Unified Skills

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Unified Skills

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Hello all!

I'm working on a fork of BFRPG for a historical-ish dark fantasy world - 'Project Verdigris'.

This will take a while, but as I go I'll release my ideas/hacks as modular supplements for the game. Not sure if all these will get to the final fork, but it's more ideas/content for others to poke through.

Anyway, the attached supplement details a simple, unified skill system for the game. Options are included for roll high, roll under or roll high and add. In summary:
• There are two advancement tracks for skills, which work like Saving Throws.
• The Generalist track is based on the table in page 157 of the BFRPG Core Rules.
• The Specialist track is based on an average of the Thief skill table (excluding Climb).

In this skill system, you are either a Specialist in Skill, or a Generalist in a Skill. Anyone can attempt a Generalist skill. Only who are trained can perform Specialist skills. Skills are based on Attribute, and so the base difficulty is adjusted by the Attribute bonus. A list of sample skills is provided in the attachments.
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