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"Beer and Pretzels" Style Character Sheets

Posted: Fri Jun 28, 2019 2:34 pm
by Pholus
So, I'm posting this solely because I haven't seen it here but maybe someone would find the concept interesting.

I've got a group that (a) likes to get into things quickly, (b) doesn't like to read or write a lot, (c) thinks it's hilarious to play a very deadly BX-style game. Really does fit the old-school "Beer and Pretzel" description of a game so that was my project name.

It also means we need a LOT of characters quickly and I don't want to take hours making them. On a whim I foolishly decided to try making character sheets with most of the race/class attributes already filled in like TSR used to make. It got complicated real fast but I did it.

Basically I designed a minimalist one-page character sheet and then over most legal permutations of the supported optional races and classes I made 97 pre-filled in character sheets in both pdf and odf formats (also left the blank sheet and sheets with just racial information filled in). In the case where bonuses are not fully computed because the attributes have not been rolled yet, I put the numbers in gray so they can be overwritten.

I also wrote a simplified character generation instruction sheet so I can keep gaming and tell the victims to just roll away. I also used my spell cards so that I can quickly give the spellcasting players all the relevant information they need to play on just a couple sheets. I made supplemental sheets with bard songs and witch brews on them too. I modified the equipment pack document but while I want it expanded out more, I started running out of steam so I'll wait till my players start asking for stuff to expand it out. I think the only house-ruling I did was on encumbrance but that is easily ignored.

Edit: The first reply has a google link to my work. Enjoy!

Re: "Beer and Pretzels" Style Character Sheets

Posted: Fri Jun 28, 2019 5:08 pm
by Pholus
Here is a google drive link to the zipfile of everything! ... LjfbkweRkd