Basic Fantasy Project Team Member Introductions

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Basic Fantasy Project Team Member Introductions

Post Sun Jul 19, 2015 11:13 pm

Hi, I'm Solomoriah, known in real life as Chris Gonnerman. I'm the original author and principal rights-holder for the Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game Core Rules, as well as several of our publications. I'm also the owner and administrator of this forum.

I've created this thread so that new members can easily find out who is who. Team members will each add a post below telling you about his or her position in the team. Hopefully this will help new members to know who to talk to about any question, issue, or opportunity relevant to the Basic Fantasy Project.

Who is a team member?

- Me (of course)
- Moderators
- Members with Showcase access (basically anyone whose name has ever appeared as an author, contributor, proofreader, or artist in any of the publications on the Downloads page)

If you are a team member (as explained above), please post an introduction as a new thread and send me a PM to call my attention to it. I'll verify your eligibility (most likely, I already know you) and pull your intro into this thread. Keeping the thread locked should help prevent spam postings. This isn't a thread for introductions of forum members, but rather for introductions of contributors to the Project.
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Re: Basic Fantasy Project -- Team Member Introduction

Post Mon Jul 20, 2015 6:58 am

Hello, SmootRK = Robert Kevin Smoot, and I generally go by Kevin, although to many I am just Smoot. I help to moderate on the forums.

Even prior to when the forums were fresh and new I worked on re-writing of a few of the early Supplements in order to give a more uniform format, and to remove unnecessary back and forth referencing between the supplements and the core rules (a personal peeve is seeing a supplement that says something akin to "Attacks like Thief, Saves like MU and Spells progression like Cleric" - gosh darn it, just spell things out so folks don't have to flip through several sections of the rules). You can see this work in the Druid and Illusionist Supplement among others that were edited along the way.

Soon enough I was creating additional content as well. Named in homage to Len Lakofka's early work, I created the Grave Master (aka Death Master), later renamed Necromancer. Quasi-Classes were first developed by me. I also created Supplements with additional player races, heavily re-wrote the Monster Races, and created a small array of work that can be located within the Showcase Section of the downloadable content for BFRPG. I was the principal compiler/editor of the Field Guide for a time (and major contributor of many of the original creations within), but when life's struggles were upon me this work bogged down. I was very happy when work was resumed and ultimately finished up due to the efforts of Chiisu81, Solomoriah, among other contributors.

I always have an array of half-finished ideas. It is worth noting that I tend to really embrace the collaborative contribution method when I am actively working on material. I will often utilize the forums fishing for critiques and ideas while developing my ideas. While it is a little more rare these days, if you see me posting some work on the forums, feel free to jump in and point out things, offer suggestions and corrections, and otherwise help me make better supplements.

As I noted, life has had a few wrinkles for me to iron out in recent years. I am less active these days in the writing/producing areas, but I am still around daily to read (really mostly lurking) and give my 2 cents when I can. And of course, if anyone needs my attention, they need just ask.
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Re: Basic Fantasy Project -- Team Member Introduction

Post Mon Jul 20, 2015 6:33 pm

Hi, I am Hywaywolf. I have been around Basic Fantasy since 2006 when I was looking to return to my gaming roots (basic/expert ruleset) but instead found Solomoriah's game. My daughters and I served as playtesters before they grew too old to want to play games with their old man.

I am a moderator because I had the bright idea to ask Solomoriah to include on workshop threads the download link for the supplement/module/form/etc the workshop thread was about. For my sins, Solomoriah made me a mod and told me to do it myself. I am not very active as a mod when it comes to telling people what they can post but I do feel that my long presence here gives me a good insight into what BF is and help keep it on the right track.
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Re: Basic Fantasy Project -- Team Member Introduction

Post Tue Jul 21, 2015 9:46 am

Hello I'm chiisu81, James Lemon in the credits. I've been around the game and forums for a few years now, favoring it due to the open-source nature of it and the very friendly community (still the best!).

I started out helping point out little edits and corrections in finished and near-finished works, and then took the full plunge when I took on getting the Field Guide finished up and ready for print (although so much work was already done by Smoot and contributors, and Solo did most of the finalized layout). I probably am the one who bugs Solo the most to update items on the website and such. ;)
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Re: Basic Fantasy Project Team Member Introductions

Post Wed Jul 22, 2015 12:05 pm

Greetings Starfighter.... You have been chosen to defend the starleague against the Codan Armada..

Hello. i'm Shonuff. (DMCory other places). I guess i'm a moderator, because I was the one who took the artwork aspect of this awesome RPG we're all helping create and I decided to spearhead the art department. I can mainly be found in the workshop forum, or elsewhere in general discussion. I live off comments on my artwork, and can mainly keep me drawing with responses to my work. I'm egotistical like that.

I do a lot of Artwork for BFRPG. Mainly interiors, and a few black and White covers. I disappear from time to time, and have some ongoing Real life issues, but I always come back, looking for something to draw. I mainly work on finished pieces for BFRP , or something Smooty or Solomoriah tell me needs work. If you're looking for personal artwork done, i can do it but it'll be separate from my BFRPG work. (i.e. private comission and paid)
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Dimir's intro

Post Thu Jul 23, 2015 9:15 pm

Hi! You have been granted access to the following top secret data:

Name: Martin Serena.
Known as: Dimirag.
Known for: Alternative and non standard rules.
Contributions: Supplements, drawings, advises, tips and suggestions.
Specialized in: Simplistic gray-scale pencil drawings. Quasi-radical rules and sub-classes.
How I get here: Searching games, specially retro-clones that brake the mold.
Why I enter here: Great atmosphere and companionship.
Extra data: I started playing with non-classical games, and have a share of both old and new school, so I am a mix of both schools, liking the freedom of one school and the structure of the other, so BF strike me as a perfect base to shape into my liking, after a short time reading other member's ideas and supplements I understood that this place welcomes pretty much every idea someone has to offer so I started to participate, after some time uploading supplements Solo gifted me with Showcase access, and after some more time I started to upload drawing for both the Core Rules and the Field Guide.
My position in the Team: Drawing something once in a while, helping with the creation of supplements or alternative rules or ideas.
Sorry for any misspelling or writing error, I am not a native English speaker
Drawing portfolio:
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Dymondy2k's Member Intro

Post Wed Jul 29, 2015 5:52 pm

I liked Dimirags format so I stole it and tweaked it a bit..

Name: Dave Gerard
Known as: Dymond or Dymondy2k
Known for: Adventure contributions and helping to get AA1 out the door..
Contributions: A few adventures in AA1 and AA2, The 'Tales from the Laughing Dragon' module.
Specialize in: Writing adventures, creating maps with Mapmatic and assisting others.
How I got here: Was looking for something that had that old school feel that I could play with my kids..
Why I stay here: Some really good people, I love the game and want to keep contributing to it.
About Me: I began playing D&D B/E in 1978 with some friends. We didn't live in a great neighborhood and the game did a great job keeping us out of trouble. I eventually drifted away from gaming but always had a love for it. BFRPG got me back into gaming and now I play Pathfinder, 5e and even am the keeper for a monthly Call of Cthulhu game. I know alot of these aren't OSR but TBH I'm just about the roleplay and I'll take it where I can get it!
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Team Introduction - AlMan

Post Tue Mar 08, 2016 12:34 am

Greetings Programs,

My name on the board is AlMan in the real world it is Alan Vetter, I work as a System Analyst for a university. I started gaming in 1982, we played the second edition of SPI Dragon Quest. When my son and daughter expressed an interest in playing with the DnD Club at their school I found BFRPG and ran them through a scenario or two, so they could get a feel for what to expect. The teacher that is charge of the group later told me my daughter made many good decisions that kept her team out of trouble.

For BFRPG I made some edit suggestions on Adventure Anthology 2 and then did a major edit on the JN3-Saga of the Giants module. I also found that there wasn't a leprechaun in any list of monsters so I wrote up that description too. Future looks like CS1-Castle by the Sea anthology, then looking into some of the other modules. At some point I may write up an adventure, for right now I'm happy reading over the material that the other great BFRPG contributors come up with.

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