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Re: Complete tool for game masters

Post Mon May 14, 2018 1:05 am

markwittens wrote:
Sun Sep 17, 2017 2:46 pm
for a GM there is still much to keep track of and/or look up during the game (like everyones abilities, hit tables, what reach has a spell X, how many items does player Y carry and how much do they weight, does everyone still have enough food and water, money, etc. etc.).
I know very little about programming, but I think that would be a hard thing to achieve.

What I do, for instance, is that after a good day adventuring, in the night I ask one of the characters (the one with scouting tasks, if there is one) to make a Wisdom roll (1d20; roll under his value or equal to succeed). In a failure, each has roll 1d6, and each number means a different result from one of several tables I made: the result might mean he lost a weapon or item, food is spoiled, they lost track and got lost in the forest, or a variety of things of the sort.

Also, sometimes we carry out an oudit of items and encumbrance. If the archer wrote in his sheet he has 20 arrows and he has used his bow several times these past days, we determine how many arrows he still has with whatever random doll I think of at the moment (you have 1d20 useful arrows; you have 16 minus 1d6 arrows). If at least one character is carrying heavy weight, they roll in a different list; one result means they are tired and are supposed to have traveled under forced marches, meaning they will suffer a -1 penalty on all attacks and Condition-based rolls the next day.

All this is easier than keeping track of things I always forget about, anyway.
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