CAD tools for Game Designers and Game Masters...

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CAD tools for Game Designers and Game Masters...

Post Sat Jul 15, 2017 3:23 pm

Sorry, its been too long since I last checked in...

...but there are good things about this. I've been done with my Precision Machine/Mechanical Design degree/certificate program that I started in 2013 (finished in November 2015, walked at graduation in May 2016) and have been working over 40 hours a week since January 2016!

I got hired to do CAD (computer aided drafting or design depending on who you ask). Which means, I draw machines all day using CAD. It also means, I use a lot of CAD and can turn those resources toward making cool things for gaming as well. For example, those hex sheets I made a while back, I think I'm going to improve on them using CAD and the precision that can be achieved using CAD instead of a vector editor.

That, and given how easily many programs export to SVG from DWG (the AutoCAD file format), it should be easy to develop some nice BFRPG mapping tools. Get me some ideas of what you'd like to see for blocks to past into a map, and I'll see what I can draw up in CAD above really precise hex grids!
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