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Re: Swashbucklers Supplement

Post Sat Jul 25, 2020 12:47 pm

This is were I am currently at with my changes:

Strength requirement of 9, restriction on character types is optional, added some clarification on what is a one-handed melee weapon, added Tumble, Enthrall starts slightly higher, but ends at the same number, Distract is currently down by a small amount, removed racial adjustments, added AC bonus, added reaction bonus.

The percentile abilities are restricted by armor and shields, but notes the option to allow their use with penalties. The damage to bonus is currently applied when using only allowed weapons. The AC bonus only applies if the Swashbuckler has a free hand and either leather or no armor.

Right now, the area I'm looking at changing is the damage bonus and weapon allowances. Currently, this damage bonus is what, when more free weapon use is allowed, promotes the weapon allowances. However, light crossbows and slings hardly feel like dueling to me, and while I wish to allow two-weapon fighting, I also think it's important to emphasize single weapon fighting. Thoughts?
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Re: Swashbucklers Supplement

Post Sat Jul 25, 2020 1:56 pm

One handed melee weapons means that one could have ax, hammer or spear wielding swashbucklers, if its ok with your view of the class then no change is needed, otherwise maybe some further restriction is needed.

As for weapon and damage bonus...
I can think of giving the class some bonus depending on what weapon is using.
One handed sword only: +3* damage bonus
Sword and Dagger: +3* attack** bonus
Sword and Hand Crossbow: the ability to shoot with the off hand at no penalty (from the combat option supplement: Off-handed weapon attacks are at -3 penalty, with the Dexterity bonus subtracted from this penalty.

* I'm choosing a +3 bonus as its the same bonus it would receive a 9dex character using the sword and crossbow option.
**Sword and dagger could give an extra AC bonus for parry, but it should be limited as to not become a melee shield, using the attack bonus its easier and in line with the other bonuses
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Re: Swashbucklers Supplement

Post Mon Jul 27, 2020 1:34 pm

Release 4 has been uploaded to the first post. Includes two Appendices. Appendix A being an optional Dueling Styles to replace the damage bonus. Appendix B includes selections from Combat Options that may make sense for the archetype of a Swashbuckler.
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Re: Swashbucklers Supplement

Post Mon Jul 27, 2020 3:30 pm

I see light crossbow as a staple. Sling is fine.
The swashbucklers use those when facing large numbers of inferior enemies.
Or to draw the attention of a large enemy.
Not going to reload that crossbow.

Not sure it's worth restricting the weapon.
It depends on the setting.
Should be something worthy of an aristocrat.
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