1) Undermountain, the beginning.

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Re: Undermountain, the beginning.

Post Thu Apr 24, 2014 12:01 am

Oypeen rises up through the well standing in a regal pose. He bows magnificently to the tavern crowd and announces quite loudly, "Carnage of Steel has returned from the bowels of Undermountain bearing good cheer for all." He then begins tossing gold coins like he's the marshall on a float in the parade at mardi gras. ((he'll throw up to 100 gold coins if he has that many on him. I wasn't really keeping track.

"Drink up! Be Merry! For the nectar of life taste oh so much sweeter when you are fresh from the jaws of death. Undermopuntain has not seen the last of Carnage of Steel!"

Once in the adventurers room he will ask Durnan for the names of some of the better wizards in town who can teach him a new spell.

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