BFRPG Miniatures?

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BFRPG Miniatures?

Post Sat Jan 02, 2016 11:27 am

Random thought here. I've just recently registered at Cardboard Warriors and was looking at the number of free, and some pay, cardboard RPG miniatures and terrain there and got an idea.

My first thought, mainly focused on some of the art I've created, is to make cardboard print and play miniatures for BFRPG characters like Aura the Cleric. I think these could be a nice little item of artwork to add to this project and the downloads section. I've encountered a wide variety of games that have these miniatures (for example, the computer game Fallout: Tactics has a PDF of the Fallout Tactics Wargame with print and play miniatures; in the wargame world, Ground Zero Games and Amarillo Design Group both have cardboard miniatures for their starship combat games along with 'lite' rules to get the basics down and hook people into playing the larger miniatures rules and models).

My second though, long term, is that I'm learning to sculpt 28mm and 15mm figures. I might take a crack at BFRPG characters when I start making humans that look human in epoxy.

Obviously, I think the first thought is very doable. We have some great artists here who contributed awesome stuff to the Rulebook that got me hooked, and eventually drawing for BFRPG as well. A set of paper minis with the pre-generated characters just seems naturally to me.
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Re: BFRPG Miniatures?

Post Sun Jan 03, 2016 12:23 pm

Actually, back around 2006 or 2007 I put together a set of fold-up figures (like Cardboard Heroes) using Steve Zieser's artwork. They were released on Dragonsfoot. I'm actually not sure where the source document went... I'll have to find it.
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