Dutch translation and modification

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Dutch translation and modification

Post Wed Mar 11, 2020 2:37 pm

This is a modification and Dutch translation of Basic Fantasy Role Playing Game parts 1 through 5. Please be aware that this is only the spin-off from a pet project of mine, not an effort to create an official translation.

The rules were modified to reflect late 15th century Europe; the end of the late middle ages.

Modifications with material impact:
  • Hobbits/Halflings are omitted, as they are not part of European folklore
  • Units of measurement, equipment prices and the money system were modified to reflect 15th century society and economics
  • The Reincarnate spell was modified to reflect folklore at the time

Modifications with only cosmetic effect:
  • Saving throw tables are listed with each Class description
  • Spells have been given three names: Latin for the gaming experience (Latin was used by clergy and scholars at the time), Dutch as a summary for the player, and English for the GM (who still has to rely on the English book for parts 6 and onwards).
  • Spells are designated as "White magic" and "Black magic" allowing the GM to reflect social acceptance of the spell.

The modifications were inspired by the 1992 CRPG Darklands https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darklands_(video_game)
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