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Need help figuring out the Roll20 Character sheets

Posted: Wed Apr 15, 2020 2:32 pm
by AnonKobold
To make a long story short, I'm taking that big step that probably every player does at least once, Learning to DM and DM'ing a game.

Thing is while I'm learning to DM and making a character to get a feel for things, making combat maps and such, The BFRPG Roll20 character sheet seems... confusing like there's too many options, from the PDF's I've seen; The character sheet looks rather simple, simple enough to make one in Notepad.

Did I just not read enough of the Handbook or something? (The base handbook and maybe some equipment and monsterous races splatbooks, Haven't touched Iron Falcon.)

Edit:Figured it out, have to leave some things empty being I'm using just the core rulebook , some splatbooks and not IF's rules.

Re: Need help figuring out the Roll20 Character sheets

Posted: Wed Apr 15, 2020 5:06 pm
by teaman
When I put my pregens up in roll20, they look like this:
roll20.png (207.06 KiB) Viewed 1177 times
There is a character sheet that you can attach when you create your game, but I don't use them. Just paste your info into the Bio & Info box on the character handout (make sure it is accessible to all players)

And for one-shots, I often use the 3rd level pregens document from the showcase: ... ens-r8.pdf ... ens-r8.odt

Hope this helps and happy to try to answer any other questions.

Re: Need help figuring out the Roll20 Character sheets

Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2020 12:09 am
by AnonKobold
Forgive me for saying this but, huh?

Wait Figured it out... just have to exclude some things... man if only there was a simplified sheet rather than the Iron Falcon sheet or like an option to use the IF sheet.

Re: Need help figuring out the Roll20 Character sheets

Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2020 1:10 pm
by Metroknight
The Roll20 sheet was expanded to cover some of the more popular supplements while supporting the core rules. It handles the secondary skills and combat options supplements on the optional tab.

The sheet is set up in the following:

Main tab has the appearance, vision, languages, and alignment section along with the Ability section. This has a column of buttons for the Optional Ability Score use which the number is at the bottom of the abilities. The Experience section is semi-automated in the manner that you put your next level XP and update the current XP, it will track the XP needed to reach your next level. I included a Class/Racial Notes so you can list Save mods and such.

Abilities tab has 3 sections: Thieves, Cleric, and the basic ability that everyone has. The thieves section can be altered to cover other classes that use the percentage rolls such as a scout. The cleric section is designed to handle clerics or druids. The basic ability section is everything gleaned from the book that every character can do: Surprize, Detect Stonework (dwarves), Find secret doors (elf and half-elf), Spot secret door (elves causal use), Find traps, hear noise, the three types of opening doors (stuck, locked, and bend bars). For those three I had to dig around in the book and ask questions about in the forums.

Combat tab has your hit points, attack bonus, movement, initiative, saving throws, an expandable melee weapon table, and an expandable range weapon table. The complex part is the expandable tables but they are rather simple to use. They have a dice button at the end of each entry row to make the to hit and damage roll with a press.

Melee section
The mastery tab is for the optional weapon mastery rules.
The Generic hit and damage modifiers are just that. They are just generic.
The magic bonus is for the modifiers that affect both to hit and damage.
The ability to hit mod is for the optional ability rule of using dex or str or none.
The damage is just for you to put in the dice number be it 1d4, 1d6, or larger.
The fields you can not input are handled through other fields. Take the attack bonus. That is set up higher and it is reflected in all attacks.

Missle/Thrown section
This follows the same pattern as the melee section but it handles an additional "combat option" rules such as the ability hit and damage modifier options. The range drop-down covers the short, medium, and long range modifiers.

Armor class section covers the core armor and I expanded it to include the Equipment Emporium armor. The magic bonus is for magical armor mods. The shield field is for shields, Misc field is for things like rings of protection or other odd protection items. The note is so you can make a quick note about the magical items.

To be continued...

Re: Need help figuring out the Roll20 Character sheets

Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2020 1:30 pm
by Metroknight

Spellbook tab is set up to help with tracking your spell slots (max and used) and the spell book. The spell book is designed to handle 0 level to level 7 which means it can handle the various supplements that expand the core rules. I have various fields so you can input any needed information. I had to make it so each entry is a toolbox and you use what you need. Some spells have specific saves and they cause specific results so if you have a breath weapon save for half, you can set it up to say that. There are healing spells so you can put in the dice amount and if it gets a stat (ability)bonus. There is the standard damage spells such as magic missile, fireball, or something else. That is the various damage fields. The effects is what you describe for what the spell looks like or does.

The spell info button sends any and all info that has been checkmark and filled out to the chat.

Equipment tab has a treasure note field, Coins carried, the weight carried (tallied from the coins and equipment listed below) and your carry capacity. The equipment list has four fields: Name, qty, weight, and notes. The qty and weight are set up for individual counting. This means if an item weighs 10lbs and you have 3, it will be counted up as 30lbs in the weight section.

The Optional tab handles Secondary skills and it only has reference fields for combat mastery. I kept those two separate due to not being very sure about how to implement them into the field.

At the bottom of the sheet is a Game note field. This is for the players to type in any note they wish about that game session or anything else. I added it due to many requests for a note field.

There is an NPC section but it is usually overlooked. Just underneath the Main tab button is a tiny button that says PC or NPC. If it is clicked on and says NPC, it adds a small stat block for monsters and such.

Re: Need help figuring out the Roll20 Character sheets

Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2020 1:32 pm
by Metroknight
Now you know why it is set up like it is and why it seems to be complex and confusing.

Re: Need help figuring out the Roll20 Character sheets

Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2020 5:15 pm
by Solomoriah

Okay, now I'm not happy. I had not realized that my game I ran last night was still using the old character sheet, so I switched to the new one. EGAD. The fields don't use the same names, so effectively the sheets my players filled out are mostly GONE. I am NOT happy about this... now I have to go and ask them to redo their sheets, which is not fair to them or to me, since I apparently can't change it back.

I am also not happy that the sheet is not "vanilla." IMO there should be a way to turn OFF all the things that are not supposed to be there... Alignment, for example. DANG. This is going to be a pain.

Re: Need help figuring out the Roll20 Character sheets

Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2020 5:28 pm
by Solomoriah
... having spent a few more minutes with this sheet, I have to say that I HATE IT. I'm so sorry to have to say that, but it is not what I want in a character sheet at all. The fact that the equipment list requires you to click the "plus" each time you add an item is just useless friction. And it's just TOO MUCH. A Basic Fantasy RPG character sheet should not need more than two tabs.

Is there ANY POSSIBILITY that Roll20 can be induced to offer a simple, more "basic" character sheet? Something like the old "deprecated" one that I was using in the first place?

Re: Need help figuring out the Roll20 Character sheets

Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2020 5:37 pm
by Solomoriah
I could do a custom character sheet, but I'll have to pay. I think I can get it good with just a one month subscription, so it may be worth it... I just don't want to cut into the money I'm holding back for Al Cook too much.

Re: Need help figuring out the Roll20 Character sheets

Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2020 7:07 pm
by Metroknight
Your original code is still on the github so just reach out to the roll20 devs and have them replace the current sheet with your code. No hard feelings as it is your game and your right.