Genesis of the cleric class

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Re: Genesis of the cleric class

Post Tue Feb 11, 2014 7:29 pm

True enough as a player that generally considered myself "heroic", I pretty much killed anything that moved...

On a side note, I am venturing into the new Star Wars RPG. There is a free 40 page download that has a quick edition of the rules and a complete adventure, pre-gen characters included. In that game, there is the element of "The Force", which kind of replaces religion in that universe. Oddly enough while there are tons of options in character generation, only the "light side" force points in the game are available to players in order to turn things to their advantage. In contrast the "dark side" force points are available to the GM, for the purpose of aiding the Empire. You can be a skullduggery assassin, as long as you're generally heroic.
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