New Class: Kennel Master

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New Class: Kennel Master

Post Tue Sep 29, 2020 11:08 am

Hello Everyone!

I have started gaming again after a huge amount of time away - specifically I'll be GMing for a neighbor and good friend, plus his two older kids (six and eight respectively). The six year old LOVES Paw Patrol. I was at a cookout this past weekend and he spent the entire time I was there talking about this show! So to help bridge what he likes with gaming, I created the Kennel Master. Our first session will probably be in about two weeks - so I don't have any play testing on this yet, but I'd love any feedback or thoughts!
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Re: New Class: Kennel Master

Post Tue Sep 29, 2020 11:41 am

Really cool idea. I could see my kids wanting to have this since they're already prone to bringing dogs along their adventure parties. I feel like I'd have to try it out to give you more meaningful feedback. I did think the part about number of dogs being based on Charisma but also their level was a little confusing.

Speaking of dogs, by the way, did you know there's a "Canein" race available in the "New Races" supplement? That might be of interest to the Paw Patrol. ... ent-r2.pdf
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Re: New Class: Kennel Master

Post Tue Sep 29, 2020 12:05 pm

Oh excellent call out. Thank you!

Rules clarification:
What I originally wrote...
The Kennel Master begins play with one dog. They can have a maximum number of dogs as their Charisma allows – up to three – based on their level (1 dog at 1st, 2 dogs at 8th, 3 dogs at 16th). These dogs may learn up to three tricks (based on the character’s wisdom score). Each dog starts with one trick, and can learn a second trick when the character is level ten, and a third trick when the character is level 20.
What I was trying to do was avoid a 1st level character running around with three dogs being able to do 1d6+1 points of damage by taking the War Fighter trick. As that would be really over powered in my mind. So I wanted it to work so that:

1st Level = 1 Dog
8th Level = 2 Dogs
16th Level = 3 Dogs

IF you have a Charisma score high enough for a +3 Bonus.

Now, what kind of tricks you can teach the dogs is separate. Again, up to three tricks per dog based on Wisdom. Every dog can do at least ONE trick - but if you want two tricks or three tricks, your wisdom score has to be high enough. This is based on my own experience training dogs! Hahaha.

That said, the idea here is that every dog you have starts with one trick. At level 10, every dog you have can now learn two tricks if you have a high enough wisdom. You may or may not have two dogs based on your Charisma score. At level 20 you get the third trick for your dogs if you have a high enough wisdom score.

Does that make more sense?

I also am considering rules on dog death. If a dog dies, the kennel master is subject to a -1 penalty to saving throws, attack and damage roles for 1d4 days, unless they can properly grieve and bury their furry friend. They can then get a replacement dog.
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Re: New Class: Kennel Master

Post Tue Sep 29, 2020 2:13 pm

I play around with a Beastmaster.
I normally use an HD3 animal for the "companion" and I let it fill its hit points as the character levels. I also add a "familiar", a "bird of prey", a "mount" and eventually a "beast" every other level. I find the key is to have the animals keep a low moral and a high desire to survive.

The character fights as a cleric.

Still need more playtesting.
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Re: New Class: Kennel Master

Post Tue Sep 29, 2020 2:36 pm

Did you post it? I'd be interested in seeing it!

Yeah I'm thinking that the Kennel Master generally "controls" the dogs, but they're still subject to morale checks and will generally retreat if badly hurt (unless their master is at risk - i've heard of dogs taking shot guns to the chest and STILL fighting to save their owners). Halfway between a summoned creature and a paid companion so to speak.
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Re: New Class: Kennel Master

Post Tue Sep 29, 2020 3:17 pm

Often young players care more about their "pets" than their actual character.

Nothing posted. Still tinkering.
Clerics already have Charm Animal, Speak with Animals and Growth of animals.
So based on that, it's pretty easy to assemble a menagerie.
The main thing is to start with that animal companion and not wait until level 4 to acquire it.
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Re: New Class: Kennel Master

Post Tue Sep 29, 2020 3:58 pm

Okay. Suggestions:

1. Continue to use the Cleric table
2. I'd also give them those specific cleric spells as powers. They can use one power per day. I'd also add resist cold so they can stay outside with their animal friends.
3. At any point, even 1st level, they can wander into the wilderness alone - they must have no manufactured goods on them - homespun clothes, leather armor made by the beastmaster, and primitive weapons (club, quarterstaff, hand axe of stone, bone dagger, etc) also made by the beastmaster. After 24 hours of communing with nature, they emerge with a 3HD but non-magical animal who is now their companion.
4. They can communicate with the companion via telepathy
5. This link also lets the beastmaster see through the animals eyes
6. If the animal takes damage, the Beastmaster is hurt as well, suffering a -1 to morale, and a -2 to hit.
7. As the beastmaster gains experience, they can split that experience with their companion, allowing the companion to level as a fighter.

Yes, I used the Beastmaster Ranger Kit heavily for this :D
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Re: New Class: Kennel Master

Post Tue Sep 29, 2020 4:13 pm

Some thoughts, normally the max amount of retainers is 4+CHA bonus, making the amount of dogs be directly the CHA bonus means that a standard character can not have any dog (minimum Charisma required is 9, so a +0 bonus)

This and the CHA bonus limiting the amount of tricks means the class is very ability dependent for its special abilities.

I can see at least 2 alternative approaches:
1: Using a table similar to the spell per day, with the amount of dogs (instead of spell level) and the amount of tricks (instead of the spell slots).
2: Limit the character's command over the dogs, he may have several ones but initially can only give one of them an order instead of acting himself, as the class level ups he can command more animals at the same time or a lesser amount while doing an own action.

These removes the bonuses from been the principal sources of the character special abilities (which is ok compared to the core classes).
The ability bonus could be used for other benefits, like a bonus on the dog's rolled HP.
Acquiring dogs could be an interesting rule, maybe some time and a a reaction roll could be needed before adding the animal to his side.

Some other special abilities it could have:
- +2 reaction bonus from canines
- a similar take on the druid's befriend animals but limited to dogs
- the ability to analyze a dog temper, health and physical condition.

Finally, the credit page should be updated from barbarians to this supplement.
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Re: New Class: Kennel Master

Post Tue Sep 29, 2020 4:28 pm

I am with Dimirag here. Tying ability score (only) as the base of the ability to do stuff is very limiting.

I would go with a base progression, modified by the ability score.

I see no problem with additional numbers of creatures being available right away... perhaps instead also institute a total HD limit of such "followers" tied to the level of the character. This will mean that mundane (or small) dogs initially. Larger/better or special sorts of such "dogs" must come later. Tamed Wolves, Wargs, Frost-Wolves, etc. might be in play at the higher levels.

Perhaps also build in consideration for other 'preferred animal types'. Perhaps Orcs/Half-Orcs prefer domesticated porcine animals (pigs, hogs, etc.). Perhaps elves prefer feline options instead... etc.

Caneins from New Races Supplement might really excel in this class with their particular affinity.
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Re: New Class: Kennel Master

Post Tue Sep 29, 2020 5:22 pm

I'm really glad I posted here! Thank you! Great thoughts am working on revisions now!
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