The Flesh Terror

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The Flesh Terror

Post Tue Feb 19, 2013 2:52 am

This is a monster based out of nightmares that I've recently chased my players with. it's something I'm working on but the players literally asked for a cigarette break because their hearts were in their throats from my description and the creature's part in the encounter.

First I'll post up the Flesh Terror. **********Warning.. it's...pretty gross.************

Flesh Terror

FQ: Very Rare
#AP: 1 (d4 Special)
AC: (base5) +
MV: 9"//9"
HD: (base 5+1) +
#AT: 1
D/A: 3-12 weapon +, or d8 fist +
SA: Paralyzation, Blood drain
SD: Silver or magic to hit, Fear Aura
MR: Immune to 1st level Arcane/Divine spells
INT: Average (high cunning)
AL: Chaotic Neutral
Size: L
Psionics: 200 PSPs
XP: 9000

Deep within dark and desecrated lands, where places of chaos and death from pain act like wounds upon the landscape, pure chaos can manifest and take form. The Flesh Terror is a manifested form of chaos and pain. It is a creature that is summoned to the prime material plane due to an unspeakable chaotic event, usually accompanied with tremendous amounts of pain. Once an area of land has seen enough pain, death and chaos, the land itself acts as a portal to summon the flesh terror to the plane and creates a tether and area of influence. This usually makes a bad area deadly worse. Flesh terrors are usually seen in areas of murder, mass genocide or even sacrificial altars or torture chambers.
The flesh terror always resembles a 7 foot tall humanoid, with pale white skin covering only their face, hands and feet. The rest of its thin, corpse-like body is skinless and it’s bleeding muscles showing and pulsing. The face of the flesh terror has no discernible features, and makes no outward emotional response when confronted or communicated with. On the wrists of the flesh terror hang multiple strands of their veins, dangling like the strings of a marionette puppet. On the ends of these veins are often severed parts of small children. These parts on the veins drag behind the flesh terror as it walks and advances toward more prey.
Upon sight of a flesh terror, any player character must make a save versus spells, or be paralyzed in terror for 1d4+1 rounds. If the player fails his first save with the flesh terror, he will always fail successive saves for that particular flesh terror. Once the flesh terror approaches, anyone not paralyzed within 20’ of the flesh terror will be affected by the spell Chaos and will continually affect them while in the 20’ radius. Once outside the radius, the spell duration is cast as if cast by level 8 wizard. There is a 50% chance the flesh terror will be dragging behind it a huge meat carving knife approximately 6 feet in length. Treat the weapon as a Great sword or claymore. If unarmed, it will attack with its fists. If the blade or the flesh terror’s fists it leaves a blackened burn mark around the wound, with stark white flesh on the edges of the wound itself. If the player is touched by the flesh terror, it will not only leave the blackened burn mark noted above, it will heal itself the amount of damage it does to the player. If any player is killed by a flesh terror, it will drain its soul, preventing it from reaching its deity or their plane. Once a soul is taken, another body part of a child will pop out from the flesh terror’s body and fall to the ground, held to the creature by a single vein. This prevents the character from being resurrected or brought back to life by any means short of a wish. For each body part or “soul” the flesh terror has taken, its stats increase by 1. It’s HD and HD bonus increase. The creature’s AC lowers by one and the damage bonus done by the weapon or fist gains an additional 1. The veins dragging the body parts behind it cannot be severed, and the flesh terror must be killed in order to release the most recent soul taken. In order to truly kill it, the flesh terror must be killed as many times as it has body parts dragging behind it. Once the final body part is released by the flesh terror, it can be laid to rest and the land it spawned from must be consecrated by a cleric.
In addition to the above power and abilities, the flesh terror is a creature of terror, chaos and pain. It has psionic abilities that it uses to heighten its prey’s fear. It will use its psionic abilities to dimension door or teleport anywhere in its area without error, and escape ranged damage, or get close and behind unsuspecting heroes. The flesh terror is not quite an undead creature, but it still can be turned. It turns as a “Special”, and can only be harmed by silver or magical weapons. Blessed normal weapons do half damage against a flesh terror. Also, magical spells either divine or arcane of 1st level, do not affect flesh terrors.

Summoning a Flesh Terror

Summoning a flesh terror into your plane of existence or creating one is a lengthy and intricate process. First a section of land must be found that fits the proper guidelines. First, there must be no holy or consecrated areas within 100 feet of the summoning. The land you wish to summon upon must be the site of some bloody and painful event. Sacrificial altars, scenes of bloody war or an entire murdered village make the best locations for summoning a flesh terror. Once you have a sufficiently desecrated area, a single solitary additional sacrifice must be made in the center of the area under a darkened, starless night sky.
Once the sacrifice of an innocent is done, the body itself becomes a portal to allow the flesh terror to cross into the new realm. The summoner of the flesh terror almost never lives to escape the area of control the flesh terror roams in, and thus gives the creature its first child body part. The more living creatures in the area taken over by the flesh terror are all sacrificed and increase the creature’s strength.

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Re: The Flesh Terror

Post Tue Feb 19, 2013 4:38 am

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Re: The Flesh Terror

Post Tue Feb 19, 2013 9:48 am

I agree with smootRK on it being creepy.

There was a misspell in the description "Once the flash terror approaches, anyone not paralyzed within 20’ of the flesh terror". Thought you might want to know.
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Re: The Flesh Terror

Post Tue Feb 19, 2013 1:34 pm

That's not a typo. The trenchcoat makes it that much worse.
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Re: The Flesh Terror

Post Sun Feb 24, 2013 1:11 pm

If a slightly more PG version of this can be written, then it would be nice for the Field Guide. Baby Body parts and such sorta push this beyond what I am comfortable with to put into the "official" stuff.
However, in my personal use, this is awesome scariness! :twisted:

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