Some Things for the Game in the More Modern Decorations

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Some Things for the Game in the More Modern Decorations

Post Tue May 29, 2018 11:37 pm

These are just untested drafts.

Magic Quarterly

The best and well printed collection of the new and well explored spells. The year long subscription costs about 5 gp, and all the subscribers are received the special version of Read Magic, allowing to read the Magic Quarterly of this year. The unpaid reading usually lead to the strong exploding of the number (1d6 points of damage to all standing closer than 3').

Unlicensed copies of Magic Quarterly

Unlicensed copies cost 2 cp instead of 5 gp and have no magic protection. There is a 30% chance that a spell is reprinted incorrectly (the GM making the roll secretly).


This is a well designed mechanical apparatus, providing the beautiful music (theoretically). Remember that the really skilled street-organist usually stops playing only after 1 or 2 sp. There is about 20% chance that a heavy object will appear instead of a coin (1d4 points of damage, save vs. Dragon Breath to avoid). There is a 2% chance that the object is expensive. The GM can create the street organs, playing the really beautiful music if he or she wants.

Charming Street-organ

This street-organ causes all people hearing it go unconsciously and just hear the music if it is sounding. The user and his or her helpers must cover their ears for not being charmed the same way (the street-organist is going to continue playing continuously if it is charmed).
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Re: Some Things for the Game in the More Modern Decorations

Post Wed Jun 13, 2018 9:35 pm

Both editions of Magic Quarterly seem rather cheap. Otherwise, pretty cool stuff.
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Re: Some Things for the Game in the More Modern Decorations

Post Sat Jun 16, 2018 6:50 pm

It is a sketch of a variation based on the Ravenloft class with the same name. It is not linked with any real gypsy community and exploits the UNREALISTIC Romanticism image of them. The name can be changed if necessary: it is complex task to understand current status of ethnic-linked names in the English speaking world here.


(A Thief subclass)

You are a member of an outcast and very organised group. You are not obligatory poor, but you are not part of the local official society definitely. Instead, of that you are a part of a gypsy clan or tribe, having complex relationships with other gypsy groups. Often, you are a nomad, but you can have a home in a special village or ghetto, inhabited of the members of your group.

Weapon and Armour Limitations

Gypsies cannot use armour heavier than Leather, because it impedes escaping. They also never use shields. A gypsy with a big weapon (like a long sword or a heavy crossbow) is very suspicious for common people (10% chance of problems with guards or policemen each turn in the most of inhabited places), so they must usually use the weapon that can be hide.

Charisma modifiers

If you interact with not gypsy person, you have additional constant -2 Charisma modifier. But in your clan you have +2 constant Charisma modifier. For the gypsy from another clans, the GM must secretly roll d%: 1 - 33 means the Gypsy of an ally clan (+2 Modifier), 34 -- 66 means that the relationships are neutral (+1 Modifier), 67 -- 99 means the member of an enemy clan (-2 or more at the GM opinion), 100 means an occasional meeting with the gypsy of the same clan. The second secret roll determines if you understand which type of clan you interacts. (70% chance of understanding if another Gypsy is not disguised).


You are also very attractive for a lover of exoticism, including Bohemia poets, bored aristocrats, ethnographers, etc. For them, you have +2 Charisma bonus (or even more at the GM decision). Remember that 'liking a gypsy' does not mean 'being kind, honest or even not perverted'!

Gypsy cant and signs.

You know the special language, using for the talking between gypsies. In can be an exotic language, ancient one or just a modification of the Common (something like 'do wud gonn aunterstet nid, etsett hus'). Also you know the special system of secret signs using by gypsies. The voluntary teaching a not-gypsy those things is a big delinquency for a gypsy.

Gypsy mutual supporting

The members of our clan supports each other both morally and materially. You can ask them or your clan as a whole for a reasonable help (e. g., food, equipment, lawyer, etc.) Make a Charisma roll if the reasonable risk is involved. Remember that another clan members can ask you for helping too and the rejection can be regarded as a very big delinquency by your clan. You ought to endow your clan with at least 10% of your income.

Modification of Thief abilities

* Gypsies cannot Find traps. Instead of that they can Survive in very unpleasant environment (like finding food, water, shelter, etc.). Use the same ability to detect the unnatural elements of the well known environment (e. g., bad water, a monsters or police ambush, etc.).

* You can also use Pick Pockets to perform hoaxes with cards, balls, ties, or even pigeons and rabbits or to organise 'Where is the ball?'game (remember that such games are often prohibited).

* You cannot Hide in the shadows. Instead of that you Disguise yourself as a person common and natural for a place. -10% for the person is very different from a gypsy, -25% or more if the person is not very similar to a common member of gypsy's race. +25% if the make-up and necessary suit and accessories are available. +5% for a half a day long preparations (only one preparation during 24 hours is possible). Use the same ability for the stage acting or fast-talk. The GM can ask for additional roll for the long disguise of acting.

* Gypsies have additional Thief ability Gain Information, using Gypsies' Information Network. Using it, they can receive news and information from another gypsies. There is 10% chance that the formation is rumours or the disinformation from an enemy clan.

Gypsy Tales

Gypsy knows many acient and distubing tales. There is 1% chance per Gypsy level that he or she knows something about ancient, secret, or dangerous thing. There is also 45 minus Gypsy level chance that information is not too precise.

Gypsy Magic

After reaching the 5th level Gypsies can cast spells as the 1st level Magic-Users. Then, this ability is progressing (6th level Gypsy as a 2nd level Magic-User, etc.). Gypsies understanding only the magic, linked with the fortune-telling or cruses, receiving the understanding of that types of magic from the ancient gypsy tales. So they don't understand the read magic conception and cannot use normal spellbooks: they must receive a spell from a more experienced Gypsy or a Magic-User. There is only 60% chance that spell will be learned correctly and the GM makes this roll secretly (a Gypsy always thinks that has learned the spell correctly before the first use). The effects of incorrectly learned spell are determined by the GM.

Losing the Gypsy Status

For the big delinquencies against gypsies or clan, a Gypsy can loose the status of the clan member. He or she has -2 or more Charisma penalty from all Gypsies, cannot use the abilities linked with the clan, and if the delinquency is serious he or she can receive a gypsy curse. Also he or she still suffer all the Gypsy limitations. The way of the atonement must to be determined by the GM.

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