[HA1] Christmas Adventure: To Grandmother's House

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[HA1] Christmas Adventure: To Grandmother's House

Post Mon Dec 23, 2019 8:16 pm

To Grandmother's House


The baron knows his grandmother's in trouble when her favorite horse is found grazing outside town. He asks the Players' Characters to go over the river and through the woods to her remote house to check on her.


I tagged this adventure for "HA1." Which I hope will come to stand for "Holiday Adventures 1."


I really wanted to get a Christmas adventure out before Christmas. I was working on a Krampus-based "kill the monster who's terrorizing the children" adventure, but the purpose of the Holiday Adventures, in my mind, is to provide seasonally-appropriate fun. And the whole "let's do horror at Christmas" thing is, to me, over-done lately.

So I switched it up, and wrote "To Grandmother's House." It's inspired a little by Mr. Rogers, and a little by the classic poem. I hope it's a fun, surprising little scenario, and I hope I put it out in time to be enjoyed during the holiday season...
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