Are humans really this bad? Looking for alternate bonuses.

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Re: Are humans really this bad? Looking for alternate bonuses.

Post Mon Feb 03, 2020 10:19 pm

I've had some of the same thoughts. In fact, in that linked thread people point out that a 20% XP bonus might have been better. Next time I run a campaign, that's what I'm going to do.

Other incentives for humans might be judicious application of optional rules. Perhaps only humans can:
* -1/+2 point swap at character creation
* swap rolls at character creation
* utilize customization such as thieves' point distribution, fighter's weapon specialization, etc
* recover from zero HP (watch this make humans VERY popular)
* (just made this one up) allow humans to customize saves

And in your campaign, even if there's not discrimination against non-humans, consider:
* Longsword +1, usable only by human (or elven) fighter
* items that max a stat (18 for a human is only 17 for a non-human)
* skills only humans can learn (potion making, setting wards, etc)

And keep in mind that darkvision isn't meant to be biological night-vision goggles. It's something that allows you to see vague outlines in complete darkness, such that an open pit might not even be readily noticeable unless you're about to fall in.
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Re: Are humans really this bad? Looking for alternate bonuses.

Post Tue Feb 04, 2020 10:39 am

There are tons of options one can choose from:

You can limit weapon and armor access to non-human, dwarven and elven anatomy and training makes them to require specific sets of armors and not use some weapons (no ax wielding elves, no sword wielding dwarves, elves preferring light weapons, etc)

You can give some bonus to humans at character creation:
Maybe they are the only ones to rearrange their ability rolls, or can reroll a bad score, or add a d6 to a low score, maybe they get a +1 to a score and no penalty, or they roll less d6s but have a pool point to increase them.
Maybe they get a saving bonus to a save of their choosing or against a situation of their choosing.
If you use some kind of skill system maybe they start with more points, and/or gains points more quickly.
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Re: Are humans really this bad? Looking for alternate bonuses.

Post Tue Feb 04, 2020 6:21 pm

Maybe let humans re-roll any roll once per day.
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Re: Are humans really this bad? Looking for alternate bonuses.

Post Tue Feb 04, 2020 10:40 pm

How about ... demi-humans are known to be tastier than humans (i.e. more likely to be targeted by carnivorous monsters).
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Re: Are humans really this bad? Looking for alternate bonuses.

Post Tue Feb 04, 2020 11:35 pm

I house ruled that only humans have the ability to increase stats over time and I've bumped them up to +20% XP bonus. I also stripped dark vision from the elves and half elves in my game world.
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Re: Are humans really this bad? Looking for alternate bonuses.

Post Wed Feb 05, 2020 7:17 am

One can always give them the option of the Combo-Classes as well (perhaps tweaked a bit, as some portions of those rules assume certain races only take the combo ie. FMU HD is a function of elf/gnome inherent hd limitation). I also include a couple extra combo class combinations to include CL-MU, CL-Thief, F-CL (although no one has actually taken up these options in my game before).
Cleric-Magic-User (theurge or witch-doctor according to how player wants to be perceived, or how the race view it (orcs & other humanoids are often witch-doctors as described in old edition monster manuals).

Humans get to combo class as desired.

I use 20% bonus XP

I use an expanded ability score bonus table (goes out further to the 20's), and I use a increase ability stat function. Every level divided by 5 (ie 5, 10, 15...) characters can increase one stat by 1 point; however humans get this on every level divisible by 4 (ie 4, 8, 12, 16...).

I usually do a few campaign/roleplay things that favor humans. Shopkeeper bias, Innkeeper wont allow half-orc to stay in inn (but will take his coin for drinks)... that sort of thing.

Bear in mind that these functions are mostly in the head of the player. It is all about the psychology. They feel better because they have certain benefits over others... or so they think. In reality, these options rarely come about in actual play, or just barely get touched upon. As noted above, players rarely (for me they have never) take the combo-class options that are offered... but they are there. Also, rare for campaigns to go long enough for the bonus situation to occur more than once (unless starting at an advanced level).... but again, the player FEELS like they have an edge. More power to their head, is how I feel about it. Because it rarely comes up, or minimally shows... it does not break my game balance.
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