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Setting Notes

Posted: Wed Oct 24, 2012 10:18 pm
by Joe the Rat
Setting Notes – The Wildlands
The Wildlands are an old and storied region, far west of the major kingdoms of the Known Lands. In ages past, it was the home of powerful and majestic Old Kingdoms, full of wonder and great magics. These kingdoms are long since disappeared, destroyed in some war or magical cataclysm that scarred the region with strange and lingering wild magics, and dangerous portals to unknown Realms. All that remains of the Old Kingdoms are hidden dungeons – underground ruins and mysterious catacombs scattered across the lands. The treasures rumored to lie within have brought treasure seekers and tyrants, monarchs and marauders, with many wars fought for control of these lands.

The strife has left this a wild land full of misplaced peoples, brave travelers and vile bandits, roving monsters and a veritable treasure trove of mysterious dungeons. Villages and small holdings are scattered here and there, as well as the occasional “kingdom”. But much of the land is uncontrolled: Monsters roaming the forests and mountains, humanoid tribes and bandits threatening those who dare test the many trails and roads. But there is much to gain here: fortunes to be won, ancient secrets to learn, monsters to be fought, magic treasures to claim, and lands to defend, or claim as your own… if you can hold it.

Other lands, Kingdoms, Religions, etc.: We’ll fill in as we go.

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Posted: Wed Nov 14, 2012 10:23 pm
by Joe the Rat
Places of Note
Ravensgate: A large city-state/trading outpost near the eastern borders of the Wildlands. Merchants and treasure-hunters alike pass through the city, an important (and hopefully profitable) stop.

Lakeford: A mostly human settlement renowned for its wines, and a nearby island with an ancient abandoned fortress.

Stonefall: An on-and-off Dwarven mining settlement. The mining is good, but the natives can be troublesome.

Grenwood: An abandoned village, once a prosperous stopover near the crossroads for Lakeford, Stonefall, and the Eastern Road.

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Posted: Wed Nov 14, 2012 10:38 pm
by Joe the Rat
Deities and Local Religions
Fyodor Fromme God of the Traveled Way
Hywaywolf wrote:Both bandit and traveler pray to him because it is he that keeps The Way open. The Way to enlightenment is to learn knowledge of our world and to do that one must travel to see it. But the weak are not welcome on The Way. Only the strong deserve the rewards of The Way. Thus bandits are as cherished as the traveler, as they are the ones that provide the test to judge who is worthy of enlightenment.

I like holy symbols with a solid handle, like a cross, that one holds out menacingly. So maybe an up down shaft with carvings of travelers on foot, horse and wagon. and on the cross member carvings of armed bandits waiting in ambush. The red gem in the middle symbolizing the fire that guards them both from the horrors of the night.
Luceans - Followers of the Seven Crowns
The Luceans follow a pantheon of the Sun - seven saint-like "Crowns" who guide the Sun on its daily course. They are a welcoming faith, taking all peoples and races that will accept their teachings on the value of Order and Honor. They are commonly associated with the Sun, Light, Law, Protection, Wisdom, and Justice. Their symbol is a seven-rayed sun, in bronze or gold. White, yellow, and gold are common colors in their raiment.

Yuga the Collector, The Personification of Death
Yuga is the end of things, the one that waits to collect souls in his/her/its Black Bowl. Those who die in the favor of their gods will have their souls retrieved, or bargained away from Yuga. Those who are out of favor could end up in a variety of dire fates, every tale worst than the last. Yuga tends to be invoked as a sort of bogeyman, a reminder to live right while you are alive. While many may acknowledge Yuga, worshiping Yuga is considered suicidal. Yuga does not grant favors, and will likely resent the distraction from the endless duties.

Gurgurach (Kobold Deity)

[More later]