BFRPG Art Forum RULES and GUIDELINES {Please Read}

This forum is for requesting, submitting, and discussing artwork for the project.
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BFRPG Art Forum RULES and GUIDELINES {Please Read}

Post Thu Feb 07, 2013 11:53 am

Hi, Welcome to the new Forum for all things related to Art for Basic Fantasy RPG!

This forum is a place to collect artwork and artists that wish to help further the work done in this great forum for the furthering of our beloved hobby. It's also a place to find an artist, make requests or just view the pieces of art being offered up to be used in BFRPG's products.

We will have a few rules for the Forum and want to make sure everyone enjoys their stay.

1. Any rule here is superseded by any rule in the main BFRPG forums.
2. This is a family forum, so keep that in mind, when drawing, or adding a drawing.
3. There will be a thread for Art requests. Please keep that the primary way of asking for art. No thread jacking. Please, before requesting artwork, if you are not a member of the moderation team or the Showcase, contact a moderator for permission. We don't ask artists to do work on things that are not slated for printing; as we don't pay them, the reward they get is their art appearing in print. Asking for art for a work that won't be put into print is basically asking the artist to work truly and entirely for free.
4. Comments and critiques are ALWAYS warranted. Please feel free to let the artist know what you think (but remember that the comments are meant to be constructive, not destructive.)
5. Any artist wishing to post and showcase his/her art, should make a new thread.
6. Any art created and posted into your thread/showcase should have a link to the original info/data you are drawing for. This is so others can see what the work was done for and maybe offer help.
7. Any artwork posted here within the artwork forum is to be used/reused for BFRPG with explicit permission by the posting artist. Work posted for use by BFRPG is still owned by the original artist, but given permission to BFRPG to be used within it's publication. By giving permission for the art to be used, is not a binding contract for payment or reimbursement for the art itself. Essentially, if you post it here for us to use, then you're saying we can keep it and use it and if warranted, we can reuse it elsewhere in another publication.
8. Any art used here for BFRPG will be credited to the originating artist.
9. No open "Will work for paypal cash!" threads. If you wish to advertise your blog/deviant art page/facebook image folder/website, please put it into your signature as a link. If you wish paid for your art, that should be discussed within the PM between you and the client requesting art.

Submission guidelines:

1. Art must be scanned in at 300 dpi minimum.
2. Art should be grayscale, or easily converted to grayscale if colored, for easy formatting.
3. Artwork should be a .jpg, .png or similar file type to be easily opened by those who add it to works.
(Don't be using some weird file extension that people may not have the program available to open it with.
4. Large format images should be a link if hosted off site, do not use the big format to make a {img} so you can preview the piece in the thread. (large format pics will break the forum format and oversize the page)
Link to the original large format pic, then make a small one under 600 pixels wide if you want to post a pic of it in the forums.
5. No stealing of art from other sources to be submitted here. Though, exception for Vintage or Out of Copyright (old) artwork is OK. If you find something really good that works well for BFRPG projects, that is OK. But no clip-art stuff. That stuff is often free for personal use, but often still includes clauses that preclude other forms of re-use.

More to be added as we move along.

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