lb
Rations (dry, 1 week) - 10 gp - 14 lbs
Rope (silk) - 10 gp - 2 lbs
Large sack (2) - 2 gp - 0.2 lb
Small sack (4) - 2 gp - 0.4 lb
Tinderbox, flint & steel - 3 gp - 1 lb
Writing ink (1 vial) - 8 gp - 0.1 lb
Ring of Spell Storing (worn) - 0 lb
Ring of the Magi (Base AC of 16) - 0 lb

Weapons and Armor
DBS Robes (Base AC of 19)
DBS Dagger (2) - 4 gp - 2 lbs
DBS Walking staff - 2 sp - 1 lb

Encumbrance: 34.1 lbs (LL 50/HL 120)
Movement: 40' LL / 30' HL

Saving Throws
Death/Poison: 12/11
Wands: 12
Para/Stone: 11
Dragon Breath: 14
Spells: 13/10

Spells (6 - L1, 2 - L2, 2 - L3, 1 - L4)
Prepared: Sleep, Magic Missile, Detect Magic, Shield, Invisibility, Web, Fireball

Level 0
Summon Vermin*
Mage Hand
Animate Tool

Level 1
Read Magic
Magic Missile
Detect Magic
Read Languages
Hold Portal

Level 2

Level 3
Lightning Bolt
Protection from Evil 10'
Hold Person

Level 4
Ice Storm

Ring of Spell Storing
Sleep x2 - L1
Floating Disk - L1
Shield - L1
Web - L2
Invisibility x2 - L2
Invisibility 10' - L3

Money (Starting Gold: [3d6x10] = 14x10 = 140 x 3 = 420 gp)
GP - 56,045 (200 loaned to Oypeen)
SP - 41

Rykken Steelchanter was born the seventh son of a seventh son. Folklore holds that the seventh son of a seventh son is endowed with special talents and magical abilities. His father was a traveling bard and thus was rarely home. While his mother was aware of the superstitions she was too poor and too busy to take much notice of any unusual proficiencies.

Rykken was frustrated and disappointed that his father was never around and ran away from home at an early age to try and find him. He never did manage to track him down but several years after leaving home he nearly died from the plague and was taken in and nursed back to health by a wealthy noble. This noble had a magician in his employ who noticed something special about Rykken and tutored and mentored him for several years in his free time.

Rykken was an extremely quick study and after several years of being tutored the noble's magician became more and more alarmed at Rykken's extraordinary perceptions and seemingly limitless capabilities and resourcefulness. Fearful that he might lose his position to Rykken he convinced the noble to send Rykken away.

After leaving the noble's estate, Rykken wandered for several years before finally settling in Waterdeep and opening his own shoppe – The Dragon's Apothecary. He has seen his fair share of magical items come out of Undermountain (and even purchased a few) and would now like to descend himself to see what treasures he could find.

Rykken has given up hope of ever finding his father and instead has shifted his focus to honing his spell casting abilities and discovering whatever other talents he might possess.
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Re: Character sheets only.

Post Fri Mar 07, 2014 5:15 pm

Name: Hermia Proudfoot
Race: Halfling
Class: Fighter
Level: 8
XP: 135,231

Strength: 15
Intelligence: 11
Dexterity: 15
Wisdom: 9
Constitution: 11
Charisma: 16

Hit Points: 6+3+6+2+7+7+8+8=47 HP
Armor Class: 18 (20 vs large opponents)
Attack Bonus: +7 (+8 with ranged weapons)

Special ability: +1/+10% to any cartography checks.

Equipment (non-weapon)

1 Pony, Rosalie, recently shoed
1 riding saddle
1 bit and bridle
1 pair saddlebags, currently containing:
2 spare outfits (2 lbs)
1 extra waterskin (2 lbs)
3 days' dry rations (6 lbs)

2 small sacks lashed to Rosalie containing (not carried):
1 small tent (10 lbs)
1 winter blanket (3 lbs)
2 days' dry rations (4 lbs)
50 feet silk rope, counting the 10 feet used to keep pack stuff lashed to Rosalie (2 lbs)
12 torches (2 lbs)
Some obscene amount of gold I have to go check on.

Backpack containing...(*) (carried)
2 flasks oil (2 lbs)
2 vials holy water (**)
5 sheets paper (one with map redrawn from memory in charcoal)
Bag of chalk and charcoal (*)
12 candles (*)
Tinderbox, flint and steel (1 lb)
2 days' dry rations (4 lbs)
70 feet rope (3 lbs)
6 GP (.6 lbs)
Magic blue-steel quill (gift from Kallyill Grimsbeard) (negligible)

Weapons and Armor
Shortbow (2 lbs)
20 arrows (2 lbs)
+1 Longsword (4 lbs)
Dwarven Blue Steel shortsword (0.75 lb)
1 suit of Dwarven Blue Steel halfling-sized plate (6.25 lbs)

Not carried:
1 suit of +2 halfling-sized mail (10 lbs)
Shortsword (3 lbs)

Weapons=8.75 lbs
Misc. carried gear= 10.5 lbs
Cash= .6 lbs
Total= 26.1 lbs, light load

Saving Throws
Death/Poison: 6
Wands: 7
Para/Stone: 8
Dragon Breath: 10
Spells: 11

Money: 68 GP, 13 SP, 21 CP

Backstory: Hermia, the youngest of five sisters, comes from a long line of surveyors, cartographers, geologists, and other map-loving types. As a young girl, with her native farming villages and woodlands already well-mapped, she made it her mission in life to explore new and unusual places in the world. She tries to make the journey home with new charts and exotic samples at least once every two or three years.

Name: Maephina Lightfoot (follower of Hermia Proudfoot)
Race: Halfling
Class: Thief
Level: 8
XP: 100,569
Strength: 9 (+/-0)
Intelligence: 12 (+1)
Dexterity: 18 (+3)
Wisdom: 9 (+0)
Constitution: 15 (+1)
Charisma: 13 (+1)

Hit Points: 34
Armor Class: 16 (Melee against larger than man sized 18)
Attack Bonus: melee +4 (base +4, Str +/-0), ranged +7 (base +4, Dex +3, Halfling ability +1)

Equipment (non-weapon)
Backpack* (*items stored within) (*)
*1 candle (*)
*1 glass bottle (*)
*1 grappling hook (4 lbs)
*1 mirror (*)
*100 feet of silk rope

Map case* (*items stored within) (*)
*ink, pen, 10 sheets of mapping parchment (.5 lbs)
*13 misc maps (negligible)

Belt pouch* (*items stored within) (*)
*thieves' tools, dwarven blue steel (.25 lbs)
*tinder box and flint (1 lb)

Scroll containing two magic user spells. 2nd level Web, 3rd level Fireball (negligible)

Weapons and Armor
Dwarven blue steel halfling-size chainmail (2.5 lbs)
Short bow (2 lbs)
20 arrows (arrows in a quiver) (2 lbs)
Dagger (x2), dwarven blue steel (.5 lbs)
Short sword, dwarven blue steel (.75 lb)

Leather armor (base AC 13), (not carried)
Short sword (3 lbs) (not carried)
Some obscene amount of gold (not carried)

Encumbrance: 6.35 lbs (misc gear)
2.5 lbs (armor)
5.25 lbs (weapons and ammo)
Total= 14.1 lbs, light load

Saving Throws:
Death/Poison: 6 (base 11-1 CON-4 halfling)
Wands: 9 (13 base-4 halfling)
Para/Stone: 7 (11 base-4 halfling)
Dragon Breath: 10 (13 base-4 halfling)
Spells: 9 (13 base-4 halfling)

Thief skills
Open Locks-74%
Remove Traps- 55%
Pick Pockets- 65%
Move Silent-60%
Climb Walls- 87%
Hide- 45% (30% Halfling)

3 bloodstones (50 GP each)
6 Platinum
36 Gold
5 Silver
3 Copper

Mae is a standard height and weight Halfling with a better than average agility. This uncanny knack for balance and dexterous hand lent her an advantage early on in life and taught her that there are things that others think are unreachable that she can indeed reach for and grasp. Although she is a thief by profession she has a rather strong code of honor in her in that she only takes from those with much more than they really need and then only what she needs to move on to the next challenge. Her greatest love is mapping, followed up closely by a desire to test herself against any and every trap or lock that she can find. Her black eyes are well suited to searching the dark for hidden goodies while her open smile and pixie bobbed haircut make her seem much younger than she actually is. Maephina is a wandering spirit full of life and laughter just looking for the next adventure. She is content to enjoy what the road brings her with regards to friends and fun. Not prone to foul language her most vile statement is one of "Spilled Ink!", a cartographers curse if there ever was one.

Having met with the CoS she found a kindred spirit in Hermia and has happily accepted the offer to join the group.
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Re: Character sheets only.

Post Sat May 31, 2014 3:41 pm

Name: Giovanni Davinci
Race: Human
Class: Cleric
Level: 8
XP: 104428
Weight: 190

Strength: 18 +3
Intelligence: 15 +1
Dexterity: 15 +1
Wisdom: 14 +1
Constitution: 13 +1
Charisma: 8 -1

Hit Points: 45
Armor Class: 22
Attack Bonus: 4

Equipment (non-weapon)
Torches (6)
flint and steel
Winter Blanket
Rations, Dry, one week
Sack Large
Sacks, small (2)
Holy Symbol
Holy Water (9)

Weapons and Armor
+2 Dwarven Full Plate (19)
+1 Shield (2)
+1 Mace +3 vs Undead

Attack: Mace +8 (1d8+4)

Encumbrance: Heavy

Saving Throws
Death/Poison: 8
Wands: 9
Para/Stone: 12
Dragon Breath: 14
Spells: 13

1st (3)
Cure Light Wounds x2
Protection from Evil
2nd (2)
Hold Person
3rd (2)
Remove Curse
Cure Disease
4th (1)
Cure Serious Wounds

Money: 75 GP
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Re: Character sheets only.

Post Sun Jun 01, 2014 2:25 pm

Name: Quistine Foechuckle
Race: Gnome
Age: 56
Class: Thief/Magic-User
Level: 3
XP: 10,500 / 15,000

Strength: 11 (+0)
Intelligence: 18 (+3)
Dexterity: 15 (+1)
Wisdom: 10 (+0)
Constitution: 12 (+0)
Charisma: 11 (+0)

Hit Points: 11
Armor Class: 15
Attack Bonus: +2 melee / +3 ranged

Languages Known: Common, Gnomish, Elvish

Darkvision 30'

Equipment (non-weapon)
Backpack – 4gp – 0.1 lb
Candles (12) – 1gp – 0.1 lb
Chalk (bag of pieces) – 2gp – 0.1 lb
Iron spikes (12) – 1gp – 1lb
Mirror (small silver) – 7gp – 0.1 lb
Silk rope (50ft) – 10gp – 2 lbs
Large sack x2 – 2gp – 0.2 lbs
Thieves picks and tools – 25gp – 1 lb
Tinderbox (flint and steel) – 3gp – 1 lb
Whetstone – 1gp – 1 lb
Waterskin – 1gp – 2 lbs

Weapons and Armor
Leather Armor – 20gp – 3.75 lbs
Shortsword – 1d6 – 6gp – 3 lb
Dagger x2– 1d4 (10/20/30) – 4gp – 2 lb

Encumbrance: 16.81 (LL 20/HL 140)
Movement: 30' LL / 20' HL

Saving Throws
Death/Poison: 12 (+4)
Wands: 14
Para/Stone: 12
Dragon Breath: 15 (+3)
Spells: 14

Thief Abilities
OL – 35%
RT – 30%
PP – 40%
MS – 35%
CW – 82%
H – 20%
L – 38%

Spells (5 1st & 1 2nd):
Prepared: Charm Person, Magic Missile, Floating Disk, Shield x2, Invisibility
Zero (5 per day)

Spells Known:
Read Magic
Charm Person
Detect Magic
Floating Disk
Magic Missile

GP – 300
SP – 50
PP - 86 (to be divided later)

Magic Treasure
Wand of Polymorph (Unknown # of Charges)
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Re: Character sheets only.

Post Fri Aug 01, 2014 12:10 pm

Name: Ravoneth
Race: Half-elf
Class: Monk
Level: 7
XP: 106236
Age: 34 (19 in human years)
Height: 5'
Weight: 130#
Hair: Lavender
Eyes: Green

Strength: 16 (+2 to hit, +2 damage)
Intelligence: 15 (speaks elvish, common, sylvan)
Dexterity: 17 (+2 AC, +2 ranged attacks, +2 initiative)
Wisdom: 15 (+1 saves on will)
Constitution: 13 (+1 HP)
Charisma: 14 (+1 on reaction rolls)

Hit Points: 42
Armor Class: 19
Attack Bonus: +7 melee, +7 ranged (+9 with her longbow)
Damage Bonus: +5 melee damage, +2 unarmed damage, +2 thrown weapon damage
Unarmed attacks: 2 attacks/round; 1d8 each

Elven robes (black)
Elven boots (black)
Travelling robes (lavender)
Dwarven curio
Small sack:
* Rations (1 week)
* Waterskin (2)
Bandolier pouch:
* Candles (6)
* Flint & steel
* Chalk
* Healing potion, 2d8 (2)
Bandolier pouch:
* Whetstone
* Fletcher's kit
* Spare bowstring

Monk skills:
- Awareness: Surprised only on 1 in d6
- Martial Arts Weapons: +3 damage with melee weapons
- Qi strike: Melee weapons are considered silvered and magical
- Stunning strike: An opponent is stunned for 1d6 melee rounds if the Adept's modified melee attack roll exceeds the target's AC by 5 or more.
- Mind over body: Overcome daily physical needs (hunger, thirst, exhaustion) in exchange for an hour of meditation. Lasts up to seven days.
- Tumble 30'
- Leap +30'
- Heal once per day; 1d6+7 hp gained
- Speak with animals
- Immune to natural poisons and diseases
Thief skills:
- Move Silently 55%
- Climb Walls 86%
- Hide 40%
- Listen 54%
- Read Languages
Elvish skills:
- Find secret doors 33%
- Darkvision 30'
- +5% experience gain

Weapons and Armor
Two-handed sword (1d10)
Longbow +2 and quiver of 20 arrows (1d8)

2 attacks with hands (1d8)

Encumbrance: 2# (can carry 70# before encumbered)
Move: 70'/rd

Saving Throws
Death/Poison: 10 (+1 poison)
Wands: 10 (+1 illusions, +1 will)
Para/Stone: 12
Dragon Breath: 14
Spells: 14 (+1 illusions, +1 will)


Vow of Poverty
Once a monk swears a vow of poverty, she must not own or use any material possessions, with the following exceptions: she may carry and use two ordinary (neither magic nor masterwork) weapons. She may wear simple clothes (usually just a homespun robe, possibly also including a hat and sandals) with no magical properties. She may carry enough food to sustain her for up to one week in a simple (nonmagic) sack or bag.

She may not use any magic item of any sort, save in times of great conflict. Only when determined by her order's grandmaster can she may carry and use one magical item (often an magical heirloom of great personal significance to the monk's order) She may not, however, "borrow" a cloak of resistance or any other magic item from a companion for even a single round, nor may she herrself cast a spell from a scroll, wand, or staff. She may carry non-magical healing draughts for personal emergencies, and can benefit from friendly spells cast by other party members.

The monk taking a vow of poverty must never own more than ten possessions—a simple set of clothing, a pair of sandals or shoes, a bowl, a sack, a blanket, and any one other item. These items must be of plain and simple make, though as mentioned above, a valuable item may be temporarily bestowed to the monk by her monastery.

The monk can never keep more money or wealth on his person than she needs to feed, bathe, and shelter himself for 1 week in modest accommodations. She cannot borrow or carry wealth or items worth more than 50 gp that belong to others.
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