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[Concept] First Campaign DMing. Suggestions and opinions?

Posted: Thu Nov 19, 2020 2:27 pm
by GrimlinJoe

In the World of Tarneth D'in there lies the region known as Skavros. A war ravaged land with a mysterious origin. Once discovered and founded by a brotherhood of clerics known only as The Order of the First Sons that quickly helped transform the landscape and establish the colony that would inhabit the region under the guide of their elder Varyus Rhyn. The capital city of Gray Spire would become the hub and heart of Skavros. As the world began to fall to raging wars of factions and tyrannical rulers, Skavros was taken from the people as war claimed the land. The Order of the First Sons were driven to near extinction and were driven into hiding forcing them to dwell in caves near the once prestigious capital. As the wars raged on a revolution came forward known as the great emancipation, forcing evil from the thrones and kingdoms that lay in their grasp for so long. Peace had now fallen on Tarneth D'in. Kingdoms joining forces to create the Guardians Council. Tarneth D'in would once again see a new age of democracy and peace spread throughout its lands. The Order of the First Sons would once again take their place as advisors to the kingdoms in their home of Skavros.

Though Skavros has been returned to the people it now sits under the rule of Lord Tyruis Black, a former war general who had sought to free Skavros from the choke holds of war. In recent months Lord Black had left Skavros to seek a summit with the Guardians Council. Once Lord Black Returned, the people of Gray Spire have noticed a change. The city of Gray Spire has now been closed off from the world seizing there import and export. The population is growing concerned as Gray Spire will surely be unable to thrive being isolated from the rest of the world. Skavros has now been named a neutral region. This will surely cause conflict as they are no longer under the blanket of the Guardians council and this could mean war may reach Skavros again.

Lord Black has grown hostile and paranoid in the coming weeks. He has issued a ban on all temple gatherings and cast out the remaining members of The Order of the First Sons. He has tripled his patrol forces. Skavros is reaching a boiling point and actions may soon need to be taken to ease this growing tension. Nights earlier the city of Gray Spire was awoken in the dead of night. Panic and fear spread through the city. Guards began ransacking the city declaring a thief has stolen from the kingdom.

Guards began ripping people from their homes. Lord Black threatened to begin executing citizens until what was his is returned. In his failed intimidation efforts he has desperately reached out to The Guardians Council in hopes that they may send someone to help reclaim the stolen object Lord Black holds so dear.

In Tarneth D'in, adventurers are seen as wardens of the lands tasked with enforcing law and order. They are held to the highest regard.



{Session Opening}

{A summons has been issued to you from the Guardians Council, requesting your immediate assistance in Skavros. Your journey though long has now brought you to the coast of Skavros. As your ship rolls through the growing waves you see off in the distance the great city of Gray Spire. Though suspiciously you can see smoke rising from parts of the city. As your ship nears the port of the city you are forcefully ejected from the boat and made to take the rest of the trip what little distance there is, in a raft.}

Re: [Concept] First Campaign DMing. Suggestions and opinions?

Posted: Tue Nov 24, 2020 10:39 am
by Seven
Nice map.

This reminds me of a videogame.

It seems you made it further, so it would seems pointless you give you suggestions at this point.

Re: [Concept] First Campaign DMing. Suggestions and opinions?

Posted: Tue Nov 24, 2020 10:54 am
by GrimlinJoe
Yeah I'm leading my players through the city now. (I like that it looks like a video game :))

The party was stopped at the docks and detained by a patrol guard. A lieutenant patrol guard retrieved them and as they began to approach the city gate they were attack by another guard for having a cleric in their party. Our fighter quickly dispatched the guard and the lieutenant dismissed the rest.

As they proceeded through town they noticed not all the guards are the same in appearance. They found some of the guards to bare a mark signifying they are part of a radical mercenary militia brought to gray spire to enforce Lord blacks bidding.

They were able to safely navigate through the city to the keep when they encountered the fabled Gray spire and were overcome by the presence of a sinister force radiating from it. Graves quickly ushered them away from it and they entered the keep to meet with Lord Black. As they approached the thrown room they could faintly overhear a conversation between Lord Black and an unknown character. The words of the unknow individual could not be interpreted by any members of the party. the last words they heard was from lord black stay "yes, it will be done."