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The Ballyman Waits

Post by Longman » Sun Aug 06, 2017 7:56 pm

Hi all,

This seems like the only place on here for me to tell you about my novel The Ballyman Waits, recently published by Stone Table Books in Melbourne, Australia.


Henry Mighty and Strange Moran are concerned with keeping the pub on the isolated island of Mora running, observing proper customs at all times, and of course, saving Henry’s young and magical nephew Wayward from the Kildareen Empire. It didn’t seem too much to ask from a pair of hearty and well-mannered wood elves. But as they drink and ponder their options, a pair of raft men are being drawn their way, the high elves are about to make their first appearance since their defeat by the Kildareens more than a century earlier, and a powerful and ambitious wizard is about to leave his plotting in the dwarven mines of Elonia and turn his attention to their little island. In the midst of it all, a strange and powerful creature known as the Ballyman is also being drawn, on his little coracle, to Mora. But will the appearance of the Ballyman save them, or bring down the wrath of the Kildareen Empire?

You can get it on Amazon in the UK. I think Book Depository is the only place it is available in the US. ... 0648118606 ... 0648118602
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