The Old Island Fortress...plundered!

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The Old Island Fortress...plundered!

Post Sun Feb 09, 2014 9:08 pm

After 4 sessions, the group finally completed The Old Island Fortress this evening. I ran it using the first alternate ending and, unfortunately, the party thief was cut down in the final conflict; but the players had a great time. Thumbs up around the table for the BFRPG system. I'm going to run them through The Nameless Dungeon starting in a few weeks. Once they finish that trek, I think everyone will be comfortable enough with the mechanics that I can whisk the party off to Ravenstone and begin the campaign I have coming together in the back of my mind. Thanks to Chris and the rest of the BFRPG team...great system, great fun. Looking forward to many more nights to come.
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Re: The Old Island Fortress...plundered!

Post Sun Feb 09, 2014 9:59 pm

Oypeen- 30/30 Hp AC 24
Rykken- 24/24 Hp AC 20
Hermia- 39/39 Hp AC 18/20
Giovanni-40/40 Hp AC 22
Ravoneth-35/35 Hp AC 18
Maephina-30/30 Hp AC 16/18 ... &mapid=360
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