Multiple questions.

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Re: Multiple questions.

Post Mon Jan 30, 2017 12:26 pm

xBlackHeartx wrote:There's no way the party could win! Even taking into account that they'll be fighting in a [spoiler]1-tile wide tunnel, they would still have to hack through 15 goblins and 3 hobgoblins[/spoiler]
One of the hallmarks of the BFRPG-style of "Old School Gaming" is an emphasis on player skill as well as PC power.

15 goblins and 3 hobgoblins will definitely present a challenge for a low level group if fought head on. But if the players are smart, use the environment and work together, they should be able to split the mob into smaller groups, knock a bunch of them out with spells, etc.

But, again, nothing in BFRPG and other old-school games assumes any sort of mechanical balance in encounters as was done in the 3.5-5e versions of D&D.
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Re: Multiple questions.

Post Mon Jan 30, 2017 1:23 pm

Not every battle is meant to be won head on... The most important thing about a fight, is knowing when to fight it.
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Re: Multiple questions.

Post Mon Jan 30, 2017 6:55 pm

1 - A shield arm is not a free hand, in my view. Or any hand in which you have a weapon.

2 - I'd say you can't wear a lantern. It requires a hand. Find a 3rd level cleric and pay them to make you medallions of continual light as soon as possible.

3 - first of all you make a successful wrestling attack. If that's successful, you make another attack, ingoring armor. Adding your strength bonus and subtract the opponent's. If you succeed, they are down and you are on top of them.

4 - honestly, if I were playing by myself, I would use a random dungeon generator. The dungeoneer would work.

Or you could get hold of an old Dungeon Master's Guide from 1st edition and use the tables in there, but adapt to BFRPG monsters when they were encountered. could play online?
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Re: Multiple questions.

Post Mon Jan 30, 2017 8:35 pm

There is a few old TSR modules made for Solo play, you could check those out too.
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Re: Multiple questions.

Post Mon Jan 30, 2017 9:36 pm

Longman wrote:2 - I'd say you can't wear a lantern. It requires a hand. Find a 3rd level cleric and pay them to make you medallions of continual light as soon as possible.
4th level. Just sayin'.
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Re: Multiple questions.

Post Mon Jan 30, 2017 10:22 pm

xBlackHeartx wrote: 2. Can a character wear a lantern? I assumed no after I read a forum thread (not related to this game though) about how impractical that would be. Best case scenario, the oil would spill out and/or the lantern would limit your movement. Worst case scenario, you set yourself on fire.
Well, if you can creatively come up with a way to do it, it's up to the DM. I see photographers wearing their flashes (including large diffusers) at conventions by attaching a boom to their backpack or harness, so I don't know why a lantern would be that different. Though if it were me DM'ing, I'd say, "sure, but you get a movement penalty," to keep it balanced.
xBlackHeartx wrote: 4. How do you design an adventure? I have no idea what I can throw at my little party and what I can't.
This is a huge question that cannot be answered shortly. First, a general tip: create situations, not stories. Putting players (or rather, their characters) on a rail tends not to be very fun. Nothing in your adventure should depend critically on anybody doing anything in particular. There's ways to deal with this that are beyond the scope of a forum post, but there's a lot of good advice out there how to create adventures.

How much can you throw at a party? Figure out the relative probabilities of monsters hitting players and vice versa. Figure out each side's total HP. Figure out each side's average damage. That'll tell you how long it takes one side to whittle the other down. It's not exact, of course, and players will often do better by creative tactics. But if your party wipes out 10 enemies in 2 rounds, maybe the challenge is too low. If it's likely somebody dies in the first round, probably too tough.

In general, keep in mind that it's fair to protect your players' characters from bad luck. Three natural 1s in a row can take out a player or whole party, but I think the fewest players would object if you gave them some creative benefit so they have a small chance at survival. Maybe the PC dies but they can take over an NPC. At the same time, you don't have to (and probably shouldn't) protect players from stupidity.

Did I see you plan on playing solo? You can find random map generators online and just try it that way. There's ways to stock monsters and treasure, too, using random input. I think this would get repetitive after a while; it's how I played my first games, too, pretty much. But it's a good way to get to know the mechanics. Of course, you'll miss out on any real surprises and roleplaying, but that's of different amounts of importance to different people.

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