Tinkering with Saves

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Tinkering with Saves

Post Wed Mar 27, 2019 8:27 pm

Hi Everyone,

I've lurked for a long time, but decided to make an account so I could get some feedback on an idea. Call me a non-traditionalist, but I'm not a fan of OD&D/AD&D style saves. I'd much prefer to have saves based on attributes. But, I recognize attribute values aren't anticipated to change RAW. I feel like I have an approach that might work, but looking to the expertise here to see if I'm doing anything really funky.

We probably all know the traditional FORT/REF/WILL saves from 3e. I want to return to these, but recognize they don't solve all problems. Loosely, I'm thinking of expanding these, adding BRAWN (Str), SHARP (Int) and CHARM (Cha) to the mix. These would be based on the corresponding ability score modifier, adding 1/2 Level (round down) to the score. In this format, these serve not only as saves but also as a defacto skill system of sorts. The target number for a save against these would be 15. Saving throw bonuses would still apply.

Part of my impetus here is to increase choice on the part of the player -- saves may be made against different sources using different approaches, as makes sense in the specific fiction. And because these can also support 'skill like' rolls, characters will tend to be good at various things, without being bogged down with declaring specific skills. Character niche remains in effect because usually characters ability scores align with their class choice for simple mechanical advantage.

To me, this is baked enough to try at the table. Would love others impressions as well. What do you think? Roast or toast?
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Re: Tinkering with Saves

Post Wed Mar 27, 2019 9:17 pm

You can use the Ability Rolls Optional Rule (page 153) with mods based on race and class if you want to differentiate the different saves besides attribute modifiers.
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Re: Tinkering with Saves

Post Wed Mar 27, 2019 10:25 pm

There are no game materials here, so this is a discussion thread; thus, I'm moving it to General Discussion.
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